Posted on 10:49 am,
November 18, 2012

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Vampire Hype is back with another The Vampire Diaries episode, this one about the season 4 episode “Amends.” No, we mean “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes.” Or do we?

The Vampire Diaries has a lot in common with Buffy, but this episode takes the cake, and so both Tariq and Kristen indulged Selina and watched the episode “Amends” ahead of this recording, so that we could spend a bit of time comparing the two! But don’t worry, there’s plenty of pure Vampire Diaries discussion, too.


– BattleShip update: Delena wins this round!
– Does Elena really believe that she deserves to die?
– Poor Bonnie (no, really)
– Was fake-Katherine telling the truth?
– Poor Chris!
– Was Caroline acting out of character?
– Overlooking the fact that Klaus is a creep who has slaves, he’s a total sweetheart… wait, what?
Klaus & Caroline’s World Tour of Art and Music: now there’s a spin-off show we’d watch
– The story of the witch Ketzya and her immortal love Silas: foreshadowing season 4’s big bad?
– Could this storyline be related to the Kitsune twins from the books?
– Maybe Silas is the First Evil (this is Selina’s theory, go figure)
– Jeremy is a Potential. Slayer. Come on, you know it’s true
– What would happen if a Hunter was turned into a vampire?
– How is this episode of The Vampire Slayer like the Buffy episode “Amends,” you ask? Let’s discuss!
– Would Elena actually be able to protect Jeremy better as a ghost?
– That annoying high road indeed, Damon!
–  Now that Elena knows about the cure, will she lighten up?
– We react to Stelena-gate
– Why are Elena’s feelings for Damon magnified, but her feelings for Stefan aren’t?
– Forget Chris and Bonnie – poor Elena! That girl goes through some crap
– But now, Elena is finally free! Delena time?! Surely she’s due for some hot vampire sex soon
– Listener feedback: K points out a revealing season 2 scene with Damon, Shaft talks about Stefan’s changing feelings for Elena, and Joan voices a complaint about Stefan’s stubbornness
– Don’t forget to stay for the bloopers!

Sadly this marks the beginning of a two-week hiatus before The Vampire Diaries returns with “My Brother’s Keeper.” Next week, Vampire Hype will do a Breaking Dawn, Part 2 review show, so tell your friends!

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This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Tariq Herzallah, Kristen Kranz

  • Merina

    Got a question for next episode’s Breaking Dawn review: Why didn’t Alice’s vision show her just sacrificing herself for her family?

    I felt that this plot-point didn’t do justice to her character. Wouldn’t she have seen that Jasper would have died, along with so many others? Wouldn’t she have just given herself up in exchange for her family’s safety?

    Much as I enjoyed the battle, I felt it almost played out a bit like a really fun fan fiction. In the book, the last thing Aro wants is a fight – he’s not stupid, he knows it’s a death wish. Also, Carlisle is all about pacifism, so I doubt he’d attack first. But my biggest gripe is with Alice. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie – but this bugged me, for some reason!

    • Sarah

      Sacrificing herself how? Just turning herself in? I don’t think Aro would have gone for that. He was going to take Alice either way. She didn’t really get a choice in that. However, he also really wanted the Cullen family dead (for whatever reason I either don’t remember from when I read the books or wasn’t discussed at all). Aro did want a fight. He just didn’t think he’d be the one getting in the middle of it. I think he just expected the twins to incapacitate everyone and then his people would have an easy go at their opponents. He didn’t count on Bella’s power.

      • Gary65

        Aro wanted the Cullen’s dead because the were the biggest vampire coven, besides the Volturi, in existence and he saw them as a threat to the Volturi’s dominence down the road. Given Alice, Emmet, Edward and Bella’s gifts, combined with their extreme ties of loyalty to one another, their connections throughout the global vampire community and the fighting experience that Jasper had to train them, they would be an extreme military threat if they were ever motivated to mobilize.

        • Merina

          I’m going to say it one last time, in case you guys didn’t get the memo: Wow, do I feel like an idiot for not realising this till almost a week after seeing the movie and much Tumblr-ing…but, Alice can’t see the freaking werewolves.

