Onceable Podcast

Episode #7: The Enchanted Forest

Hosted by Jen Lamoureux, Laura Bryne-Cristiano, Jessica Chapman, Karen Rought

October 19, 2012

The seventh episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast, Onceable, is here! The hosts discuss episode 3, Lady of the Lake, in detail with in depth discussion about characters, plot points and predictions.

Also don’t for get to check out our poll about what Cora will with that bottle of ash she collected.

Intros general info
-Recap of ep 3 Lady of the Lake
-Initial reactions
-Favorite lines
-Cora has no powers trying to be nice to Snow and Emma
-Snow’s relationship with Lancelot
-King George’s revenge
-Snow meeting Ruth for the first time
-Emma’s reaction to Snow’s ability to take care of herself
-Emma out of place in Fairytale world
-Mulan trying to help while Aurora plans to kill Snow
-Battle Cora
-Emma’s emotional reaction to her home
-Mulan saying that Snow will lead them now that Lancelot is dead
-Cora collecting ash from the portal will it still work?
-What does Cora want with Regina?
-Regina asked to step down from being mayor
-Henry trying to break into Regina’s vault
-David teaching Henry to sword fight
-Jefferson’s reunion with Grace
-George seen in Storybrooke what could it mean?
-Last Week’s Poll : Who will be this season’s villain? Cora won by a landslide!

Next Episode: Crocodile
Description: Belle threatens to leave Mr. Gold if he doesn’t change his ways; the dwarves try to find fairy dust in the Storybrooke mine; Rumplestiltskin tries to save his wife from a band of pirates.In flashbacks we learn that Rumple’s wife Milah was kidnapped by Capt Hook and in present day Storybrooke Smee kidnaps Belle
-Colin O’Donoghue recently been promoted to a series regular, more captain hook

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We hope you enjoy this episode! Just to let you all know, we will be releasing weekly episodes now that the show has returned. Feel free to suggest things for us to discuss or share your theories in the comments, via email or on Twitter @OnceUponNews!

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