Posted on 7:04 pm,
February 19, 2012

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Finally, Glee Chat episode 21 is available! Join John, Roxanne, Jess and special guest co-host MuggleCast’s very own Andrew Sims as they rehash episode 3×13 “Heart.”

Though this episode is a little later than usual due to having to change our recording time so everyone could see this week’s episode, it’s still full of amazingly fun stuff!

On this week’s episode, John, Roxanne, Jessica and Andrew talk about:

  • John introduces special guest host Andrew Sims from MuggleCast and HYPE Podcasts.
  • Andrew explains his turn from anti-Glee to Gleek.
  • We rehash episode 3×13 at length.
  • We talk about the introduction of Joe Heart/Sam Larsen and how he surprised some of us.
  • We debate whether Artie is in Sugar’s league.
  • We discuss the hypocrisy of Kurt’s opinion of Rachel and Finn compared to his treatment of Blaine.
  • Most of us think Rory is a liar, liar pants on fire.
  • We briefly discuss the preview for episode 3×14
  • We announce a fun project that you’ll be seeing very shortly after this episode is released.
  • John officially announces the winner of the Darren Criss Playbill giveaway.
  • Roxanne updates us on the donations for her show choir including who is in the lead to be a guest co-host on Glee Chat.
  • Andrew answers some listener questions about Glee and updates fans on when to expect HYPE podcast back.
  • Glee Chat Fan of the Week
  • Jessica reads a really sweet listener e-mail that made us smile.

Questions or comments about Glee or Glee Chat? Leave them as a comment below this post and we may answer/read them on our next episode!

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Check out the video John made when he pulled the Darren Criss Playbill winner out of the bag!


Darren Criss Playbill – And the winner is… from John Thrasher on Vimeo.

This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Roxanne Clark, Jessica O'Neal and Andrew Sims

  • Marjack El

    Yes!! Been waiting for this, thanks so much :)

  • jozefd14

    Finally!!! After all the Glee news and speculation for the Winter Finale, there’s something that is worth listening to and it your guys thoughts about the Valentine’s day episode.. if Karofsky dies idk what I’ll do… last episode was his cutest ever. lol

  • B Anderson

    I’ve been dying for this episode- Thank you SO much :) Once again, Glee Chat has made my day complete. <3 Starting it now :)

  • gleeky-potterhead

    Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!
    I’ve been waiting all week for this!
    Actually, I didn’t have anything else to listen to (besides the new smash chat!) so I listened to all the glee chat episodes and even told my friend to listen to you guys AND NOW SHE’S A NEW FAN! YAY!

    • John Thrasher

      Yay thanks so much to you and your frienddd!!!

      • gleeky-potterhead

        No problemmmm!!!

  • Guest

    Yay this is great! And I’m loving Andrew as a gleek! Haha he needs to be on more episodes!

  • Alyssa

    Loved the new podcast. May I just say that I am so happy that you guys are giving Max Adler and Dave Karofsky love on the show. I am a huge fan of that character, and I don’t think he hardly ever gets the credit that he deserves. I know you guys are the Klainers, but as a kurtofsky shipper, it mad me very happy. I can’t wait to hear you guys talk about what is going to happen next week- I have a pretty good idea of what will happen. Keep it up!

    • John Thrasher

      I’m a huge Max Adler/Karofsky fan, and am glad I got to talk about him on this episode!

  • B Anderson

    First of all, thank you guys SO much for making me the fan of the week. I cannot put into words how happy that made me. Second, yes, I am a new-ish listener. I’ve been a Hypable reader since it’s inception, but for whatever reason, I never took the time to listen to Glee Chat. I’m kicking myself for that now, I don’t know how I lived without your Awesomeness before. Also, I’m sorry about my name confusion- I’m Brittany. (Yes, I know my name sounds fake because of Brittany and Blaine, but I swear it’s not.) 

    Can I just take a second to thank you guys for the Brittana recognition? It made me unbelievably happy. Obviously I’m a huge Brittana shipper (hence the icon) and it was really awesome to hear you guys mention them. 

    I agree with all of the comments you made about Artie and Sugar. While I think Sugar is being set up to be the “new Brittany” for next season, her comic relief seems to fall flat for me. I’ve never really “gotten behind” Artie, either. Kevin is a wonderful actor, and I think he’s one of the more talented male vocalists on the show. (I’d rather hear him than Finn) However, I think the direction the writers have taken his character from the beginning doesn’t translate well on screen. I’m sure some of his lines are hilarious in the script, but on the show they make Artie look like an ass. 

