Posted on 6:32 pm,
September 24, 2012

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The fourth episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast Onceable is here! The hosts discuss the trailer, what would Emma be like in fairy tale world, news updates and listener feedback.

Also don’t forget to check out our poll about Emma and fairy tale world.

Show Notes:

  • Trailer discussion: the good, the interesting, and the what the heck just happened
  • Recap of season 1 finale
  • Description of ep 1 & 2
  • Emma in the fairy tale world
  • Who will be Emma’s love interest
  • Who is Dr. Whale, interesting tweet from David Anders
  • Predictions for season 2
  • Who is Bae
  • What does Jefferson know and how
  • Can magic be learned


We hope you enjoy this episode! Just to let you all know, we will be releasing bi-weekly episodes until the show returns on September 30. We’ve got some discussion topics lined up, but feel free to suggest things for us to discuss in the comments, via email or on Twitter @OnceUponNews!

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Now on to this week’s poll question regarding what Emma would be like if she grew up in fairy tale world. Let’s face it she is tough in our world but would growing up with Snow and Charming as parents changed who she would grow up to be? Can you imagine Emma as a Disney Princess?

What would Emma be like in fairy tale world?

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This episode's hosts: Jen Lamoureux, Tariq Herzallah, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, and Karen Rought

  • Riku

    Baelfire means ‘great fire’ ;) Emma said Henry’s dad was a firefighter (Emma was lying, but still, it fits…somewhat)

    Great episode guys. :)

  • Sarah

    I thought it was confirmed that Milha was Rumpelstiltskin’s wife, and she will be introduced in episode 4? And as far as a possible love triangle goes, in the original script there was a line that was cut that Rumpelstiltskin said to Belle about their love. “No one…no woman has ever looked at me like that. Not even my wife.” The fact that he seems to believe his wife never really loved him, as well as the fact she left both him and their son behind, is a fairly clear suggestion that there won’t be a love triangle with Rumple, Belle, and his wife.

    And on your comment on people perusing Rumpelstiltskin like they will Regina, I’m not so sure about that. As repeated several times before, everyone hates Regina but everyone FEARS Rumpelstiltskin. He’s always been more powerful than her and he’s the Dark One. I don’t think they’re stupid enough to try to take him down, especially when it seems that he’s the only one who really knows how to manipulate their circumstances in Storybrooke.

  • HungerSlytherin

    I read on Once Upon a Time Wiki that Dr.Whale episode is a Halloween theme? I don’t know how it connects with Whale but could he be Dr. Frankenstein… Just a guess.

    When you guys discussed Alice I was thinking about Wendy and maybe even Dorothy. If these 3 are “like Emma in a way” Do you think these 3 can come into Storybrooke or are they already there Specifically Wendy since Captain Hook is coming.

  • Kristen Kranz

    So I know that we all thought adding Lancelot was a bit of a stretch for a show about fairytales, but after your mention of Sword and the Stone on this ep, it makes more sense than I thought. Merlin is a legendary character and he sort of bridges the gap between fairytale and legend, bringing with him a heap of interesting characters… Lancelot, Guinevere, and even Madam Mim.

    Also, I too hope that August Booth is not finished on Once Upon a Time. There is still so much more they can do with his character, and now that magic is returning, maybe the blue fairy will be able to return him to his human state since he did ultimately help convince Emma that the fairytales are real. I think he has a bigger role to play in the remainder of hte series, so I hope we see him re-animated in season 2.

    Last little bit, I LOVE the theory that Henry’s father is Captain Hook, and Henry possibly being Peter Pan. I could see Henry not wanting to grow up as he has seen what growing up has done to Regina, and even Snow and Charming. I could see him choosing to stay young forever. His father, Hook, would then naturally try to convince him otherwise which could lead to their neverending feud…

    Just my 2 cents, keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  • Veronica

    Given James’ reaction in the Fairytale world during the second to last episode, I’m curious to see how everyone will react to Rumple and Belle (for one thing it shows him as being a little more human, and I wonder if Belle will be like Bae in that everyone will be afraid to associate with her in fear of upsetting Rumple).

    Also about Emma and magic, I think it’s a possibility. In the promo for ABC with Revenge and the other shows, the moment where they show Regina turn into the Evil Queen she throws a spell at Emma and Henry. As Emma goes to protect him it turns into harmless looking butterflies. Could this be showing her magic form a sort of shield over them, or am I just reading too much into it? XP I’d love to see Emma dabble into magic a little.

  • Jan

    So I’m really trying hard to figure out who Dr. whale is, and I can’t imagine that his name has nothing to do with his fairy tale persona. I’m thinking that since a whale is a sea creature it could be some kind of sea-themed fairy tale: The Little Mermaid (Triton or Eric maybe?), the Frog Prince, Swan Princess… ugh, it’s driving me nuts!

    • Brie

      @OnceUponNews I think Whale = Hades. He refuses to bow to any royalty (bc he’s a god) & docs work w the sick & dying. He does also give the impression he’s not quite a good guy. It sorta makes sense!

  • Erika Johnson

    I think that it would be interesting for Emma to be more of a daddies girl if she grew up in fairytale land and to have a slightly strained relationship with Snow. This could be a sort of juxtaposition from Storybrooke where Emma has grown close to Mary Margret.

    I also think that Dr. Whale is probably a good guy. Everybody’s personalities are muted in Storybrooke. While Charming is brave, David is a coward. While Snow is confrontational, Mary Margret is a doormat. However, MM has shown more of her old self the more time spends with Emma. I think that this could be a side effect of Emma breaking the curse.
    I have seen theories that Dr. Whale is Peter Pan and his punishment is to be a grown up with a responsible job.

    • Julie Bresnahan

      I definitely agree with your Emma being a daddy’s girl idea. I can absolutely see that.
      The Dr. Whale is Peter Pan theory is really interesting! This is kind of stretching it, but how to you catch a fish? With a Hook…

  • asdfasdf

    Here’s my problem with Bae…

    Rump. looks the same after he transforms and that he shows up in different timelines all looking the same, I never made that connection before. For instance his son is 14 when he transforms, and then he takes Prince Charming’s twin brother as a baby as Rump. So Rump’s son is at least 15 years older, which is interesting when you think that most people think his son is going to be Henry’s father, and/or that guy who received the Pigeon. (Since his son went to a world without magic, supposedly ours).

    The age thing is becoming something that is bugging me more and more. Because he was “The Dark One” when Charming was born and when Jipetto was a kid (which he is old at the end of the curse) so he was around for 50 plus years, but they have never addressed how old his kid would be then! He seems to be still looking for a kid!

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