Doctor Who – Specials Episode List

1: The Next Doctor

It’s time for the Doctor to travel alone. On Christmas Eve, 1851, the Doctor encounters…the Doctor. Could this man, armed with a sonic screwdriver, a TARDIS, and a companion, be his future self? This man has no memory of being his past self, but he knows of the Time Lords as only the Doctor would. Together, the Doctors take on the problem of Cybermen in 1850s London, and a woman who has taken to enslaving orphans to create a Cyber empire.

2: Planet of the Dead

The Doctor hasn’t done Easter in a while – but he’s about to. He comes across a jewel thief by the name of Lady Christina, a woman who is as quick as he is – and flirty, to boot. The two find themselves trapped on a bus full of innocent people who have been transported to an odd sand planet. The group must work together to get home, before a race of hunting aliens get to them first.

3: The Waters of Mars

It’s the not-so-distant future. The Doctor lands on the newly-established Mars base and comes face-to-face with one of his heroes: Adelaide Brooke, who is destined to die in a day’s time. The Doctor knows he must leave, but things are moving fast, and the station’s occupants are getting a little…damp.

4: The End of Time: Part 1

The Doctor watched the Master’s body burn, never to return. Yet a prophecy from the Ood brings the Doctor back to Earth, where the Master has done the impossible – come back to life. Finding Donna’s grandfather, Wilf, the Doctor sets out to stop his one time friend before he destroys everything in his path.

5: The End of Time: Part 2

The Earth has been taken over by the Master’s image, and Gallifrey hangs in the sky. The Time Lords are returning. The Doctor must work quickly to stop his long-lost race from using the Master to bring themselves back, and ending all of time as he knows it. It’s time to make his fateful choice once again – Gallifrey, or the universe. The end is nearing, somewhere out there Donna is suffering, and the Doctor is about to die.

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