Doctor Who – Series 6 Episode List


0: A Christmas Carol

It’s Christmas. And it’s Amy and Rory’s honeymoon. And they’re on a crashing spaceship. Down on a planet with fish in the sky, Kazran Sardick argues with a stranger that fell down his chimney over the merits of human life. The Doctor is desperate to save his friends up in Sardick’s sky, but some men have been too damaged to care about the welfare of others. Well, until the Doctor decides to re-enact a classic Christmas story across the would-be-Scrooge’s life.

1: The Impossible Astronaut

Four letters, three companions, one Doctor. A few months after their Christmas adventure, Amy and Rory are summoned to Lake Silencio, Utah, where a much older Doctor awaits them. Joined by River Song (who is not a fan of both fezzes and stetsons), the four embark on a perfectly normal picnic – well, except for the astronaut in the lake. It’s time to run again, and this time it’s off to 1969; the moon landing awaits, and so does a bizarre alien race that seem to disappear from your memory as soon as you look away…

2: Day of the Moon

It’s three months on, and team TARDIS is no closer to stopping the Silence takeover of the Earth – owing largely to the fact that no one can remember what they look like. With the kidnapping of Amy, however, the situation changes drastically. The Doctor, Rory, and River try to solve the puzzle of the Silence, a little girl in an astronaut suit, and whether Richard Nixon would be missed if they borrowed him for a bit. Everyone’s emotions are up in the air, loyalties are tested, and the Doctor experiences something for the first time – while River experiences something for the last.

3: The Curse of the Black Spot

Yo ho ho! It’s a pirate’s life for the Doctor, Amy and Rory when they land on a 17th century pirate ship fit to burst with treasure. Things quickly turn sour when the three discover a strange sea-Siren who takes anyone with a drop of blood spilled – never to return.

4: The Doctor’s Wife

A planet called House, a woman named Idris, and a box who goes by the name ‘Sexy’. The Doctor finally meets his beloved TARDIS when her soul is taken from her blue box and implanted in a human body. But why take her out of her home? Why trap Amy and Rory inside the empty TARDIS? And why can the Doctor hear the calls of hundred of Time Lords, begging for rescue? Without Amy and Rory for help, the Doctor and Idris (nee Sexy) scramble to escape off of a sentient planet and rescue their friends before they’re eaten alive.

5: The Rebel Flesh

The Flesh: fully programmable matter. Able to take the form of a human, the Flesh is used to create doppelgangers of acid miners to avoid any injury to their actual human counterparts. When the Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive (who were looking for fish and chips, but found an acid mine instead), a huge electrical storm is imminent – and with it comes the spark of life.

6: The Almost People

With two copies of every miner fighting for their lives, the Doctor and Amy work with the humans to find an escape from the murderous Gangers. The Gangers, however, are only as malevolent as their human counterparts, as Rory discovers while trying to help out his new friend. It’s a war for the most human of the pairs to take a stand – who deserves to live, if both parties have the memories, feelings, and body of the other?

7: A Good Man Goes to War

With the revelation of Amy’s true whereabouts, the Doctor and Rory scour the universe for clues to rescue their wayward companion. At Demon’s Run, Amy Pond has given birth to Melody Pond, and Madame Kovarian has taken the child as a trap for the Doctor. It’s the Doctor’s darkest hour – with River’s refusal to help, old friends are called in to aid the Doctor on a siege against an army built to bring him down. The Doctor is about to finally learn the truth about River Song that will change his relationship with his friends – and River – forever.

8: Let’s Kill Hitler

The Doctor is no closer to finding Melody, but he does find a giant crop circle drawn by Amy and Rory months after leaving them back in Leadworth. Taken hostage by their childhood friend Mels, the Doctor is about to crash-land into Germany and have a few run-ins with an assassin, Hitler, and some Nazis. Somewhere out there in Berlin, amongst the war, it’s time for River Song to take a stand.

9: Night Terrors

George is a normal little boy, really – good parents, lots of toys, and a fear of his closet so strong that he can send psychic signals across the universe. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive to aid George, only to become part of his terrors when they are all transported into George’s doll house, where no one is safe from the dolls that roam the halls.

10: The Girl Who Waited

The word ‘kindness’ take a new form when Amy is trapped in a facility where time is faster than the blink of an eye. After losing her to a faster time stream, the Doctor and Rory search for Amy across rooms and landscapes that are populated with robots eager to vaccinate any who they deem contaminated. But the Amy Rory eventually finds, however, is definitely not the one they lost so short a time ago.

11: The God Complex

What could be so scary about a badly decorated hotel? Well, a lot, really, when team TARDIS end up trapped in a never-ending hotel with no exit. Joined by four other lost souls, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory are terrorized by a giant beast. Each occupant has their own door in the hotel – and behind each door lies their greatest fear. Opening the door means imminent death. So why is everyone so eager to open their door?

12: Closing Time

It’s two hundred years later for the Doctor. He’s left Amy and Rory long behind and is on a final farewell tour, preparing for his imminent death at the hands of an impossible astronaut. But first, it’s time to visit Craig and Alphie (sorry, Stormaggeddon), and perhaps rescue the Earth from a Cyberman takeover.

13: The Wedding of River Song

Hell in high heels – that’s the Doctor’s description of River Song. With her refusal to kill the Doctor on the shore of Lake Silencio, River rewrites a fixed point in time – and the whole universe goes wobbly. Now all of history is happening at once, and the Doctor must dodge dinosaurs, Romans, and a Silent or two to get to the woman who can stop time from disintegrating – but first, he must convince her to murder him. Or marry him. Whichever comes first.

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