    I also really appreciated the Karofsky conversation. I’m a bit nervous after the spoilers I’ve heard for next week’s episode (truthfully, I’ve been an emotional wreck) so I really enjoyed what you guys had to say about him. I completely agree with everything you guys said. 

    I’m sorry this comment has gotten so long. All in all, I thought this episode was amazing, and well worth the wait. Thank you guys so so much for another spectacular episode. 

    • Mitchel Clow

      That’s funny, I would’ve thought that you made your username “B Anderson” after Blaine! haha too funny

  • Celtise

    I haven’t listened to the entire podcast yet…so ignore me if necessary. Yay thanks for asking Andrew my question even though it wasn’t glee related. (Celt-ish-ah, it’s Irish)

    Did you guys release who the 20something finalists were for the playbill giveaway or give the answers?

    Can’t wait to listen to the entire episode!

    • John Thrasher

      We won’t be listing the people who qualified, though I can tell you I remember your Twitter name, and you did qualify. Natalie will talk about the answers on an upcoming episode.

  • Anya

    In response to the Karofsky discussion. First off, I love love that Karofsky is being portrayed as a real person instead of just a one-dimensional villain.  But I thought the whole secret admirer thing was actually really really creepy given Kurt and Dave’s past, why couldn’t Dave just talk to Kurt in person right away?  The notes and hiding in the costume wasn’t necessary and made Dave’s feelings so much less legitimate because he wasn’t up front about it until later.  The way Kurt handled the revelation so well was a major credit to Kurt, even after their conversation at Scandals it still would have been a major shock to find out that someone he thought was gonna be Blaine turned out to be his former tormentor.  Just because Dave is repentant now and was (and still is) struggling with stuff during season two shouldn’t excuse at all the terrible things he’s done in the past or keep his current actions from being understood in the context of his character as a whole.  Just being somewhat particular l suppose.
     Love the podcast! Great episode guys.

  • Jen Weiler

    Just found out about glee chat this week. The podcast is amazing and it keeps me entertained while I attempt to do homework. Thanks.

    • John Thrasher

      Welcome to the Glee Chat family, Jen! 

  • Luca

    Regarding the Kurt/Finn scene in 3×12 that Roxanne brought up:

    I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think that Kurt is necessarily being a hypocrite. Asking someone to transfer schools for you (which if we’re honest was more a plot device than anything) is a far cry from proposing to someone out of desperation. It’s not even close to the same thing. Not to mention the motivations are completely different. Kurt asked Blaine to transfer, because he loves him and wants to spend more time with him. Finn asked Rachel to marry him because he thought he had nothing else going for him. Kurt sees that and THAT’S why he’s so against it.

    As for Kurt not being all giddy with love. Well, one, not everyone is. Doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t genuine. Two, what do you call what he was doing in this episode? Also, have you SEEN some of the looks he and Blaine share in the choir room?

    • Anna Di

      I’m just going to add to the discussion, because the whole “Kurt is a bad boyfriend”-  thing is starting to upset me a bit:
      First of all, to the argument that Kurt is not all giddy and happy in love on the show:

