Doctor Who – Series 3 Episode List


0: The Runaway Bride

The Doctor has lost Rose, but has gained an angry, lost woman in a wedding dress. Donna Noble has magically appeared aboard the TARDIS – a feat impossible before now. She’s miles from home and attracting some very strange attention from a group of murderous Santas and a mad spider lady…but nevermind that, she’s late for her wedding!

1: Smith and Jones

Martha Jones, medical student and MD-hopeful, at your service. The moon’s service, that is. When the hospital Martha works at is taken from London and transported to the moon, she joins forces with a man calling himself ‘The Doctor’, who has two hearts and doesn’t joke about being an alien. But how did they get to the moon, and who are the bounty-hunting race called the Judoon really after?

2: The Shakespeare Code

Martha’s one-time trip aboard the TARDIS takes her to 1599. After seeing a performance in the newly-minted Globe Theatre, she and the Doctor make the acquaintance of William Shakespeare. And while he takes a shine to Martha, and Martha to the Doctor, it seems a group of witches have taken quite the shine to Shakespeare – one of the mind-controlling variety.

3: Gridlock

It’s back to New-New (and a few more new’s) York for the Doctor. This time, however, he and Martha end up in the underbelly of the city, where Martha is taken captive to a motorway where everyone gets in, but never gets out. The Doctor must find Martha before she’s lost to the gridlock forever – and suffers a fate meant only for those in the fast lane. Before all is lost, however, the two meet (for the last time) the Face of Boe, who has an important message for his friend the Doctor.

4: Daleks in Manhattan

The battle of Canary Wharf is over, but the Daleks live on. The Doctor and Martha find a faction of the Cult of Skaro in 1930s Manhattan, where the Empire State Building is having a few modifications done to it via the Daleks. Elsewhere, men and women are disappearing into the sewers, and strange, pig-like creatures are running amok.

5: Evolution of the Daleks

The Daleks have achieved in creating the first Dalek-human hybrid. With their plan to enslave every human on the planet they deem worthy of the Dalek name, the Cult of Skaro face a Doctor desperate to stop the race who are responsible for the death of his own.

6: The Lazarus Experiment

Tish Jones has a new job. Working for the enigmatic Dr Lazarus, Tish invites Martha (and the Doctor) to a party where Lazarus unveils his latest project – a genetic time machine, built to de-age the user. But when things go wrong, Martha is torn between helping the Doctor, or saving her family.

7: 42

Just one more trip. The Doctor and Martha land on a spaceship destined for the center of a sun, with a crew behaving strangely, and a murderous heat is in the air. The Doctor must save everyone in time, before he loses yet another companion to his adventuring lifestyle.

8: Human Nature

The Doctor is human. Having discovered he is being hunted by a group known as “The Family”, he and Martha seek refuge in 1913, where the Doctor’s memory and biology are wiped and rewritten as human. Out of the ashes of his actions emerges John Smith, a middle school teacher with a doting Maid named Martha, who knows the truth as to why John dreams of travelling in time and a beautiful woman called Rose.

9: The Family of Blood

John Smith is busy falling in love with the school’s nurse, Joan Redford – and Martha is busy trying to stop him. Things are changing in their world. The Family has found John and Martha, and a war is on the horizon. It’s up to Martha to convince John of his real identity. But John is scared, and the strange pocket watch containing the Doctor’s true form has gone missing…

10: Blink

There’s nothing too special about Wester Drumlins when it first meets the eye. It’s old, it’s abandoned, and the decorative statues in the yard are crumbling. It’s here that Sally Sparrow finds a strange message from someone called ‘The Doctor’ – a message written in 1969, and received in 2007. “Don’t blink” becomes the theme of Sally’s long and insane day. Statues are moving, her friends are disappearing, and something as simple as blinking is now the biggest threat to Sally’s life.

11: Utopia

A pit stop in Cardiff turns into a reunion of old friends when Captain Jack Harkness rejoins the Doctor since his abandonment over a hundred years ago. Now immortal, Jack causes the TARDIS to fly herself all the way to the end of the universe, where he, Martha, and the Doctor encounter the last vestiges of the human race. And there, a dedicated professor with a strange pocket watch is having an odd reaction to the Doctor’s presence.

12: The Sound of Drums

The Face of Boe’s prediction was right: the Doctor is not alone, for there is another now – the Master has risen. Having stolen the TARDIS and left Martha, Jack, and the Doctor for dead, the Master (now known as Harold Saxon) gets himself elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack arrive to a world on the brink of insanity. The Master has plans for first contact with an alien race he calls ‘the Toclafane’, and Martha’s family is kidnapped to draw the Doctor out of hiding. The three are now fugitives, and it’s up to them to stop the Master from destroying the human race.

13: Last of the Time Lords

It’s one year later. The Doctor has failed, Jack is imprisoned, and the Master rules over the world with an iron fist. But the fabled Martha Jones is finally returning to London – and she carries with her the knowledge on how to defeat the Master, once and for all.

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