Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #21 – Gorillas & Hearts

Hosted by John Thrasher, Roxanne Clark, Jessica O'Neal and Andrew Sims

February 19, 2012

Finally, Glee Chat episode 21 is available! Join John, Roxanne, Jess and special guest co-host MuggleCast’s very own Andrew Sims as they rehash episode 3×13 “Heart.”

Though this episode is a little later than usual due to having to change our recording time so everyone could see this week’s episode, it’s still full of amazingly fun stuff!

On this week’s episode, John, Roxanne, Jessica and Andrew talk about:

  • John introduces special guest host Andrew Sims from MuggleCast and HYPE Podcasts.
  • Andrew explains his turn from anti-Glee to Gleek.
  • We rehash episode 3×13 at length.
  • We talk about the introduction of Joe Heart/Sam Larsen and how he surprised some of us.
  • We debate whether Artie is in Sugar’s league.
  • We discuss the hypocrisy of Kurt’s opinion of Rachel and Finn compared to his treatment of Blaine.
  • Most of us think Rory is a liar, liar pants on fire.
  • We briefly discuss the preview for episode 3×14
  • We announce a fun project that you’ll be seeing very shortly after this episode is released.
  • John officially announces the winner of the Darren Criss Playbill giveaway.
  • Roxanne updates us on the donations for her show choir including who is in the lead to be a guest co-host on Glee Chat.
  • Andrew answers some listener questions about Glee and updates fans on when to expect HYPE podcast back.
  • Glee Chat Fan of the Week
  • Jessica reads a really sweet listener e-mail that made us smile.

Questions or comments about Glee or Glee Chat? Leave them as a comment below this post and we may answer/read them on our next episode!

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Check out the video John made when he pulled the Darren Criss Playbill winner out of the bag!


Darren Criss Playbill – And the winner is… from John Thrasher on Vimeo.