Posted on 12:50 pm,
March 20, 2012

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-Megan, Jess, and Mitch are back as regular co-hosts on this week’s Smash Chat, dealing with Smash episode 7, “The Workshop”!

-The characters on this show seem to be able to sneak around really easily, almost like ninjas…

-Mitch wonders if Bernadette Peters performed her song on set as opposed to in a studio

-We applaud the way Eileen treats Sneaky Bastard about the affair

-Eileen was kick-a$$ when she smashed (no pun intended) open the lock!

-Mitch notes how hard it must be for actors to have to learn new lines within minutes before a show

-We’re confused why Smash would bring in TWO attorneys named John! Are they trying to confuse us?!

-How didn’t Ivy and her mom notice Derrick in the room? Must be because he’s a ninja…

-We once again applaud Eileen in the way she handled the affair with the production team

-Leo cried, and it was probably funnier for some than it should’ve been

-The news covers some Smash season 2 speculation, the tv ratings for episode 6, and the synopsis for episode 9, where “someone” will make a big discovery…

This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll

  • KristenKranz

    So I was just rewatching last night’s episode & that new lawyer guy’s name is Joe… just thought I would let you know!

  • Shana Debusschere

    I really don’t know what’s up with that Leo guy, this episode it looked like he had some mental condition again, but in some episodes, he’s pretty ‘normal’ Or it’s just bad acting. No idea.. 

    • Mitchel Clow

      Not sure, but if he doesn’t have a disability, then woah-he’s a really bad actor! haha

      • Megan Stoll

        I think he’s just a bad actor… hah.

  • Domi Ed

    You know we should all be friends when our brains automatically make Harry Potter references.

    My exact thought when I saw Sneaky Bastard was *throws arms in the air* ‘ what is he, a fucking wizard? Did he apparate there?’


    ALSO, the crying was the most awkward thing to watch.
    I wasn’t even sure why he was crying. I got that he was upset but did he need to cry?
    I know how hard crying on cue can be, I always had trouble with it, yet my friend can do it no problem.
    But there is still a better way to fake cry your non on cue crying then what he did.
    It was just awful.

    I want to have hope for him but if he his character doesn’t have a mental disorder then his acting is truly awful.

    • Mitchel Clow

      I think that it was appropriate for him to cry. He was just concerned due to his mother cheating on his dad, which would be a really scary thing for a teenager to find out! When she told him that “he wasn’t right”, it must’ve been a big relief for Leo!

      Although it was a very poorly acted scene on Leo’s part :p

      • Domi Ed

        I know. It was more like…it came out of nowhere. All the other emotions he was portraying didn’t come off like he had an underlying sadness.

        So when he started crying I was like “er….what?”

        Oh well maybe I need to pay closer attention x)

    • Josiah

      Yeah, either Leo’s mentally handicapped (possibly his brain is fried from all that pot) or the actor isn’t the best at his job. I think it’s the latter.

  • Jeff D.

    The Bachelor could have played a part in the ratings. But ratings were down across the board last week because of Daylight Saving Time. With the time change, ratings are usually always down during the week of a time shift.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      That’s a good point, too. I don’t remember where I read the thing about The Bachelor, but I know I read it somewhere….clearly I am not a journalism major like Mitch. lol

  • Josiah

    S E A S O N
    T W O O  O O O O O O O O O O O O

    • Mitchel Clow


  • Soapstef

    OMG! I finally got this thing to register me. I was having all kinds of issues! I’ve been bursting to discuss this show with people! I even tried to start a random chat with the cashier at Walgreens. She wasn’t having it after about three minutes. LOL.

    Anyway, I can’t say that I’m on “Team Anybody” with this show because they just do such a fantastic job with both these girls. I love & hate things about both of them and I love that it’s not easy to pick a side. This isn’t the old 90210 and Brenda vs. Kelly because that was simple…Brenda was a bitch. LOL.

    I do have to say that I think Derek will fall completely for Karen! She might become like his muse or something. He’s totally intrigued with her innocence freshness. She’s a good girl & I don’t see her falling for his crap unless something truly awful happens with Dev…like him does something nasty with RJ. I love the chemistry between J. Davenport & K. McPhee…it’s insane! I was watching some of the promo interviews on YouTube and he actually blushes around’s too cute. 

    • Mitchel Clow

      I think we’ve both seen the same interview on youtube, since we talked about it in the first or second Smash Chat. They do have incredible chemistry, and I do enjoy seeing the two together.

      Haha and that’s too funny about the cashier xD Cracked me up! That’s what we’re good for tho! =]

  • Ally K.

    I know I am really late to the party! But I just found this podcast (really glad I did). I just wanted to mention 2 things, even though at this time it really doesn’t matter LOL

    The Character of “John Mahota”… is actually “Joe Machota” – who is not an attorney, but an Agent; and a real life person. He is actually a Broadway Agent (& former performer).

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