          WHAT. HOW. WHAT.

          • Gary65

            Yes, we did get the memo when you posted it the first time. I don’t need to be told things twice. Now stop spamming me and have some patience.

    • Gary65

      A) Her sacrificing herself wouldn’t have stopped Aro from coming to Forks to deal with, what he believed to be, an immortal child.

      B) Carlisle’s intention wasn’t to attack really, it was to free his son and daughter. Plenty of pacifists would throw that crap out the window if their children were threatened.

      C) She also saw that the fight would result in the Volturi’s elimination and, once Aro realized that, he would take whatever action needed to get out of fighting. All she had to do was give him an out, which she did in finding Huilen.

      • Merina

        A) Eh…I still disagree, I’m afraid. Stephenie Meyer has stated that Aro’s intention was always acquisition, over punishment. He didn’t come to Forks with noble intentions. Once he realised what Renesmee was, he was as fascinated and delighted by her as the next talented vampire. I doubt he’d still have gone ahead with her murder. Not to mention that would have blown his white hat completely!

        B) How is Carlisle throwing himself at the Volturi going to free Jasper and Alice? He is outnumbered ten-to-one, and Caius is searching for any excuse to fight. I see that as a pretty stupid move, and Carlisle’s not stupid. He’s restrained himself from a battle this far – his family’s been threatened loads of times before, but he’s never wanted to fight. Even when Alice says the Volturi are coming, he won’t prepare for battle, just assemble ‘witnesses’.

        C) THAT is a very good point! So…she saw a vision of herself showing a vision she had previously had in a vision to Aro? Gargh, my head hurts. But hang on – if she was going to avoid a fight by that means, how come the vision of them fighting was still there? If her action was going to remedy that, then shouldn’t the future have already panned out differently? Bother, I don’t know, now…

        EDIT: Wow, do I feel like an idiot for not realising this till almost a week after seeing the movie and much Tumblr-ing…but, Alice can’t see the freaking werewolves.

        WHAT. HOW. WHAT.

        • Gary65

          A) Exactly. And to know what Renesmee was, he would have to come to Forks, thus making Alice sacrificing herself pointless.

          B) Correct me if I’m wrong but Aro did start dragging Alice away after he touched her hand. They shared the vision, Alice said nothing would change his mind and then Aro said “Take her”(or words to that effect). When it comes to your kids, rationality tends to take a back seat. Once Aro got his claws into Alice, they’d never see her again. Carlisle couldn’t allow this.

          C) Alice’s visions change based on the current-day decisions made by those the vision refers to. If the Cullens had decided to flee to Brazil, the vision of the snow fight would have changed to reflect whatever new future that would result in. The future will not be altered until Aro, as the man who decides whether there will be a fight or not, acts to change its course. Therefore, the fighting vision still stood until Aro took action to prevent it. He took such action upon seeing the vision & meeting Huilen, thus changing the course of the future.

          EDIT: Just as Bella’s powers developed when her family was threatened, I just assumed that the same thing happened for Alice. Her abilities became more powerful when her family faced immediate and severe threat. Her powers grew so that they could formulate and predict the unpredicatable nature of the werewolves, which is what shielded them from her abilities.

  • EnyaMc

    Really enjoyed the podcast! :) quick question… Although I am a total delena shipper, it crossed my mind In the breakup scene this episode that the reason why Elenas feelings for Damon magnified so much was because it was his blood that turned her? Could this be the case? I hope I’m wrong because I want this to be proper love between them :)

    • glitter

      This also crossed my mind… I hope it’s not though because its so obvious Elena has real feelings for him :(

    • Selina

      That’s a good theory!

  • Jennifer Marie

    This is the time when I wish there was at least one Stelena shipper on this podcast. :( Does anyone remember how last season, Stefan told Elena, “Whenever I say “I can’t do this anymore,” it really means “I love you.”” And that’s what he said this episode. THE FEELS.

