Posted on 12:53 pm,
September 4, 2012

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The third episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast Onceable is here! The hosts discuss Snow White in fairy tales throughout the world and in the Once Upon a Time universe, go over the latest casting news and take listener feedback.

Also don’t forget to check out our latest poll regarding the Huntsman!

Show notes:
This week’s show is all about Snow White!

We hope you enjoy this episode! Just to let you all know, we will be releasing bi-weekly episodes until the show returns on September 30. We’ve got some discussion topics lined up, but feel free to suggest things for us to discuss in the comments, via email or on Twitter @OnceUponNews!

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to Onceable on iTunes and make life easier for yourselves! And while you’re there, feel free to leave us a review.

Now on to this week’s poll question regarding the future of the Huntsman. In a recent interview the creators of the show have stated that Graham, the Huntsman’s Storybrooke self, is indeed dead but they are not opposed to the Huntsman making an appearance. So listeners, what do you think? We had some pretty strong opinions on the Huntsman’s return, so now’s your chance to vote!

Should the Huntsman return to Once Upon a Time?

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This episode's hosts: Jen Lamoureux, Selina Wilken, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jessica Chapman, and Karen Rought

  • Book Brat

    YAY! Fairy Tale discussions! Disclaimer: Excuse any spelling errors or incomplete sentences; my fingers cannot keep up with the words running through my mind.

    OK, first as you can probably guess I’m excited you guys are discussing the fairy tales behind OUT(Once Upon a Time) and not just the Disneyfied versions the actual ones. I absolutely love fairy tales as a child I didn’t like the normal fairy tales other kids loved because I knew about so many I found Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle, Um, not that interesting. my love of fairy tales is what attracted me to OUT. Ok enough gushing onto today’s topic, Snow White.

    Before I go on here are some other sites besides Surlalune where you can find even more info on any furture tales you want to discuss:


    2) The Andrew Lang Fairy Books: These books can be found Wikipedia and the audio version can be found on iTunes as free podcasts via Librivox. Just search for Andrew Lang and look for the Librivox stamp. You can find the written texts here: the links to the books and stories are on the left side of the page under Lang’s picture.

    The first thing you discussed was if the stories of Snow White and Snow White & Rose Red are one and the same. I know you already said this but I’ll confirm that no it isn’t the same.

    I believe the reason why the Story is called Little Snow White is because Snow was actually a seven year old when the Evil Queen was told that Snow was “The fairest of them all.” and soon after ordered her execution. I’m guessing that she spent some years with the dwarfs. And remember these girls married young.

    YES!! I REMEMBER THOSE MOVIES! Spin Spindle Spin Spin Spin something something Child For The King! (Sleeping Beauty not Snow White)…YOU CAN FIND THE MOVIES ON YOUTUBE! That and Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre!

    Polygamy and a menage a trois (on Gold Tree)

    Yes! I love retellings here’s another one: Mira, Mirror by Mette Ivie Harrison about the Magic Mirror. oh and Snow is apart of a series called…Once Upon a Time. Here: OH! Here’s something somewhat funny I just remembered….Oh wait never mind I don’t want to spoil anyone.

    Stepping away for now maybe more later.

    • Jessica Chapman

      YAY!! I am SO glad that someone else remembers those movies! And yes, I forgot about the Sleeping Beauty one…SO GOOD!! From Snow White there were the songs “Hop, hop hop. Hopping on my Daddy’s knee,” “Knock, knock, this bed is hard a a rock. But there’s another one I can fit in,” gah, I could go on and on! I was also a huge fan of Faerie Tale Theatre. Okay, sorry for all the exclamation points, I am just so excited someone knows what I’m talking about. :D

  • theaterboy1

    You guys are seriously one of the BEST podcasts on here! I love everyone’s input and hearing your opinions! Ok go with me on this. This is going off of the theory that Henry is Peter Pan. You know how in the Peter Pan story Wendy’s father is Captain Hook? What if it is Peter’s father that is Captain Hook, making Henry’s father and Emma’s one night stand Captain Hook. We know that Mr. Gold was fully aware of the curse as was the Mad Hatter. What if Hook/Storybrook counterpart was as well and Emma ran into him on a dark night? Just a theory of mine. If Rumple’s boy isn’t Henry’s father but really Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk), a theory I really like that you brought up, then I think it fits. Whether Henry is Peter or not, Captain Hook being Peter’s father would be cool!

