It was inspiring to watch Chris Pratt remain in control of his raptors in Jurassic World — but he’s not the only one who can control wild animals.

A new meme has popped up on the internet today in which farmers and/or zookeepers are doing their best raptor handling with animals that they take care of in the real world.

The original source of the meme is unclear at the moment, but three versions of the “Jurassic Zoo” meme are currently circulating around the internet. Each one is more perfect than the next.

This person is in what looks like an aquarium and is handling giant sea lions:


This woman is handling ostriches in a zoo:


This lady is taming the flamingos:


This guy is telling the giraffes to calm the hell down:


This woman is totally in control of the dolphins:

#raptorsquad #clevergirls #chrispratt #raptorshotremake

A photo posted by Susie Rodenkirchen Walker (@susiethefivetoedsloth) on

And this person is handling the most difficult creatures of all… chickens. This chicken keeper went above and beyond by also trying to look like Pratt’s character in Jurassic World:


Chris Pratt is giving us all a lesson on how to handle the animals. Let’s just hope these other creatures don’t have terrifying dinosaur alphas.

Jurassic World is the biggest film of the summer. During its opening weekend it made over $500 million worldwide (the first film to do so) and managed to beat The Avengers’ opening weekend record. Universal is expected to announce a sequel (or a cinematic universe) in the coming weeks, but until then we’ll continue to be entertained by the Jurassic Zoo meme.

The fourth installment in the Jurassic Park series is expected to top the box office once again this weekend as it goes up against Pixar’s Inside Out.

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