Episode #19 – 1×02 Rewatch: Super Sleuth Merlin

Hosted by Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence

February 1, 2013

The Talks of Camelot crew is back this week, continuing their Merlin Rewatch series with a rehash of 01×02: Valiant!

show notes:
– Merlin news round up this week is pretty much the Colin Morgan Show but no one’s complaining!
– The hosts react to Colin’s well deserved win at this year’s NTA’s
– MORE movie rumor news? The hosts are not amused.
– Jess leads us through our rehash of 01×02: Valiant
– Valiant is discussed in length as a villain and as a character
– What is his true motive in the episode? Why was his character not fleshed out? We try and fill in all the blanks we weren’t given.
– Arthur’s still very much a prat but his heart of gold is shining through!
– All the relationship dynamics are discussed in retrospective:
– is Uther too hard on Arthur?
– How has the Gaius and Merlin dynamic changed through the duration of the series?
– Merlin/Gwen and Arthur/Morgana…how do we feel about these implied pairings?
– Pam leads us through a short discussion comparing BBC’s Valiant to the Valiant of Arthurian Legend
– Patricia highlights some of our favorite quotes and moments from 01×02, including one VERY iconic piece of dialogue!

Be sure to send in your feedback on this week’s episode whether it be a response to something we said or a theory you might have about Merlin– we LOVE getting listener feedback and include a lot of YOUR thoughts, theories, and questions on our show!

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