Episode #9 – Hot Ninjas

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll

March 20, 2012

-Megan, Jess, and Mitch are back as regular co-hosts on this week’s Smash Chat, dealing with Smash episode 7, “The Workshop”!

-The characters on this show seem to be able to sneak around really easily, almost like ninjas…

-Mitch wonders if Bernadette Peters performed her song on set as opposed to in a studio

-We applaud the way Eileen treats Sneaky Bastard about the affair

-Eileen was kick-a$$ when she smashed (no pun intended) open the lock!

-Mitch notes how hard it must be for actors to have to learn new lines within minutes before a show

-We’re confused why Smash would bring in TWO attorneys named John! Are they trying to confuse us?!

-How didn’t Ivy and her mom notice Derrick in the room? Must be because he’s a ninja…

-We once again applaud Eileen in the way she handled the affair with the production team

-Leo cried, and it was probably funnier for some than it should’ve been

-The news covers some Smash season 2 speculation, the tv ratings for episode 6, and the synopsis for episode 9, where “someone” will make a big discovery…