  • FairyTaleVampire

    I love this podcast so much! Once Upon a Time is my favourite tv show (next to Vampire Diaries) and I am so happy there is a podcast to go along with it :)
    As much as I loved Graham/The Huntsman, I don’t think he needs to come back, unless it is in flashbacks in Fairy Tale land. One of my main reasons for this is because he acted as a love interest for Emma, which was good at the time, but I’m a big Emma/August fan so I dont want anything to come in the way of that…. Unless Henry’s father (still Bae in my opinion) comes back, which then I’m all for the drama :)
    Again, great podcast. Can’t wait for the next :)

  • 17jeda

    While all of you were dancing around the idea of who Bae could be… I was yelling at my ipod trying to tell you guys my theory.

    Bae is Peter Pan.
    Explanation: Baelfire went through the wormhole with the magic bean, the way he fell through the whole brought him to London. He landed in the street on a rainy evening, wounded from the fall, tinkerbell arrives and proceeds to carry Bae off to Neverland. Bae leaves neverland after many many years and begins to grow up a few years when he meets Emma, they fall in “love” and get pregnant. Bae begins to miss neverland and his dad which he keeps secret from emma, this causes struggles in their relationship. Bae leaves Emma before they have Henry. Bae ends up running into August, through some unknown way August and Bae realize they are both from “fairy tale world”.

    Quite a stretch but yes, my theory.

    • Selina

      I love how all of these theories basically insinuate that Bae is
      EVERYONE. It would be so hilarious if season 2 comes around and we find
      out that he’s actually Peter Pan, Hook, Jack, Henry’s father… it would
      make sense if he had a role in all the fairytales, considering that
      Rumpelstiltskin does, too. ;)

      • 17jeda

        haha i love rereading my theory and laughing because it is ridiculous, i’m just excited to see more clever story tie ins for sure :)

  • Sarah

    I’m glad you guys seemed to enjoy my Belle is Tinkerbell/Bae is Peter Pan theories. =D

    Personally, I’m hoping Graham doesn’t come back. I believe the dead should stay dead, otherwise it makes the loss almost meaningless and takes away shock value because once one person comes back, why couldn’t everyone else who died? Not to mention that traditionally bringing back people from the dead is against all rules of magic. IT NEVER ENDS WELL FOR ANYONE WHO TRIES! (Just ask Buffy.) All magic comes with a price and the magic that brings back people from the dead has to be even darker than that which Rumpelstiltskin used to create the curse in the first place.

  • Gaby

    I want Snow to have a new wardrobe in Storybrooke. I like their fairytale clothing!!!

  • Alexandream

    On the passage of time regarding Bae: I believe Rumplestiltskin has said that his deal with Bae was the first and only deal that he ever broke (the one and the only time that he didn’t keep his promise), not his very first deal. In the episodes with Bae, it seems like Rumple has already been making deals.

  • Ashlee

    Love this Podcast too! You guys do a great job. Can we get another Podcast this week! :) Haha.. There’s so much to talk about right now, especially after they released the newest trailer and some other OUAT news! AWESOME!

    • Karen Rought

      We’ll be recording again this weekend! And once the premiere starts up, it’ll be once a week. Really glad you’re enjoying it!

      • Ashlee

        Glad to hear the podcast will be once a week when the show starts up again!! That’s going to be super fun! Looking forward to the next episode (and future episodes). Can’t wait! There’s a lot to discuss! :)

  • Olivia

    Loved the Snow White discussion!

    About the Baelfire timeline: Both Jane Espenson and Robert Carlyle have said in interviews that Rumplestiltskin is centuries old. In “The Return” when Mr Gold thinks August is Bae he mentions that he “crossed the barriers of time and space”.
    Rumplestlitskin made the Dark Curse as a way to find Bae so he clearly believes Bae is in our world at this time. I think he’s probably right, but who knows?

  • Virginia

    I would accept this twist to bring “The Huntsman” into Storyville: His twin arrives! After all, that is how Charming entered. Also, since Rumple’/Mr. Gold seem omnipotent, I feel that his caring behaviors toward Emma & Henry – while they serve his motives – also leave me with hope that he is Henry’s paternal Grandfather ( and Bae not yet named). I am so glad to have your podcast input!

  • Olivia

    If it’s not too much trouble would you mind posting a list of the Snow White books you mentioned?

    Sorry to bother you! Thanks! Love the podcast!

  • Sarah Barnett

    Regarding Dr Whale. I’ve just seen this theory on Tumblr and would love to hear your thoughts! Someone pointed out that the surname of the person who directed the first Frankenstein film was Whale. So could this possibly allude to Dr Whale being Dr Frankenstein. Thoughts? (Note: Dr Frankenstein was the creator of the monster, not the monster itself. Some people, myself included, have gotten that wrong before)

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