Episode #4 – iTunes Official

Hosted by Coty Chanley, Jessica O’Neal and Mitchel Clow

February 14, 2012

The latest episode of Hypable’s Smash Chat – discussing NBC’s new musical dramedy Smash – is here!

Mitch, Coty, and Jessica are here to talk about last night’s new episode and surprise twist.

-It’s official! Smash Chat is going to be on both iTunes and Hypable.com for the long haul! Subscribe on iTunes right here. Also, follow us on our new twitter @smash_chat
-We start our analysis of a VERY exciting second episode of Smash!
-We don’t trust Ellis. He snoops too much! And Julia agrees!
-Coty admits out loud that he watches White House Conferences for fun
-Coty brings up the difference between stage and screen acting
-Why was there such a reversal in who cares more about the adoption?
-We loved the slow version of “Let Me Be Your Star”-but why isn’t this version on iTunes?
-Jessica questions whether we were meant to think that Julia’s son, Leo, had a developmental disability
-Coty makes another wonderful “Will and Grace” reference
-Jessica give Mitch a lesson on what a workshop, in Broadway terms, is
-Coty is none too impressed with Karen’s acting scene with Derek
-We’re relieved that Marilyn is already casted, but where is the rest of the season going to go?!
-We end the show with a new type of news segment, and DISNEY TRIVIA!

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