      1. Kurt and Blaine have been in a relationship for nearly a year now. I think it’s fair to say that the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship is over now. I don’t mean to say that they aren’t in love anymore, because they obviously are, I just think that they are in a phase in their relationship in which they aren’t overwhelmed with the new-ness (is that a word?)  and excitement anymore. That isn’t a bad thing, it just happens.
      2. Blaine and Kurt are indeed not very much into PDA. This is partly due to the fact that they are two gay kids in Ohio. Remember the awkward moment on the staircase in 3×03/3×04 (can’t remember which one, sorry), where Blaine wanted to thank Kurt for the flowers? He noticed the other people walking by which made him setttle on a shoulder pat as a thank you, while it was clear that Blaine would have hugged or kissed Kurt if they had been in private.
      Then, there is also the common theory that the show only allows the gay couples to kiss on “Very special gay episodes” (Original Song, The First Time, Heart), whereas Finchel gets to make out every week.
      Then, it may also just lie in their personalities that they prefer to keep the more affectionate gestures in private, which we sadly don’t get to see that often.
      3. Even though they aren’t into PDA, you can still see that Kurt loves Blaine a lot in his actions and facial expressions. I’m noly going to refer to the last couple of episodes now, but there is obviously more proof there. In Yes/No, Klaine sadly doesn’t get to interact, but they share a very meaningful look of love and mutual understanding during “Without you”. In Michael after Blaine’s injury, looking at Kurt even hurts because he is so worried about Blaine. The desparation in his face easily compares to Grilled Cheesus, when Kurt had to worry about his Dad. Even Kurt’s clothes are more subdued. I’m not sure you can look at Kurt in that scene and not see how deeply he cares for Blaine.
      Then, at the beginning of Heart, Kurt is shown moping around the choir room, while everyone else is “giddy in love”. Kurt obviously isn’t, because Blaine isn’t there with him him to celebrate these special, pink-coloured days, but if he were, I’m sure Klaine would be in on the adorableness that everone else is showing.
      Only when he gets the valentine cards, which he thinks come from Blaine, Kurt gets his spirits back. During the end of Rory’s song “Home”, Kurt is shown with tears in his eyes and clutching his valentine card. To my eyes, it is clear that he thinks of Blaine as his loved one, the one person he feels at home with.
      Even later, when Kurt arrives early at Breadstix, he is back to his excited, giddy self, because he can’t wait to see Blaine. The shock on his face when he sees that the secret admirer is in fact Karofsky is very clear. Finally, at Sugar’s party, Kurt is back to sitting on his own and missing Blaine. When the latter one is announced as the special guest, you see a shot of Kurt clearly excited, relived and just plain out happy that he can spend the rest of the night with Blaine. During Love Shack, you can see them all touchy-feely and very much in love with each other – that tie-pulling actually borders on foreplay ;)

      So, long story short, I really don’t think that Kurt isn’t in love with Blaine, it’s just shown a bit more subtle than say, with Finchel.

      Furthermore, I wanted to quickly mention some of the “Kurt is a bad boyfriend” arguments: Both the whole Blaine, the junior, transferred to McKinley and the Kurt didn’t give the evidence, that Sebastian put something in the slushy to the police thing, are in my opinion more plot-device than anything.
      The producers want to keep Darren on the show as long as possible, which made them transfer him and make him a junior. Having Kurt be the reason was one of the easiest and most plausible wys to do so, so I don’t think one should read to much into that.
      Same with the Sebastian-debacle: they could hardly arrest him if they want to keep Sebastian around, espcially this short before Regionals. Also, I like to think that Kurt talked to Blaine about that whole situation off-screen, but even if they wanted to fit that conversation into the already cramped episode, Darren was already off to Broadway when they filmed B&W, so they could have hardly done that.

      Again, I really don’t se any proof that Kurt is a bad boyfiend, and I think Kurt knows that he and Blaine have (at least at that point) a more  stable relationship than Finn and Rachel, which, in my eyes, doesn’a hypocrite when he is against their marriage.

      Wow, this turned out longer than I wanted it to.  Feel free to discuss my opinion and correct me where I’m wrong.
      Love the show!

      • Luca

        Thank you. I think you said just about everything I would have said on the subject if I could be bothered to type it up. 

        • Anna Di

          Haha, no problem, glad I’m not the only one;)

      • Emiliz

        Great analysis. Thanks for writing it out. :)

      • Sherryn Elizabeth

        Completely agree with the Kurt-Blaine thing. It is becoming so obvious the Ryan Myrphy and the writers are in love with Darren Criss and will do anything to give him more screen time. Not that I don’t love Darren, but I feel this is kind of annoying and is unbalances the show and makes it all about Finchel and Klaine. Some of the best Glee humour and moments is created by the minor characters, and I wish they would realise that if they give the other characters good story lines the fans will still be loyal.

  • Venka Le Fay

    Hi, love the show. Looking back the discussion about the “Michael” episode, I have some theories of about the actions of the Warblers. I have only been listening to the back episodes, so far so please forgive me if anyone has mentioned these.

    First off with the slushy thing: We all know that Dalton itself has a “Zero Tolerance” Policy about bullying. But the whole incident during the Jackson-off of “Bad” was off school grounds, so I’m not entirely sure Dalton’s policies would apply. 

    Still I agree that attacking and injuring a member of a rival singing group would be grounds for the Warblers group to have been disqualified from regionals. Though even with the cassette tape with  Sebastian’s confession, I doubt that would have done much. Sebastian is to say “slimy” enough to claim that the New Directions had edited the tape to make it sound like he was confessing so that his team would be disqualified. 

