Posted on 10:14 am,
October 23, 2012

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The week’s episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast, Onceable, is here! The hosts discuss episode 4, Crocodile, in detail with in depth discussion about characters, plot points and predictions.

Also don’t for get to check out our poll about Captain Hook!

Show Notes
Initial Reactions
Fav Lines:
-‘Are you asking dating advice?’
-‘I didn’t realize the power of true love before’

-Belle’s dream
– Rumple creating magic and Keeping secrets from Belle
-Belle seeking independence and hoping for Rumple to change
-Rumple’s wife Mila
-Captain Hook
-Belle’s father and his motives
-Red protecting Belle and her ability to sense things
-Belle’s stand
-Rumple still being called a coward and his talk with Belle
-Hook tricking Rumple by keeping the bean and uses it to go to Neverland!!
-Rumple takes Smee trying to gain info on Capt Hook
-Cora and Captain hook

Next Episode:
‘The Doctor’
Description: While Regina continues to try and stop using her magic in an attempt to win back Henry’s affections, she begins seeing what she believes is a ghost from her past; and when Mary Margaret and Emma discover a lone survivor from an ogre massacre, Emma begins to question whether or not he’s telling the truth. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Regina finds herself failing at learning the dark arts from a dark master because something from her past is preventing her from using her magic for evil.

Listener Feedback

Is Captain Hook a true Villain?

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We hope you enjoy this episode! Just to let you all know, we will be releasing weekly episodes now that the show has returned. Feel free to suggest things for us to discuss or share your theories in the comments, via email or on Twitter @OnceUponNews!

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This episode's hosts: Jen, Laura, and Karen

  • Sarah

    To be fair, Milah did say she didn’t know what Rumple was going to use the bean for, but at the same time she did not even ASK about Bae. The fact that she abandoned her son for purely selfish reasons makes me not like her at all. I don’t even believe that she truly loved Hook, more that she loved the idea of him.

    I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Captain Hook. He was my favorite male villain in all of Disney, and seeing that character in so many different adaptations is very fun for me. This OUAT version of him, however, is much more like Captain Jack Sparrow in terms of style and mannerisms. I’m wondering why Hook decided to go to Neverland though. What were his plans when he got there? And I’m still holding onto the hope that Bae is Peter Pan so if that somehow turns out to be true then that would be a very interesting storyline.

    I also wanted to say that I love the idea of Emma being the Swan Princess. That was something I’d hope would come out to be from the very beginning of the show. Even though Kitsis and Horowitz have stated Emma is her own fairy tale character, I’m still holding onto that theory.

    • Elise Vanderhooft

      I think Hook chose Neverland simply because it was a place where he could live forever and figure out how to kill Rumple. Rumple did give him the idea, “Good luck living long enough [to figure out how to kill me].”

      • Sarah

        It took me a rewatch to get that part. xD

  • Sarah

    Check out episode 2 of season 1 – Regina talks to Rumple at the end and clearly states that it was Rumple who got Harry for her, and she actually asked him where Harry is from.

    • RabbitRabbit

      I think you made a Freudian slip. With all the similarities between Once and HP I would love for Henry to find out he’s a wizard at 11 years old as well.

    • Rachael

      But did Rumple know that Henry was Emma’s child, and who Emma was? Maybe he specifically chose Henry so that Emma could come to Storybrooke one day.

      • Elise Vanderhooft

        That had always been my theory, but now that we know that Gold didn’t have his memories until he heard Emma’s name, how did he find Henry?

  • Rachael

    I heard that Emma’s story is based on “The Wild Swans” by Hans Christian Andersen. In the story, a King gets remarried to an evil woman, who hates the King’s 12 children. She banishes the youngest princess, Eliza, and curses the 11 older princes, so they are swans during the day and men during the night. When she is grown, Eliza returns, and saves her brothers from the curse.
    And I wonder if they give Jared Gilmore a clean version of the scripts? If all the scripts are like the bits that we’ve seen, I really don’t think a 12 year old should be reading it…

    • Elise Vanderhooft

      On Kitsis and Horowitz’s podcast, they were asked what fairy tale Emma would be in, and they said it wasn’t based on any other story, it will be completely her own.

  • Kate

    Excellent podcast!

    You guys have totally made great points with your analysis. I found myself agreeing with all the things that were said.

  • Matthew Potter

    I’m not sure how it would work (and admittedly I was only half paying attention), but when Cora said to Hook “And so is she”, I didn’t see it as her referring to Regina. I thought she was talking about Mila. Have there been any characters who were presumably dead in the Enchanted Forest who have shown up in Storybrooke so far?

    • Karen Rought

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Mila is “presumably” dead. They wrapped her body up and dumped in her in the ocean, so I think we can assume she’s gone for good. I assumed that Cora was either talking about Belle (for Hook to get revenge on Rumpel) or Regina when she said that.

      • Matthew Potter

        Well I didn’t mean to imply that Rumple didn’t actually kill her, but rather that perhaps by some odd detail of the curse, she somehow got caught in it. I’m probably wrong though, lol.

  • Jackijd

    I personaly didn’t find the Rumple and Belle story line interesting. Hook made up for the episode though. I also wanted to see Emma and Snow again.

  • charlton

    I like the Belle storyline,not sure where it is going but I think something will come of it.

  • SkinasWhiteasSnow

    About the Henry Adoption Discussion: I recalled from one of the very first episodes of the very first season, a conversation between Mr. Gold and Regina on Regina’s lawn. They were discussing Henry and he asked, “Beautiful name, wonder how you came up with it.” Then Regina looks at him and asks, “Where did you get him?”
    So I believe that Rumple/Gold adopted Henry for Regina, but tricked her by getting the savior’s son. That’s my opinion.

  • Elise Vanderhooft

    I love Once and this podcast is great, it gives me my Once fix halfway through the week! The question has come up several times why Regina wanted Henry. I think the answer to that was in the second episode of season 1. When Regina told her father that she had to kill him to enact the curse, he said that it would leave a whole in her heart she would never be able to fill. Later, in Storybrooke, Regina probably still felt empty even though she had gotten everything she ever wanted, so she tried to fill that hole by adopting a son who she named Henry in honor of one of the only two people she had ever really loved. Even earlier than that, she tried to get Hansel and Gretel to stay with her. I think because she lost her chance at a family with Daniel, she has tried every way she can think of to build her own family.

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