Posted on 7:47 pm,
October 6, 2013

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Just Mitch and Jack for the last Beatles episode! Expect Pokémon references galore…


-We’re a bit upset at the race issues with Tina.
-Neckbrace Cheerio has a name! And she was actually semi-important!
-Santana’s commercial was FUNNY!
-Bree is a typical cheerleader biatch.
-Carmen is mentioned – is she going to come back?!
-Was the nurse flirty storyline creepy?
-We like Kitty’s change in this episode!
-Why is Dottie so shoved around?
-Rays of sunshine poured into our souls when Demi sang “Here Comes the Sun” with Santana.
-Unique impressed us in “Sgt. Pepper”
-The Carrie reference at the prom made us feel really bad for Tina.
-“Hey Jude” tugged at our heartstrings!
-Rachel made a Smash reference!
-Rachel got the part from Edward Cullen’s dad.

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This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow and Jack Farrugia

  • Martrel A. Howard

    I like Bree, no one else in glee this season is filling the role of the ‘funny bitch’, even Santana has mellowed out so Bree is need especially if there arent any bitchy characters in New York so far… also Carmen Tibido was played by Whoopi Goldberg…I think you meant Cassandra July (Kate Hudson).

    • Mitchel Clow

      Yeah, I got confused between the two teachers by accident :p

      • Martrel A. Howard

        its ok lol I would love to see that character back in some capacity… it would be HILARIOUS if Rachel shows up to Funny Girl rehearsals and Cassie is apart of the cast… I would just fall out in laughter…

  • Caitlin Kelly

    I don’t love the rehashing of Sue targeting the glee club. She’s not actually right in saying that the glee club is at its best when it has a common enemy because the year they won Nationals, she was *helping* them. Not to mention, the dynamics of the New New Directions is completely different than the Old New Directions; NND is already a team–and I actually believe that they’re a family and genuinely like each other–while the OND was all about the individuals and needed help uniting. So meh; it’s a been there, done that kind of story for me.

    And in terms of Blaine giving Tina advice (and I loved that he offered two options and said they’d support her whatever she chose), it’s a callback to “Prom Queen” with him supporting Kurt. The parallels between the two episodes were pretty heavy-handed.

  • guest02

    Ryder’s tiff with unique hasn’t been addressed because the 2.0s have noticeably been featured less. The refocus on the older cast feels like a wise move but it show how little faith they now have in the newer cast.

    I would have preferred if kitty shoved Tina and got the bucket goop spilled on her. Then Tina would be the one to support kitty on stage and stop the kids from laughing. This would have shown growth for tinas character and made her more redeeming because the pathetic angle they keep bringing up is making her less likeable as a character. Also, it would prove why Tina should be prom queen. Tina is the senior after all while kitty is the sophomore. Other than that, the plotline really was a rehash of the Kurt’s prom storyline. Especially the part where Tina walks in and the students are clapping and cheering. One minute they are booing and laughing and the next they are cheering and supportive. At this point it’s very manipulative storytelling.

    Bree’s shpeel also irritated me. Anyone who talks like that deserves to be punched in the face or to be walked away from. I was almost expecting kitty to slap her which would have made more sense and created more tension.

  • hypableaddict81

    i REALLY REALLY love glee chat (and all of hypable’s podcasts) but i think i’d be a bit happier if in the episodes there was less of “what was this person’s name? what was that person’s name? what happened?” i fully get that there are lots of characters and lots of seasons and plots to remember, but it gets a little frustrating. anyways, great episode of gleechat, can’t wait for the next one!!

  • Amalia

    I think I’m destined for Mitch’s special hell, since so far I have a lot of issues with Dantana. Yes, they look adorable, and yes their song was amazing. But I couldn’t get into their storyline because it felt extremely rushed. Glee could have held on to the tension for so much longer – getting to the girlfriend state of things so quickly felt unrealistic and uninteresting. Also, we don’t really get any sense of who Dani is as a person.
    But most importantly, the only real reason for them to get together was that Santana “needs to be with a 100% lesbian”. I cannot begin to tell you how much I dislike this view of things. It could be that Santana is confused and bitter about Brittany, but it gives me a bad feeling about this Dani character, since she was so quick to express that opinion.

  • Will

    It really pained me to hear all of the “what character was that?” and “what episode was that?” moments. Thank god Jack was there to correct all of Mitch’s mistakes but it was really apparent that there needs to be some more polishing with the hosts, especially when there are only 2 hosts on an episode.

  • Simone

    LOL the poke chatness of this episode was a real mind f**k for me. So confusing.

    I understand Tina’s frustration. After all the crap she’s been through she does deserve to have her moment but I wish she could realize that she doesn’t need to go on a big power trip or get bitchy to get it. It was hard to feel sorry for her after the Carrie moment after the way she’d been treating people. Especially after what happened to Kurt in his prom in Season 2 where no-one but Blaine did ANYTHING for him. Tina needs an attitude change then I could root for her.

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