Doctor Who – Series 1 Episode List

A summary of each episode in the Doctor Who television series from the revival onward.


1: Rose

Shop girl Rose Tyler is swept away into a world of space and time travel when a mysterious stranger known only as The Doctor rescues her from an army of mobilized mannequins. Leaving behind her boyfriend, Mickey, and her mother, Jackie, Rose embarks on a life-changing adventure when she steps foot into a worn, blue Police Box that happens to be bigger on the inside.

2: The End of the World

The year five billion. Just as the Earth is about to be consumed by the Sun’s deadly rays, Rose and the Doctor land on a spaceship known as Platform 5 to witness the end of Rose’s home planet. But when the group of wealthy guests become targets of a sabotage, The Doctor must discover the source of a murderous plot before the Platform – and Rose – burn alongside the Earth.

3: The Unquiet Dead

The Doctor and Rose visit 1869 Cardiff, where Charles Dickens enlists their help in discovering how Cardiff’s dead have reawakened to walk the earth. They join forces with Gwyneth, a local mortician’s assistant with the ability to communicate with the mysterious “ghosts” entering Cardiff through a rift in space and time.

4: Aliens of London

The Doctor returns Rose home for an apparent visit with her family – but all is not as it seems. Accidentally arrived one year after they left, Rose is listed as missing person, and an alien spaceship has crashed into the tower of London. The Doctor and Rose, along with MP for Flydale North Harriet Jones, scour Downing Street for clues to the missing Prime Minister and the strange alien arrival.

5: World War Three

The Doctor is trapped. With the Slitheen running around Downing Street, The Doctor, Rose, and Harriet Jones have to improvise an escape while trying to save the Earth from being sold to the highest bidder.

6: Dalek

The Doctor’s greatest enemy, the species responsible for the death of his race, and his biggest fear – the Daleks. Rose and the Doctor encounter a single Dalek imprisoned in a museum of a wealthy collector, who cannibalizes alien technology to harvest weaponry for profit. His newest acquisition doesn’t seem to talk – but a visit from an old foe prompts a rebellion, with Rose caught at the heart of it.

7: The Long Game

The fifth bountiful and human empire – rich in cultural growth, knowledge, and peace. Or so it should have gone. The Doctor and Rose, along with Rose’s new friend, Adam, travel 200,000 years into the future to land on Satellite 5. It’s a hub of television; 600 channels broadcasted directly into the brains of all who work there. Something is wrong, however, and the answer to the Doctor’s questions may just lie up on the mysterious Level 500.

8: Father’s Day

Rose Tyler never really knew her father. Pete Tyler was killed in a hit-and-run when Rose was very young, leaving Jackie to raise her on her own. But with a Time Lord with a time machine comes the inevitable – Rose asks to be taken to the day her father died. When Rose interferes with Pete’s death and rewrites time, the universe must correct the imbalance using any means necessary.

9: The Empty Child

World War Two. Time Agent Jack Harkness saves a pretty blond girl from imminent death – but this girl is no ordinary girl, and she’s got a Doctor to prove it. The Doctor and Rose investigate a strange phenomena happening in war-torn London – a small child is calling out, asking again and again: “Are you my mummy?”

10: The Doctor Dances

Teaming up with Jack Harkness, the Doctor and Rose discover an entire hospital filled with those afflicted with the gas mask transformation. The three must track down the little boy who seems to be at the center of it all – and the only way to do that is through his sister, who has a giant secret of her own.

11: Boom Town

It’s time for some hard-earned relaxation. The Doctor, Rose, and Jack stop in present-day Cardiff for a day off with Mickey Smith. The only problem is that the mayor is a very familiar face, and she’s up to something that could destroy the entirety of the Earth.

12: Bad Wolf

Bad wolf, bad wolf. The two words that have been following the Doctor and Rose through all of time and space. Along with Jack, the Doctor and Rose are taken to Satellite 5 and forced to participate in a deadly set of games, where the only winner is the one who survives the longest.

13: The Parting of the Ways

The return of the Daleks comes with deadly consequences for the Doctor, Rose, and Jack. While the Doctor constructs a Delta Wave to destroy the Daleks and everything in its path, Jack raises up an army to fight off the invading aliens. But the Doctor promised Jackie that he would keep Rose safe, and that means saying goodbye. Trapped in present-day London and unable to fly the TARDIS, Rose must find a way to get back to her Doctor and save him, before he kills everything in his path.

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