Doctor Who – Series 5 Episode List


1: The Eleventh Hour

Last time, coma. This time, crashing. The newly regenerated Doctor and his burning TARDIS crash-land into the backyard of a little girl named Amelia Pond. Amelia has a problem, you see – there’s a crack in her wall. Body number eleven starts as Amelia and the Doctor share snacks and talk about the voices coming from the crack in her wall. But the Doctor slightly miscalculates when he leaves Amelia for a moment to run his re-forming TARDIS in, and quite a bit of time has passed when he returns – just in time for an alien invasion, and a very angry kissogram.

2: The Beast Below

It’s the night before Amy Pond’s wedding, and she’s in 29th century London. More specifically, a spaceship of 29th century London. The Doctor and Amy land on the Starship UK, a refuge for the human race built after sun flares roasted the Earth. There, they encounter a strange group of machines called the Smilers – agents of an unknown origin. They join Queen Elizabeth the 10th (or Liz 10, if you prefer) on a journey to discover just what is going wrong on the starship, and why the human race has chosen to forget something so, so important to their continued existence.

3: Victory of the Daleks

Somewhere in World War 2 London, the ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler are chasing a little boy in a gas mask. But in the cabinet war rooms of Winston Churchill, the eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond land to greet the last thing the Doctor thought he would ever see – a Dalek. The Daleks are obedient to their human masters, and a scientist called Dr. Bracewell claims to have invented these “Ironsides”. What are the Daleks doing? And how fast can the Doctor stop them, before they have a chance to create a new race of themselves?

4: The Time of Angels

“Hello, sweetie.” It’s the return of River Song, and this time she’s brought trouble in the form of the Weeping Angels. The Doctor, Amy, and River work together with 51st century Catholic Church soldiers to recover a single Weeping Angel from the belly of a crashed ship. But all doesn’t go according to plan when the Doctor and River determine that the innocent maze of statues may not be all that they seem to be, and Amy has an encounter with an Angel determined to leave the image it’s been captured in.

5: Flesh and Stone

With Amy mysteriously counting backward and their numbers dwindling, the Doctor must find a way out of the Byzantium before it is taken over by Angels. Dealing with an army of statues attempting to open a rift much like the one in Amy’s bedroom would be enough for one day, but the Doctor has also discovered an Angel has taken residence in Amy’s mind – and River’s motivation for calling him to her may not be what it appeared.

6: The Vampires of Venice

It’s time to face the music – of the Rory variety. With Amy revealing she ran away on her wedding night – and attempting to snog him along the way – the Doctor returns to Leadworth to pick up Rory Williams for trip to Venice with Amy. The romantic date is interrupted, however, by what the Doctor and Amy appear to be a school full of vampires. Vampires! Could life get any better?

7: Amy’s Choice

The world of dreams becomes far too real when the Doctor, Amy, and Rory discover themselves caught between two worlds. In one, they are aboard the TARDIS, heading for a cold star and about to freeze to death. In another, a pregnant Amy, along with Rory and the Doctor, are hunted by aliens inhabiting the elderly’s bodies around Leadworth. Now, thanks to a man called the Dream Lord, it’s Amy’s choice – which reality is the true reality? For death waits in both, and death is the only way out of the dream realm…

8: The Hungry Earth

Amy is dressed for Rio, but the TARDIS decides Wales seems a better destination. There, in the near future, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory encounter a giant drilling rig destined for the deep Earth. While Rory helps a little boy and his mother, the Doctor and Amy discover that the ground isn’t as it seems – in fact, it’s swallowing people whole. When Amy is sucked into the Earth, the Doctor must race against the clock to meet with an ancient, underground race of Earthlings – called the Silurians – who want nothing more than to punish those on the surface.

9: Cold Blood

While Rory stays above with a Silurian hostage, the Doctor and Nasreen descend below to find Amy and talk to the Silurian leaders. They are gassed, however, and taken by the military leader, Restac, who considers humans nothing but “apes”. It’s down to Amy to negotiate their way out of the Earth – hostage for hostage, a fair trade. But things never go to plan, and down below, a strange crack in the wall awaits.

10: Vincent and the Doctor

Amy drags the Doctor to an art exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh’s work – and in turn, the Doctor drags Amy to visit Van Gogh himself. The two encounter a deeply depressed man, literally haunted by a ghost no one else can see. The Doctor and Amy decide stay with Vincent, learning of his life, art, and struggle to face an invisible monster.

11: The Lodger

It’s time for the Doctor to slum it like a human. The TARDIS takes off with Amy inside, leaving the Doctor in 21st century London to investigate the source of the TARDIS’ distress. He takes up residence with Craig Owens – casual footballer, in love with his best friend, and has mold on his roof – whose flat happens to be right underneath the disturbance keeping Amy and the TARDIS away. Armed only with his screwdriver, the Doctor tries to covertly study the phenomenon happening upstairs, while interfering heavily into Craig’s one-time quiet life.

12: The Pandorica Opens

The Pandorica is opening. Warned of this by River Song in their past (and her future), the Doctor and Amy encounter the time-travelling archaelogist once more in ancient Egypt, where a hard-won message from Vincent Van Gogh awaits them: the TARDIS is going to explode. Following coordinates provided by Van Gogh, the three head out to Stonehenge. There, the Pandorica waits – but so does an army of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, all vying to discover what the Pandorica holds.

13: The Big Bang

The universe is dying. Amy is dead, the Doctor is imprisoned in the Pandorica, and River is trapped in the exploding TARDIS. But with a little help from a fez, a mop, and a plastic Roman Centurion, the Doctor just might be able to fix the universe. However, a sacrifice must be made to ensure the lives of the human race – and every other race in the galaxies – are saved.

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