Posted on 12:11 am,
February 1, 2013

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The Talks of Camelot crew is back this week, continuing their Merlin Rewatch series with a rehash of 01×02: Valiant!

show notes:
– Merlin news round up this week is pretty much the Colin Morgan Show but no one’s complaining!
– The hosts react to Colin’s well deserved win at this year’s NTA’s
– MORE movie rumor news? The hosts are not amused.
– Jess leads us through our rehash of 01×02: Valiant
– Valiant is discussed in length as a villain and as a character
– What is his true motive in the episode? Why was his character not fleshed out? We try and fill in all the blanks we weren’t given.
– Arthur’s still very much a prat but his heart of gold is shining through!
– All the relationship dynamics are discussed in retrospective:
– is Uther too hard on Arthur?
– How has the Gaius and Merlin dynamic changed through the duration of the series?
– Merlin/Gwen and Arthur/Morgana…how do we feel about these implied pairings?
– Pam leads us through a short discussion comparing BBC’s Valiant to the Valiant of Arthurian Legend
– Patricia highlights some of our favorite quotes and moments from 01×02, including one VERY iconic piece of dialogue!

Be sure to send in your feedback on this week’s episode whether it be a response to something we said or a theory you might have about Merlin– we LOVE getting listener feedback and include a lot of YOUR thoughts, theories, and questions on our show!

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This episode's hosts: Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence

  • Selina

    This was a really good episode, mainly for the Arthur developments. I actually agree with you guys that a lot of little things happened that were important, but overall the storyline just wasn’t that impactful. I think that’s really true for a lot of these early episodes though, because it’s PRE-legend, so they can’t really do anything huge – they can only have these little small standalone problems the characters must solve, and that way they can set up the dynamics and relationships.

    Morgana/Arthur is the most awkward thing in the world. Patricia makes a good point that they’re already acting like brother and sister, which just makes it WORSE. It makes me cringe! But it’s also funny. And I am totally enamored with Merlin/Gwen, I think it’s adorable. :) You guys, season 1 is just so precious.

  • Nikita

    I really enjoyed this episode. There were quite a few good moments – I loved watching Merlin on his first day as Arthur’s servant because it’s the beginning of an era! I agree with all of you: I like how the episode fleshed out Arthur’s character more. Valiant is admittedly a forgettable villain, but I think at this point, he served his purpose in creating tension between Arthur and Merlin and Arthur and Uther.

    I was also really surprised at how quickly Arthur believes Merlin when he tells him about Valiant’s shield – he’s only known Merlin for about a day, and he still believes him! Even as early as episode 2, we see Arthur’s ease in trusting people, which does come back to haunt him in later seasons.

    Agree with all of you – Morgana/Arthur is so weird. It’s really strange watching them flirt in these early episodes! I do have to say that I love Merlin and Gwen.

    I really like the Arthurian legend segment! Speaking as someone who hasn’t read that much on the legends, it’s very interesting!

  • sasspants

    This is great – re-living the old episodes now we (sob) no longer have any new to look forward to.

    Specially loved the 1×01 watch along commentary – I was sitting in my room alone with the dvd going and your commentary going shouting ‘I Knoooowwww!! Right!!’ This needs to happen again! I saw so much stuff that I would normally miss

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