I... er... like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Professor Layton, Stargate, Discworld, David Attenborough, Pixar, and other such awesome things.

Oh, yeah, and the name is because Oscar the Grouch is a Time Lord. It's obvious. He has a TARDIS (Trash can that's bigger on the inside, which can take you to other worlds as evidenced in Elmo In Grouchland? He even has a swimming pool in there, and although it's not stated whether it's in the library... well. Suspicious much?), he's been around for AGES (1969) with barely any change in age, and, if you still don't believe me, he can regenerate. Yes, that's right. Oscar (or, shall we call him, the First Oscar) was orange, before some sort of traumatic event around 1970 forced him to regenerate into the Second Oscar, who is, as we all know, Green. The question is why the Doctor never noticed that there was still another Time Lord surviving, although a chameleon arch may have had something to do with this.