Doctor Who – Series 4 Episode List


0: Voyage of the Damned

The Doctor is on his own again, and the Titanic is lodged inside his TARDIS. Well, a future version of the Titanic. It’s a spaceship, really. The Doctor decides to poke around a bit, meeting a stewardess called Astrid. Astrid is a bright, clever girl with a quick wit and who dreams of seeing the universe. Along with Astrid, the Doctor uncovers a strange plot to sink the Titanic (again), using golden angels, and the Earth as a target.

1: Partners in Crime

Since her botched wedding, Donna Noble has been determined to find the friend she’d come to know as the Doctor. She’s followed trouble, rumours, and whispers all across London, and has finally stumbled across a solid lead: a strange weight-loss company with some unusual promises. But Donna’s got a lot against her – her mother thinks she’s mad, she’s unemployed, and she regrets not accepting the Doctor’s invitation to travel with him every single day. Her luck is about to change, however. It seems strange weight loss practices are a magnet for tall streaks of nothing with a desperate wish for a proper friend.

2: The Fires of Pompeii

Donna has her wish granted, and it’s time for her first trip with the Doctor. The two end up in Pompeii for a nice trip to a market. The only problem is this: it’s the eve before volcano day, and someone’s decided to take the TARDIS. Now it’s down to the Doctor and Donna (known as Spartacus and also Spartacus, thank you very much) to try and aid a young girl suffering from odd visions, all while searching for a means of escape from the volcano.

3: Planet of the Ood

It’s a big, puffy jacket kind of day. The Doctor takes Donna to the 42nd century, where they land on a snowy planet known as the Ood-sphere. The planet is being used to convert the peaceful Ood into the slaves of mankind – but as the Doctor and Donna discover, rebellion is already under way.

4: The Sontaran Strategem

Martha Jones had promised the Doctor hadn’t seen the last of her, and she makes good on that promise royally. The Doctor and Donna return to Earth at Martha’s call to investigate a series of bizarre deaths stemming from the ATMOS system – a GPS all-in-one, designed by teen genius Luke Rattigan. The three soon get caught up in a whirlwind of UNIT operations, and the return of the Sontarans.

5: The Poison Sky

ATMOS-enabled cars everywhere are emitting a strange, poisonous gas. The Sontarans – with Luke’s help – are converting Earth’s atmosphere to Sontara’s. The Doctor must stop the Sontarans before all of Earth is suffocated from the poison sky.

6: The Doctor’s Daughter

Martha has no time to disembark the TARDIS before the ship flies herself to a planet called Messaline. Here, the Doctor, Martha, and Donna meet a faction of the human race in a long-standing war with a race called the Hath. And the Doctor is about to meet his greatest match yet – his daughter.

7: The Unicorn and the Wasp

Agatha Christie! Murder! Wasps! Wasps? The Doctor and Donna arrive at a posh dinner party in the 1920s, where the guest of honour is none other than Agatha Christie herself. The party is abruptly ended, however, when its guests begin to die. There’s a huge wasp on the loose, a thief is in their midst, murder is afoot – oh, and Agatha Christie is about to disappear. The Doctor and Donna team up with the world’s great crime novelist the night before her mysterious vanishment to solve the case of the unicorn, and the wasp.

8: Silence in the Library

The biggest library ever built – an entire planet, cities of books. The Doctor and Donna arrive to a place bursting with books and completely devoid of life – of the human variety, that is. Where has everyone gone? And who is this River Song, who claims to be from the Doctor’s future, but who is completely unknown to the man himself?

9: Forest of the Dead

Donna remains trapped in a world of fiction, while the Doctor, River, and River’s slowly dwindling team remain trapped in the very real world of the Vashta Nerada. The flesh-eating shadow-race is after the Library’s only occupants, and may very well be responsible for the disappearance of four thousand of the Library’s former human inhabitants. But when it comes time to learn the truth of the Library and save the lives of those who remain, the Doctor must watch as a woman who acts like his wife and knows his true name makes the ultimate sacrifice.

10: Midnight

It’s time for a break. The Doctor and Donna retreat to the planet Midnight, a giant spa planet inhabitable to every life form in existence. The Doctor leaves Donna to the pool while he embarks on a solo trip aboard a train across Midnight, and finds himself once again in trouble when the train becomes the fascination of an alien that can inhabit the body of any being it chooses.

11: Turn Left

What if Donna had never met the Doctor? Donna finds herself trapped in an alternate timeline where the Doctor has perished, and lives out a life of tragedy after tragedy. With the Doctor gone, the Earth is besieged by a series of horrific accidents and invasions that leave Donna and her family homeless and broken. Throughout all this, however, Donna keeps encountering a strange blonde woman who insists the world Donna knows is wrong. If Donna would only turn left…

12: The Stolen Earth

Rose Tyler has returned. And so, to the Doctor’s chagrin, have the Daleks. After 26 planets (including Earth) are relocated by the Daleks, a resistance must be formed to save their home – without the Doctor to aid them. Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, and Harriet Jones band together to launch an attack against the Daleks before time runs out and the universe is wiped out to create a new Dalek Empire.

13: Journey’s End

Finally reunited with Rose and his beloved former companions, the Doctor must rescue the Earth from the Daleks before they declare total martial law. Martha has an explosive plan up her sleeve, Jack and Torchwood are ready to fight, and Rose has arrived with a canon that can blow through dimensions. But a prophecy comes from Davros – one of the Doctor’s companions will die. What will happen to Donna, trapped in a TARDIS about to be destroyed? And who will the Doctor lose next?

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