Posted on 10:01 am,
February 14, 2012

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The latest episode of Hypable’s Smash Chat – discussing NBC’s new musical dramedy Smash – is here!

Mitch, Coty, and Jessica are here to talk about last night’s new episode and surprise twist.

-It’s official! Smash Chat is going to be on both iTunes and for the long haul! Subscribe on iTunes right here. Also, follow us on our new twitter @smash_chat
-We start our analysis of a VERY exciting second episode of Smash!
-We don’t trust Ellis. He snoops too much! And Julia agrees!
-Coty admits out loud that he watches White House Conferences for fun
-Coty brings up the difference between stage and screen acting
-Why was there such a reversal in who cares more about the adoption?
-We loved the slow version of “Let Me Be Your Star”-but why isn’t this version on iTunes?
-Jessica questions whether we were meant to think that Julia’s son, Leo, had a developmental disability
-Coty makes another wonderful “Will and Grace” reference
-Jessica give Mitch a lesson on what a workshop, in Broadway terms, is
-Coty is none too impressed with Karen’s acting scene with Derek
-We’re relieved that Marilyn is already casted, but where is the rest of the season going to go?!
-We end the show with a new type of news segment, and DISNEY TRIVIA!

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This episode's hosts: Coty Chanley, Jessica O’Neal and Mitchel Clow

  • Mitchel Clow

    So excited to be an official Hypable podcast and to be on iTunes!

  • Jeff D.

    What are you talking about? They showed a preview to next week’s episode at the end of episode 2. Do you all live in the same area that none of you got a preview?

    • Karen Rought

      They all live in different states, so that can’t be the reason. I didn’t get a preview at the end of mine, either.

      Here it is for anyone who’s interested:

      And it looks SO much more amazing than the blurb they’ve released. DRAMA!

      • Jessica O’Neal

        Thank you for this, Karen!

    • Jessica O’Neal

      That is just bizarre. We all live in different states – Florida, New York, and Indiana – which makes it even more strange that none of us got the preview. I wonder why it showed in some places and not others…

      • Jeff D.

        Jessica, once the episode ends, what happens on your TV? Does it go straight to your local news? Because on any show that I watch, there are always previews at the end unless it’s going to be a repeat coming up.

        • Coty Chanley-Jones

           At the end of my episode, they showed a preview for NBC’s new Project Runway knockoff – and then the local news started!

          • Jessica O’Neal

            I had the same thing Coty said.

  • Jeff D.

    Also, you mentioned that it was a surprise to see Katharine McPhee as a blonde. But if you’ve followed her career as I have (since I’ve been a fan of hers since Idol), you’ll know that she has been a blonde before. Just google ‘Katharine McPhee blonde’ in Google Images and you can see.

    I’ve been meaning to mention this, but I found it to be a nice little easter egg that in the pilot, Katharine is singing “Over the Rainbow” when the show opens. Going back to being a fan of her since Idol, she sang “Over the Rainbow” when she was on Idol, and that performance is widely regarded as the best performance (THE moment) of season 5.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Interesting! I don’t watch Idol, so I didn’t really know much of anything about her before this. I will have to look some of this stuff up. Thank you for the comment and the information. :)

    • Mitchel Clow

      Her singing it on Idol was actually the reason I made it the outro for the podcast =] And no, I didn’t know she was a blonde before! Odd!

  • B Anderson

    You guys deserve the…would you call it cred? Dunno. Anyway, you deserve your own spot, and to be on iTunes. I absolutely love this podcast. And I have to say, the speed in which you came out with this episode shocked me. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing, and congratulations!

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Thank you so much! We really do appreciate the support. And the person you want to thank for the speedy episode release is Mitch. He is the one who stayed up all night editing so that it could come out in a timely fashion.

      Thanks again!

    • Mitchel Clow

      I’m so happy that you appreciate how fast it came out-I really did have to stay up all night editing it! Anything for you guys tho =]

  • Karen Rought

    So, I was driving home from work while listening to the podcast when I heard you guys talking about Karen: “Karen is such a good girl.” “Karen is so naive.” “Karen isn’t snobbish…” etc. etc. I started laughing and I was like, they are NOT talking about me. They are not talking about ME.

    Kinda weird to hear my name some many times in a podcast. Especially when you guys start out a sentence like, “So, Karen…” and I sit up straight, like, wait, did someone just call my name? O.o

    Anyway! Great podcast, once again. Like someone else mentioned, this came out FAST, which was awesome.

    I agree about the assistant. I don’t trust him, and if you watch the promo I posted below, it looks like he’s getting a wee bit snippy now, too. Definitely something to watch. I think Ivy makes a perfect Marilyn, even though I like Karen better (haha). It would be completely unrealistic if they didn’t go with Ivy and all of her Broadway experience. I’m actually surprised that I don’t hate Ivy as much as I thought I would. I actually do care about her a little bit, even though she does make some poor choices. It would be nice to see Karen and Ivy become friends at some point, even if they aren’t really close. It’d be a good twist, at least, and would even add some drama as I’m sure they’d have trust issues between them.

    • Jessica O’Neal

      Hahahahaha, I can see where that would be strange. You better get used to it, though! ;)

      I could certainly see Karen and Ivy becoming frienemies at some point in time, but I doubt they could ever be close friends (like you said). Regardless, it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops. Thanks for the comment, Karen!