    • Selina

      Agh you’re right! This is what we need Tariq for :P don’t blame him though, he had all the best Stelena intentions at first… and I hope you aren’t too put off by our excitement about Delena. I’ve said all along that I think Delena is the most interesting option right now, but I think most of us fully expect/anticipate that Elena will end up with Stefan.

      • Sarah

        I think Human Elena will always want Stefan, but I also think Vampire Elena will always want Damon. It’s her personality changes from human to vampire that make Damon a better option for her as a vampire. I honestly don’t think Stefan is good for Vampire Elena, because I don’t think his way of life will suit her. Damon is the one she needs at this point. However, when she turns back to a human (which, come on, we know they’re going to do eventually. Unfortunately), she will crave Stefan’s consistency and normalcy (although it’s not as if she can really be with any brother when she’s human if they are both vampires. That will never work.)

        • Tariq

          Spoiler book alert. We know from the books that Damon accidentally turns into a human so maybe if/when Elena turns human that’s who’ll she will be with.

          • Sarah

            Haven’t read the books, but I’m definitely down with that haha

    • Kristen Kranz

      I’m not a Stelena shipper, but as soon as I read your comment I “Awwwed” out loud. That was surely done on purpose by the writers and is a nice throw back. Good on you for catching it! I love it when they do things like that…

  • Sarah

    By the way, Selina, I just started listening to this podcast today, and it was only because of the titular Buffy reference. Just so you know, there is at least one listener who knows Buffy back to front and appreciates every reference you make :)

    • Selina

      Hahaha that’s so awesome! It makes me so happy that some of our listeners actually know what I’m going on about when I talk about Buffy (which I do a lot) :D

  • Nerdfighter007

    Never seen an episode of Vampire Diaries in my life, but the title of this podcast makes me want to watch this episode.

    • Tucker Conley

      Don’t just watch the episode watch this series its amazing!

    • Chelsey Saatkamp

      Yes definitely watch it! Just forgive the first 5 episodes of season 1… it really gets cooking at “Lost Girls”

  • Gary65

    Will Andrew be on next week’s ep for the BD review? Or will there be an episode of Imprint? Also, GET ELYSA!!! We haven’t heard from her in so long :(

  • Gary65

    I dunno guys. Japanese fox spirits doesn’t sound so off-course to me. This show has a very conspicuous lack of Asian people and/or witches that aren’t African-American.

  • MissShadow

    Great show guys! Thanks for using my comment about Professor Shane. Loved your theories. My only argument would be is how could Silas be possessing him if he no longer has any powers. I think he somehow got out of that grave. But again, how could he without any powers? Lol. Oh, my mind is spinning.

  • WhatTheGrace

    I always thought i was a Delena shipper, they have great chemistry and who doesn’t have a soft spot for Damon, but after Stefan and Elena broke up, i realized that i don’t want them to be apart. It really made me sad – Stefan is such a good guy and i don’t think Elena completely realizes that. I think that after the inevitable sex scene that is going to happen between Damon and Elena, some people will lose interest in them.

    Awesome show as always!
    And Selena will there be a new episode of The HG chat soon?

    • Selina

      We’re working on it! :) There definitely will be one, just a question of when.

  • Chelsey Saatkamp

    Loved the podcast! There were SO MANY Buffy references… I think the Chosen One comment was deliberate though. And I definitely think someone in the writer’s room re-watched their season 7 DVDs this summer…

    • Chelsey Saatkamp

      Also, other than Amends, I got a major Conversations With Dead People vibe in this episode

  • Merina

    Wow, do I feel like an idiot for not realising this till almost a week after seeing the movie and much Tumblr-ing…but, Alice can’t see the freaking werewolves.


    The ENTIRE thing – all the time spent in the field, with the Volturi – would have been blank and blocked, for her! The werewolves just wiped it all! Plus, Nessie would have driven her head insane, even if the werewolves hadn’t been there…this is something crucially canon in BOTH book verse and movie verse! Did they seriously just drop that plot line so they could throw in a battle?!

  • Rose

    I love listening to the Buffy references. Never realized there were so many parallels between the two shows

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