Posted on 10:29 am,
October 23, 2012

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Natalie and Karen discuss episodes 1×01 and 1×02 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers.

Recap of the pilot episode, “Wolf Moon.”
-Favorite lines
-Original thoughts on this episode as a pilot
-Does the group have other friends?
-Music is used to strengthen the scenes
-Does Scott act like a stalker?
-Does Jackson overreact when Scott starts to do well on the lacrosse field?
-Has our view of Derek changed in this episode now that we know the type of person he is?

Recap of 1×02, “Second Chance at First Line.”
-Favorite lines
-Where does Derek go? (And why does he continue to live in a half burnt down house while driving such a nice car?)
-There are different kinds of werewolves
-Is Stiles under-appreciated?
-Does Allison’s father suspect Scott of being a werewolf?
-Did we dress like Allison and Lydia when we were in high school? (Spoiler alert: No.)

-First page of the 3×01 script revealed
-Colton Haynes has left Teen Wolf
-Season 3 spoilers out of NYCC

Listener Feedback

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This episode's hosts: Natalie and Karen

  • Hugo

    Great second episode! :D

    The actual summary of the entire episodes was a bit fast, but because it was two episode in one, It’s totally understandable. I just hope for season 3 you guys go a little more scene by scene type of thing.

    About the Teen Wolf novel. I actually bought it, but I haven’t read it yet (even though it’s only 245 pages), because I read/saw (…or was it on twitter? I don’t remember :P), an interview where someone asks Jeff Davis about the novel and he says he wasn’t involved with it. Now, is it canon? I have no idea.

    Keep up the good work :D

    Btw I entered the contest via twitter:

    • Karen Rought

      The summaries for the episodes from the first two seasons are going to be a bit fast because we need to get through two of them each time. Also, by now we figure that everyone is pretty familiar with the storyline, so there’s no need to beat it to death. With that being said, the rehashing of season 3 episodes will be loads more in depth, so no worries there!

      • Hugo


        btw thanks for reading my tweet :)

  • caroline.taylor078

    Great second episode and it was nice to hear you answer my question about the novel (RachelsHeadband on Twitter) The novel goes into a lot of Dereks back storyline involving how he met Kate Argent so its interesting but I wonder if Jeff will do a flashback to early Derek and then it could be completely different, I would say its worth a read if you enjoy novels based on your fave TV shows anyway, I remember the cast promoting it with pics of them posing with it on twitter.
    As for the Colton stuff part of me feels so let down by him, I can’t help it, it also seems so out of character for him, I mean hes really close to the cast, hes tweeted fans and been really good with them and I genuinely thought he loved being part of the Teen Wolf world, thats why I struggled to believe the news at first, I kept waiting for him to deny it on Twitter, I am really going to miss Jackson! :( I also feel really sad for Jeff who has to rewrite and figure out how to solve this in a believable way, I know he had the whole storyline planned of why Jacksons eyes were blue.
    I have entered the contest on Twitter.

    • Adderall Addict

      The novel was interesting only where it had the younger Scott and younger Stiles scenes written in (like two pages worth) and in a few ways where it picks up some ideas that also are suggested in some fan fic. Otherwise, it’s mostly a boring burglary plot with some ideas about Jackson, the Hales and other major canon points that are wrong even before the first season wrapped and definitely by season two. It’s not canon in so many obvious ways.

  • carmina

    Hi, I just entered the contest through my Tumblr message (I’m otg2012). Like I told you, I truly enjoyed your podcasts.. you both made an awesome job and they are as addictive as the show.

    About Colton, having in mind that Jackson is my favorite character, I’m very disappointed that we won’t get to see him more developed next season and I really hope that Colton will say something about his reasons behind his decision. Of course I respect that he wanted to leave but I also think he’d have handled it in a very different way. But anyway, I’m also totally convinced that he’ll be back, if not for the second half of S3, then for S4, so it’s not like we won’t find out the answers we wanted about him.. I think we will but are gonna have to wait longer than we wanted. And regarding Lydia, I also want her to be a good friend for Stiles and I don’t want them romantically involved.. so I hope that Jackson leaving won’t lead to that.

