Posted on 10:19 am,
October 29, 2012

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Vampire Hype is back to discuss The Vampire Diaries 4×03 “The Rager.” Join Selina, Tariq and Roxanne as they drop some epic theories about Jeremy, April, the Five, and all the vampires turning human again (okay, so some theories are more epic than others)!


– Faye is back! Er, Hayley
– What is this Five?
– Are they gonna start turning everybody human again? Selina is very proud of this theory, even if it’s a little too Beauty & the Beast
– Hayley/Tyler – are we surprised?
– Carolaus time! Or… Steroline? Carolefan? Too many ships
– Also, what’s Elena’s the anger? It doesn’t feel like Elena
– Elena and Katherine, the spinoff! Yes please!
– Buffy reference time: Stefan’s worried about going Ripper when he’s happy with Elena, that’s so Angel!
– Will Stefan still love Elena as much as a vampire? We’re saying no
– Shipper fail! Someone’s jumping triangle sides…….
– Speaking of Damon! Klaus/Damon could be the new bromance
– Why is Klaus protecting Tyler again? Maybe he just wants a friend
– How can the Originals both be so badass and so love sick at the same time?
– Why did Klaus save Elena?
– Rebekah is still sticking around – maybe for Matt
– The OTP-inducing hallucinations: Matt/Rebekah and Damon/Elena
– April is the key to the whole series! No, really, Tariq has a whole big theory with Jeremy becoming one of The Five that’s gonna make Julie Plec shake in her boots
– “And in That Moment, Stefan and Elena Were Infinite”
– Stefan and Elena just can’t catch a break. We love watching them fall apart
– Stefan/Elena equals Jack/Kate from Lost! And Sawyer is Damon…
– But we’re all Jaters, so that’s just confusing
– No ships are safe on The Vampire Diaries – but Matt will always love Elena, right?
– Will Matt turn into a supernatural creature? Or will he just die?
– Enter Roxanne’s epic theory: Elena kills Matt and goes darkside
– Meredith: Damon’s Jiminy Cricket
– A listener clears up the issue of why Elena can’t drink blood bag blood… or does he?
– Stay tuned for a Twilight-related announcement at the end

So! Three great theories were presented this week: everyone turns human (Selina), Jeremy becomes a Five (Tariq), and Elena kills Matt (Roxanne). But which theory is the best?! Share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @VampireHype!

This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Tariq Herzallah, Roxanne Clark

  • Gary65

    Seeing as all your emotions are heightened when you get turned, it didn’t surprise me that Elena’s anger at being murdered(which would piss anyone off) was heighetened into homocidal rage.

  • Martrel A. Howard

    Elena didn’t “FEED” from the guy in the barn, the little blood she got from him helped her finish her transformation into a vampire. Stefan immediately put her on a “veggie” diet after that

    • Tariq

      See, I feel like she had to feed on him. That little bit was barely enough. Granted, I think it was off screen which is why we never saw it. But I don’t think that tiny bit of blood she had was enough to sustain/help her transformation.

      • Selina

        Hmm I don’t think she had any more than the tiny bit she needed to complete her transformation. Still, it was fresh blood directly from a vein (well… vein>floor but still), so it counts as feeding I think.

        • Martrel A. Howard

          considering we dont know the anatomy of vampires in The Vampire Diaries maybe it has something to do with the “fresh” blood mixing with whatever venom they produce now? idk lol plot holes galore

  • laura

    No Tariq! stay strong! Stelena FTW! ;)L

  • K

    Caroline has drank from humans after the lady in the hospital. There was the guy she killed in 2×02 that Bonnie thought was cute and there was the deputies in Kill or Be Killed to help save Stefan and Damon and there was the whole ‘Hi Mom’ reveal with her and the bloody kool-aid mouth.

    In terms of Katherine, she has had blood from a cup once on screen in 2×09 when she was dissicating but maybe since she was dying it didn’t hurt her – instead it was helpful for her. Besides that, Katherine drinks from humans. She never felt the need to drink for animals like Stefsn or blood bags like Caroline currently does because she doesn’t care about not killing humans all that much.

    Also could no disagree more with the person Matt loving being Elena. Yes, he loved her. Yes, he would do anything for her like give up his blood but most of the people in the show would do anything for Elena like use dark magic or put themselves in dangerous situations. This is not just a Matt thing, it’s a show thing. I think Matt respects that their relationship is over but he’s a nice guy so he’s still a good friend. That’s just who he is.

  • Elise Hammond

    Wow. You guys rocked the predictions from this!

  • Kristen Kranz

    Was anyone else seriously underwhelmed by Elena’s response to partying with Damon in “The Five”? (Oh, POSSIBLE SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!)

    I mean, I understand that she is compassionate to the extreme and that her new vampire heightened sense of caring is really hard to turn off, but I’m starting to see what Damon has been saying all these years. No, I don’t agree with the senseless killings and things that he always seems quick to jump to, but as far as the catch, feed, erase bit goes, I don’t see anything wrong with his way of life. Elena almost seems to be trying too hard to be the “perfect vampire”. She wants to never have to feed off humans, never kill anyone, and never feel the ache that comes with the cravings. I’m really hoping that someone puts a dent in Elena’s self-righteousness soon. I’ve never personally had anything against her as a character. In fact, I’ve stood up for her on numerous occasions because I really do think she is a fascinating choice for a lead female character, but I am quickly growing tired of her need to be better than Damon. The last 2 seasons have shown that he isn’t the villain we saw him as in season 1, and he isn’t the out-and-out hero from season 3. He is the epitome of a flawed central character, except that he understands his flaws and has embraced them with open arms. If I had to have a vampire coach, Damon would surely be my pick.

    • Tucker Conley

      Damon is too unpredictable and unstable for Elena. Just my opinion.

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