    • Mitchel Clow

      Glad you appreciated how fast I edited the episode-it was a lot of hard work, but I’m not complaining, because it was worth getting it out to you guys in a timely fashion!

      And that’s too funny about you perking up at the name Karen whenever we say it on the podcast ;D Thanks for the comment, and make sure to come back with more feedback next week! We love to read it all!

      • Karen Rought

        It really is amazing, and we SO appreciate it! Thanks again. :)

  • Sydney Mook

     Hey guys!
     First off, Mitch, I have to agree with you about the journalism thing.  I’ll be graduating high school in May and then am preparing for my journalism major in college.  I always feel like journalism people look so bad!  Which they are, but I just love it so much!

     As for the episode itself, I liked it but didn’t love it.  I felt a lot of the things you guys said, especially about Julia’s son.  I totally agree that there is some sort of mental disorder going on there.  I like Ellis, but I don’t trust him.  I feel like he could go to Eileen’s husband at some point in the season and try to derail the whole show. 

     I think Ivy is an amazing Marilyn, but I feel like she isn’t going to actually end up as Marilyn by the end of the season.  But who knows!

     I loved the Disney trivia at the end of the episode too! :D

    • Mitchel Clow

      Good luck-it’s a very demanding, but immediately rewarding major to take on. It’s nice to get quick final products of your hard work, but that’s just it–there’s a lot of hard work to get to the end! If you’re dedicated enough though, just like anything in life, you can do it ^_^

      p.s. Glad you enjoyed my Disney trivia quiz. I loved making up the questions for it :p

  • Ellen G.

    Ahhh! Thanks for getting the episode out this quickly! Can’t wait to subscribe on itunes!!

    • Mitchel Clow

      Haha glad you’re so excited about us!

  • Jessica Arvizu

    About time!  Where were you yesterday when I search for you on iTunes.  I’m glad you are here.  I haven’t watched episode 2 of Smash yet but I will.  I love British accents so much! Thanks a bunchies :)

  • Kate

    Am I the only one who finds Karen really bland? She has a nice pop voice, but I found Ivy more impressive vocally, in their respective dance numbers, and especially in their acting auditions. I really don’t understand why the decision on who should be Marilyn came down to the wire. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. I also really liked how Ivy was living and breathing Marilyn–researching her and delving into the role, and not complaining about the audition process. She doesn’t feel entitled to success. She understands that you have to be put through the ringer and work your butt off, even if it’s frustrating. I see her passion for being a Broadway musical actress easier than I do with Karen (who reminds me of a few girls I know who tried their luck on Broadway because they like to sing and play dress up and were musical theater stars in high school).

    I do think the show is going to have some kind of conflict later in the season where Karen will step up to the Marilyn role…they’ve been pushing McPhee in the promos so much, and they seem to be going for that trite cliche that anyone can shoot straight to stardom if they have “IT”—which apparently everyone thinks Karen has. But I don’t see it at all.

    Oh, and I just gotta say how dumb Tom was for mentioning to his assistant (Ellis) in the first episode that the Marilyn musical was Ellis’s idea. That’s the stuff lawsuits are made of, Tom.

    • Kate

      And what the heck was the director character thinking when he said “Marilyn didn’t have to try”…um, are you kidding?  She worked so hard to create that persona. She changed her hair, name, speech patterns, the way she carried herself…and all of it took a whole lot of effort to make it APPEAR effortless.
      That really bugged me

      I am loving Anjelica Houston. And I really enjoy Debra Messing’s character; it’s nice to see a professional woman on television who isn’t either extreme of a super girly girl or a brash hardass. She’s got a great career and family life and is quite likable, in my opinion.

      • Mitchel Clow

        I wouldn’t say that Karen’s exactly “bland” in my opinion, mainly because I agree that the “Marilyn” in her is how “green” she is.

        I agree, I definitely see a law suit in the future between Ellis and Julia. The news story we talked about in this episode stated that he was going to strike back at all of her nasty remarks.

  • Andrea

    I know I’ve said this about a million times on Twitter, but I am seriously so glad that you guys are doing this podcast. You have no idea…I’ve not listened to the whole fourth episode, but it was SO GOOD. And I can’t wait to hear more from you guys!! <3

  • Denise

    I don’t know if you guys read all the comments, but I would like to offer something to think about.

    I live in Sweden. (don’t start thinking quite yet) We don’t get to see new shows from America very early. It usually takes a whole season of airing in the US before it comes to Sweden. Some shows are more lucky to start airing here within 3-4 months. But here’s the thing with Smash: Three episodes have aired in the States. It premieres here on Monday (Feb 27th). Previews and promos started showing up mid-January. I think that’s incredible! It is understandable for TV companies to wait and see how the show is doing before they want to take it over seas, but not with this one! They have faith that Smash is going to be a hit. The show even has its on page on the network’s website! see  there you can see previews, interviews and more.

    I want to compare that with Glee. Glee is pretty big in America. (I was an exchange student in TN last year) Glee rarely comes on in Sweden. The first season aired on one of the bigger networks (TV4) here a couple of years ago. Then it just disappeared. Now it is on again on a different channel, TV11. But not that many people know of the show.

    I think it is very interesting that similar shows, like Glee and Smash, get very different amounts of attention over seas.

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