Natalie and Karen discuss episodes 1×01 and 1×02 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers.

Recap of the pilot episode, “Wolf Moon.”
-Favorite lines
-Original thoughts on this episode as a pilot
-Does the group have other friends?
-Music is used to strengthen the scenes
-Does Scott act like a stalker?
-Does Jackson overreact when Scott starts to do well on the lacrosse field?
-Has our view of Derek changed in this episode now that we know the type of person he is?

Recap of 1×02, “Second Chance at First Line.”
-Favorite lines
-Where does Derek go? (And why does he continue to live in a half burnt down house while driving such a nice car?)
-There are different kinds of werewolves
-Is Stiles under-appreciated?
-Does Allison’s father suspect Scott of being a werewolf?
-Did we dress like Allison and Lydia when we were in high school? (Spoiler alert: No.)

-First page of the 3×01 script revealed
-Colton Haynes has left Teen Wolf
-Season 3 spoilers out of NYCC

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