    As for the warblers themselves. The way the warblers were looking at Sebastian after the “Black or White” number it was rather clear they weren’t impressed with   Sebastian’s actions. So it’s possible the show is setting things up so that the other warblers would turn against him and withdraw from the regionals competition. Another possibility is Blane and/or Kurt could implore them to at least do what is right and see that Sabastion is leading them away from all that the Warblers stood for.

  • Megan Stoll

    Haha thanks for the shout-out, Roxanne. :D Yes, I have been known to stalk. Sorry… I can’t help it. 

  • Rosie

    This was a great show, as always! Andrew sounded great with the rest of you guys, and I hope he gets round to S1 and 2 at some point!

    I know that a lot of comments below are concerning Dave’s storyline, but I wanted to add my view in as well. I also happen to be a huge Max/Karofsky fan, but I think Anya raises some good points too – the person he is now, while the transformation he’s been through is amazing, doesn’t excuse his former actions. While we, as an audience, understand where they come from – some of us have even experienced the fear that comes with that kind of self-discovery in our own lives – the amount of hurt he’s caused for not only Kurt, but other members of ND can’t be forgotten. Forgiven, yes, but not forgotten. I understand that we’ve seen an awful lot of bullying on the show from Santana, Puck, even right back down to Quinn in the first episode, and a lot of people do seem to have forgotten that because they’re the protagonists of the show. I do think the issue is something to be addressed for all characters, and very few are blame-free. 

    One of the things I love about Glee is that the character are just like us. Somewhere out there, there is a person who knows just what it’s like to be Quinn Fabray, or Blaine Anderson, or Mike Chang. They might have dealt with problems like Emma, gone through what Santana has gone through, or dream as big as Rachel. We see ourselves in what we watch there. 

    In this case, there was a line I read in a fic once which said “you’re meant to go to college, meet a pretty girl, have one point eight kids and a dog and whatever else it is that you do. Not this.” And I felt that this perfectly summed up Karofsky’s character. The fear, the feeling that this isn’t who you’re meant to be but who else are you?, that you’re bashing on the walls of this prison inside you, desperate for a way out of your own mind, that you have no other way to let out the monster screaming inside you…
    But where I take issue on this point about the portrayal of real life circumstances is the idea of a relationship with Kurt.

    For me, Kurt in a relationship with Dave would feel the same as me dating the girl who told me that I deserve to get shot and go to Hell. It wouldn’t sit right with me at all. I think that what we need to see is Dave come out, of his own accord, and find a relationship with someone completely different. Maybe someone like a slightly-softer Sebastian, or a new character altogether. The message of redemption, of slowly learning to be yourself and be proud of who you are would still be there, and he’d have the happiness that he deserves, but not in a way that would feel triggering to some people.

    But the spoilers currently circulating on tumblr could suggest they’re taking this in a very different direction. One that might have some interesting feedback…

    I look forward to the next episode!

    (Also, another strange fact – Glee now has three characters with the name David?
    Dave Karofksy, Warbler David and David Martinez!)

  • Laurajamieson_

    I became a gleek only recently (15 January) and have been wanting to listen to glee chat since, but have never had the time to download it onto my ipod. Now Andrew has made his appearance, i can’t put it off any longer :)  You have a new listener :D

    p.s Any chance of Andrew becoming a pernament host? Im a fangirl XD

  • Bridget

    great episode guys! as always

    can i just ask one thing, what the heck are they doing with Puck? Isn’t he supposed to be a senior? And for that matter, where is Lauren? I miss her

    • Mitchel Clow

      I desperately miss Lauren too.. but in the beginning of season 3, she just said “I quit the glee club” =[

  • Helen

    grate job guys!!i really enjoyed this episode.

    this episode of glee was one of the best and one of my favourite of this season and ever actually.

    the Sam an Mercedes storyline, it felt like they punched me in the heart. i totally felt for them. however, as much as i want to see them together, i thought it was the right thing to do and i think the writers handled it very well. Chord and Amber did not have a lot of chemistry but Chord was flawless in acting and i was convinced Sam was in love with Mercedes. Amber/Mercedes, not so much but her performance still brought me to tears.

    i loved the Artie/Rory/Sugar triangle. honestly i thought it was so funny! i love ghetto Artie ‘ holl’up i’m all over that’ lo!!
    Sugar is growing on me. i can only take a pinch of her though.
    Rory m’dear lad! is the worst liar ever!!! why would you tell a lie you know you are guaranteed to be found out? *sigh…. i would have found the lie adorable if he wasn’t so sincere in his speech. it kind of worries me a bit actually because he told similar fibs in the past too in Pot ‘o Gold hmmm…

    Mr and Mr Berry or Mr Berries… gimmy more, gimmy more!!. i love them. that is all.

