Doctor Who – Series 2 Episode List


0: The Christmas Invasion.

It’s Christmastime in London. Sleigh bells are ringing, and ominous-looking Santas are playing a merry tune or two. On the Powell Estate, a blue box has crash-landed, carrying a terrified Rose and a newly-regenerated Doctor. He starts body number ten in a coma, unable to help Rose, Jackie, Mickey, or newly-minted Prime Minister, Harriet Jones, from a race of aliens that can control the human populace through their blood.

1: New Earth

Reunited once more, The Doctor and Rose set off for New-New (and a few more new’s) York. They encounter some familiar faces along the way – including the Face of Boe, as well Cassandra, Rose’s fellow human-without-arms. But when they find themselves trapped in a hospital run by humanoid cats, the Doctor and Rose must find a cure to a disease plaguing a new race of humans before Cassandra can be allowed to escape.

2: Tooth and Claw

They’re aiming for 1979, but the TARDIS never quite goes where the Doctor wants. Ending up in 1879, Rose and the Doctor find themselves in Scotland, in the company of Queen Victoria herself. What they discover upon entering the Queen’s rest-house (called the Torchwood estate) delights and terrifies them – after all, who wouldn’t want to meet a real, live werewolf?

3: School Reunion

The Doctor is reunited with an old friend after heading off with Rose to 21st century London to poke their noses in a strangely-behaving school’s business. Sarah Jane Smith, the Doctor’s one-time faithful companion, stumbles upon their investigation while conducting one of her own. Along with Mickey Smith and K-9 (the Doctor’s robotic dog), the five discover a gene-harvesting race intent on using the school’s children as test subjects.

4: The Girl in the Fireplace

Team TARDIS has expanded to now include Mickey. Delighted to encounter an abandoned spaceship from the future on his first go aboard the time machine, the three quickly change their happy tune when they discover strange time-windows dipping into the life of one Reinette Du Pompadour. While the Doctor accidentally dodges in and out of Madame Du Pompadour’s life, Mickey and Rose hunt for the gruesome truth inside the seemingly empty ship.

5: Rise of the Cybermen

The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey accidentally end up in an alternate-universe Cardiff – and all is never as it seems. Rose discovers her father, Pete Tyler, is alive and well in this universe, prompting her to visit the parent she never knew. It soon becomes apparent that this universe is not without its foes, however, when the newly reborn Cybermen decide to crash the party.

6: Age of Steel

The men and women of this alternate universe are being converted to Cybermen faster than the Doctor can think. Now fugitives, The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Pete, Jackie, and Ricky – Mickey’s alternate universe counterpart – must find a way to take down Cybus industries before the whole world is upgraded.

7: The Idiot’s Lantern

Shooting for America (and failing spectacularly), Rose and the Doctor encounter a London in the 1950s that is excitedly preparing for the Queen’s coronation. Something is amiss, however: whispers of faceless, mute people being carted away fill the tiny neighbourhood the two arrive in. When they discover plentiful televisions in an age where television is brand new, the Doctor and Rose follow the trail of kidnapping and radio waves all the way to the coronation.

8: The Impossible Planet

The TARDIS is acting strange – but no matter, there’s adventure to be had. The Doctor and Rose land on a planet’s space station that lies in the orbit of a black hole, a phenomena that excites the Doctor to no end. After the loss of the TARDIS, however, the Doctor and Rose face the very real possibility of being trapped in one place and time – a place and time filled with alien slaves, a stationary black hole, and a strange, empty pit.

9: The Satan Pit

The Doctor descends into the pit his TARDIS has fallen into, while Rose deals with a strange alien uprising from a race known as the Ood. Armed with nothing but his wits, the Doctor comes face to face with an impossible demon – and Rose comes face to face with the realization that she could lose the Doctor for good.

10: Love and Monsters

Elton is a strange little man. Having met the Doctor once as a boy, he spends his days searching the world for any sign of a worn, blue box. He joins a friendly group of misfits who have all had encounters with the time-travelling alien, where he finds true friends and real happiness. But the arrival of Victor Kennedy changes all that – suddenly, they’re all on the hunt for the Doctor, and Elton is having uncomfortable run-ins with one Jackie Tyler.

11: Fear Her

It’s 2012, and the Olympics are on their way to London. In a small suburb, the Doctor and Rose come across a rash of strange disappearances, as well as a little girl with some very unique drawings. But is there a correlation between the two?

12: Army of Ghosts

Britain is haunted. Ghosts are appearing all over the UK, leading its residents to believe they are the spirits of their lost loved ones. The Doctor and Rose arrive in the middle of a veritable army of ghosts, only to discover there is something far more complicated occurring, all seeming to come from a place called “Torchwood”. And inside Torchwood, an unopenable sphere sits waiting for the Doctor.

13: Doomsday

The Doctor’s greatest foes have crossed the universes to descend on London. The Daleks and the Cybermen battle it out for the ownership of Earth. Mickey and Jake return from the alternate universe to aid the Doctor, Rose, Pete, and Jackie in a mad fight against the deadliest creatures known to man. But in the middle of it all, surrounded by his friends, the Doctor is about to lose something irreplaceable.

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