Episode #10 – TVD: We All Make Buffy References Sometimes

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Tariq Herzallah, Kristen Kranz

November 18, 2012

Vampire Hype is back with another The Vampire Diaries episode, this one about the season 4 episode “Amends.” No, we mean “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes.” Or do we?

The Vampire Diaries has a lot in common with Buffy, but this episode takes the cake, and so both Tariq and Kristen indulged Selina and watched the episode “Amends” ahead of this recording, so that we could spend a bit of time comparing the two! But don’t worry, there’s plenty of pure Vampire Diaries discussion, too.


– BattleShip update: Delena wins this round!
– Does Elena really believe that she deserves to die?
– Poor Bonnie (no, really)
– Was fake-Katherine telling the truth?
– Poor Chris!
– Was Caroline acting out of character?
– Overlooking the fact that Klaus is a creep who has slaves, he’s a total sweetheart… wait, what?
Klaus & Caroline’s World Tour of Art and Music: now there’s a spin-off show we’d watch
– The story of the witch Ketzya and her immortal love Silas: foreshadowing season 4’s big bad?
– Could this storyline be related to the Kitsune twins from the books?
– Maybe Silas is the First Evil (this is Selina’s theory, go figure)
– Jeremy is a Potential. Slayer. Come on, you know it’s true
– What would happen if a Hunter was turned into a vampire?
– How is this episode of The Vampire Slayer like the Buffy episode “Amends,” you ask? Let’s discuss!
– Would Elena actually be able to protect Jeremy better as a ghost?
– That annoying high road indeed, Damon!
–  Now that Elena knows about the cure, will she lighten up?
– We react to Stelena-gate
– Why are Elena’s feelings for Damon magnified, but her feelings for Stefan aren’t?
– Forget Chris and Bonnie – poor Elena! That girl goes through some crap
– But now, Elena is finally free! Delena time?! Surely she’s due for some hot vampire sex soon
– Listener feedback: K points out a revealing season 2 scene with Damon, Shaft talks about Stefan’s changing feelings for Elena, and Joan voices a complaint about Stefan’s stubbornness
– Don’t forget to stay for the bloopers!

Sadly this marks the beginning of a two-week hiatus before The Vampire Diaries returns with “My Brother’s Keeper.” Next week, Vampire Hype will do a Breaking Dawn, Part 2 review show, so tell your friends!

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