    Kurt, why can’t you ever convince me of your love for Blaine?? i REALLY want to believe it. i want to see it so bad!!!.  it may not be your fault but. still.
    here’s the thing that bugged me this episode: how could you think the gifts was from Blaine?? 

    1) do you not go see Blaine when he is in hospital… THE WHOLE WEEK? valentines week?
    2) ok so Blaine is sending you all these romantic gifts from his sickbed, do you not even call to say ‘hey boo, thanks for the gifts’. even if you have nothing else to offer him? surely he would have set you straight about the gifts.
    are we suppose to believe that this is a normal loving relationship? the sad thing is, i think we are. its the writers fault they probably overlooked that, i favour of stearing the Karofsky plot line. i hope. 

    ‘Teen lesbians': Santana you are amazing!! nuff respect.
    the only thing i can say is that Santana is doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship. whats up with Brittney? what is her opinion in all this? she is so passive…. give Britney some lines damn it! (i won’t draw parallels between the two gay couples in the show but. it seems like a theme here…).

    Mike and Tina you are a completely normal, stable loving couple! and thats the price you pay on glee. no drama means people forget you. but i don’t. i see you. i’m all for real love.


    • Mitchel Clow

      I’ll never forget about Tina :/ I love her voice!

  • Trisaratop34

    Dear Mr. Awesome,

    (Now this could be anyone, your all awesome, but in this case it’s Andrew Sims)

    You haven’y seen the first two seasons? If you need to borrow mine, I would happily lend them to you in exchange for an autograph? Huh, huh?

    You can think about it:)

  • Rachel Gay

    i myself was anti-gleek turned gleek i understand

  • Sherryn Elizabeth

    I love that Darren is absent from 1.5 episodes and they have to have Kurt mention every 2 seconds, “Oh Blaine is recovering from eye surgery…” and yet Zizes dissapears with out a trace, and Tina, Mike, Sugar & Rory hover around as space fillers and there is no explaination why we never see them. 

    They probably could have got away with Darren’s absence easily if they just focussed on some other characters for a change and god-forbid made some legitimate character development. So far the only thing Rory has done is pretend to be a Leprechaun to trick Brittany into sleeping with him, and lie to Sugar about being deported to get a Valentine’s date. Good to see another wholesome and honourable character is alive and well in the world of Glee!!

  • Jannie

    Thanks Andrew for addressing the HYPE! issue! 
     I’d also like to share how love for Max’s character. I think he is one of the best things to happen to Glee. He’s just great, but I wish he would stop storming off. He needs to chill. 
     I totally agree with John and Roxanne. Plot twists are soo awesome. I practically screamed when Karofsky kissed Kurt. 
       Another great episode guys, keep up the good work :)

    • Jannie

      whoops *share my love

  • Nienke de Ruiter

    I agree with you that the valentines episode of Gee  was way better then the one about the spanish teacher. The contrast is huge really! I thought episode 12 was the worst episode of the season up to today, and episode 13 is my favorite of the season so far. Although the episodes surrounding Santana coming out were pretty nice too.. I love how in Glee some episodes are intense and some are lovey dovey and happy go lucky. :) 

    I love you guys, please continue to do gleechat during the Glee break! :) I really look forward to every episode.

    And Andrew, I’m also looking forward to the new episodes of HYPE podcast in April! I missed them.

  • Peggy Ruiz

    Great show ya’ll. What’s your tumblr site, again?

  • Karen Rought

    John – thank you for being one of only a handful of people who pronounced my last name right without any help. YOU ARE AWESOME. :)

  • Carol

    I’ve listened to your podcasts for a while now, it’s like having a friend over.  I did want to comment on the issue of Klaine being a more angst filled relationship than the other love affairs (Tina and Mike, Brittanna, Finchel, Wemma) and the question as to whether Kurt loves Blaine.   What I think is that you’re not seeing the writers in action, rather, you’re seeing why Chris Colfer is the only emmy nominee in the bunch.   Screenplays are about the words.  Acting is about subtext.   For whatever reason, there’s no subtext in the other relationships.  What you see is what you get.   But Chris always adds subtext to his portrayal of Kurt.   There is always something going on underneath.  Often times writers pick up on it, which is why so many of the best stories revolve around Kurt.   I don’t blame the writers.  Why write for a character if the actor can’t milk the words for every nuance, every emotion?   

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