  • Leah

    Hi guys! Just entered your contest via my twitter (@leahrau, link to the tweet here: I’m loving the podcast so far, and I can’t wait to listen to the next episode! :)

  • Ev42

    Ooh, giveaway! I just entered via Tumblr, I’m mycornerofexistence.

    I just finished watching the entire series over just a few days so I’m still kind of processing, but I love that this podcast is a thing!! The show kind of blew my mind so I’m definitely excited to go through it again & pick up on stuff I missed the first time & pick the characters’ fictional brains!

  • Kaitlyn Gore

    I entered the contest via twitter:

    As far as Derek not protesting his arrest, I think Derek sees this entire chain of events as his fault (the fire, Laura becoming alpha and having to go back to Beacon Hills, then getting killed), so he feels like he deserves to be punished.

    I’m very disappointed that Colton’s exit has quashed the possibility for us to find out more about Jackson. He’s such an interesting character and I will miss him very much. It’s such a shame that they didn’t know he was leaving so they could just air the version of the finale where he died instead of having to somehow write him out.

  • Saskia17

    Since I’m notorious for leaving things till the last minute, I just entered via twitter (Saskia17).
    Can’t wait to listen to the next episode, and now that I’ve finally finished uni I’ll be able to find some time to catch up on rewatching the first few eps of Teen Wolf again!

  • Adderall Addict

    Maybe I’ve been very spoiled by other podcasts plus I appreciate this was only the second episode, but I really hope for stronger opinions and more diverging opinions in future recaps/analysis (plus more theorizing, like with the ‘news/spoilers’). When the hosts give opinions, they tended to: “oh yeah” “I can see that” – “I can agree”
    with that. Hopefully, when I get to later episodes and their are some guest hosts or some fan hosts, this will be lessened.

    As far as specific points, I wished they had picked up on some of the major goofs (when Scott wakes up and rolls over on the leaves he has on blue gym shorts, and then ends up in grey when he is running from the cave through the woods; the gymnastic flip off Scott’s second floor is obviously a beefier, more muscular guy, etc.). One thing the hosts discuss was the red eyes viewing Allison with her jacket and they even mentioned that it could have been the Alpha but then discounted it rightaway. They also discussed the blue eyes in the first episode so the hosts MUST understand that the eye color for wolves is part of the TW mythology and red eyes means an Alpha (thus most likely Uncle Peter’s vantage point).

    In reply to some of the opinions that were expressed, Derek’s part was likely initially underwritten for plotting purposes. Derek can’t be the only warewolf on the planet and later on, the boys do discover Laura in wolf form and then human form, so they should (and the host certainly do know) that being a warewolf can be a genetic thing. So Scott’s assumption that Derek’s the person that bit him is just his own stupidity, and it leads to one of the first instances where Scott finger’s Derek for jail — and Scott himself, even though he KNOWS better, is stupidly responsible for accusing Derek after NIGHT SCHOOL.

    So the hosts’ opinion that Derek caused problems for Scott can just as easily be put on Scott.

    Why didn’t Derek say to Scott, “I’m not the one that bit you” or explain at first about Laura – all of that can just as easily be chalked up that it would have made plotting future episodes more of a problem (and why not have Derek warn Stiles about the possible danger Scott would put others in, as Stiles himself learns when Scott DOES come after him?) Maybe Derek thought that the safety of others (and, definitely keeping his own secret) was more important that being wrongfully accused of TWO things he didn’t do (the other being turning Scott). Peter’s Alpha reveal comes almost the end of the season.

    These issues can just as easily be put on the writers and the scripts. Is it a sign of Derek being confused: I don’t think so. It was viewed by the writers as necessary to keep some mystery and suspense for the plot. If it’s a problem, the blame belongs on the scripts, plotting, etc.

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