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Your Bucky: The most emotional Steve and Bucky moments

We're with these two 'til the end of the line.

It’s never a bad time to reflect on the best Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes moments. Not really. (That is, as long as you don’t mind having your heart figuratively torn to pieces.)

Everyone went crazy over the contents of the Civil War trailer at D23 this past weekend, ourselves included. The thing that set all of the Marvel fans off, however, was Bucky.

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The “Your Bucky” line from Crossbones rocked the entire fandom. That line, coupled with Bucky apparently remembering a few details about Steve… You’d think that Marvel and the Rosso Brothers were trying to kill all of us on purpose.

All the emotional Civil War trailer tidbits got us thinking: While we love everything Steve and Bucky, what are some of the most stand-out moments in the movies? The moments that gave us chills, warm fuzzies, or chest pains?

Although each and every one of their moments together (or thinking about each other) is pure gold, some are just more iconic and feels-inducing. They’re the moments that we think of immediately when we think of their relationship and them as the emotional core of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

The Steve and Bucky moments below are the ones that give us all of the feels.

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‘You’re a punk.’ ‘Jerk.’

You're a punk
Via holahydra.tumblr.com

Before they were Captain America and The Winter Soldier (or even super soldier Steve and Sergeant Barnes), Steve and Bucky were just two kids from Brooklyn who looked out for each other. Who became each other’s family and support systems. These two were best friends and this little exchange demonstrates just how close they were.

‘That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.’

I'm following him
Via mishasminions.tumblr.com

When everyone else believed in Captain America, Bucky still believed in Steve Rogers. This short line speaks volumes for how Bucky feels about his friend. He’s showing confidence in the guy he’s grown up with while also subtly reminding Steve where he came from and why he joined the army (not that Steve needed it, but still). Yes, Steve was asking Bucky to risk his life, but Bucky was more than happy to do it beside his best friend.

‘Grab my hand!’

Grab my hand!
Via nerd-of-the-world.tumblr.com

This is, quite possibly, one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in The First Avenger. Bucky’s death comes suddenly and swiftly with no warning, serving as a reminder of the cruelty and unfairness of war. Even though, as Captain America, Steve was able to save thousands of people (and then some), he just couldn’t save his friend. This scene just makes us cry every single time.

‘Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky.’

I had Bucky
Via eccentwrit.tumblr.com

Growing up, Steve and Bucky were all each other had. They didn’t have money and they leaned on each other for support, especially through the tough times (such as Steve’s parents’ deaths). This line serves as a tear-jerking reminder that, Steve would always be there for Bucky and vice versa. So, even though the Winter Soldier didn’t know Steve, Steve knew Bucky and he knew that he had to help his friend. No matter what.

Bucky finding Steve after his mother’s funeral.

'Til the end of the line
Via mishasminions.tumblr.com

Where to start with this scene? First of all, Bucky knew that Steve would just want to get away from the funeral and knew to follow him home. He also knew that, even though he denied it, Steve really needed someone to lean on at that moment. He needed to know that he’s not alone in the world. That Bucky can be his family. Plus, Bucky knows how to be firm but not too pushy, being just what Steve needs at that moment. It’s a really tender moment between friends with such an incredible and memorable line at the end.

‘Who the hell is Bucky?’

'Til the end of the line
Via mishasminions.tumblr.com

This line is the worst. Obviously, if Bucky was going around as the Winter Soldier and killing people, he wasn’t going to remember who he truly was. The real Bucky wouldn’t stand for that. But this line still leaves a ton of broken hearts in its wake because of both Bucky and Steve’s facial expressions. Steve’s astonishment mixed with confusion mixed with feels… The Winter Soldier’s pure confusion about not only being called “Bucky” but also the emotional response on Steve’s face… It’s all too much to handle.

‘You’re my friend.’ ‘You’re my mission.’

You're my mission
Via library-posts.tumblr.com

We get tears in our eyes every time we watch Steve’s steadfastness in calling the Winter Soldier his friend because it causes the Winter Soldier to doubt his mission. The one thing he’s always been sure about (at least as the Winter Soldier) has been his missions and here he is having doubts. Also, if you think about it, both Steve and Bucky are each other’s friends and missions at one point or another. It’s a beautiful scene in that, when everything is falling apart, they’re sticking with each other instead of jumping ship to save their own lives.

The good ol’ days.

Smithsonian footage
Via okayophelia.tumblr.com

It’s not all that often that we see Steve and Bucky just being their natural selves, which is why we really love this brief glimpse into their friendship that we see at The Smithsonian. You can see how comfortable they are with each other and really feel how connected they are just by how they laugh together. It’s their small facial expressions and the way they look at each other that really speak volumes to their friendship.

‘But I knew him.’

But I knew him
Via mishasminions.tumblr.com

This line though. Paired with Steve’ line, “He looked right at me and didn’t even know me,” is like a dagger to the heart. As much as the Winter Soldier tried to get his job done, he couldn’t ignore his connection with Steve. Not only that, but the confused look on the Winter Soldier’s face betrays a bewilderment that someone he doesn’t recognize makes him feel something other than a duty to kill. “But I knew him” demonstrates that Bucky and Steve’s relationship runs deep. Deeper than anything Hydra could ever touch.

‘I’m with you ’til the end of the line.’ (x2)

'Til the end of the line
Via mishasminions.tumblr.com

This pair of lines is intertwined into other scenes discussed above, and yet the two lines stand alone because of how genuine they are. When Bucky first utters the line to Steve after Steve’s mother’s funeral, it’s with the intention of comfort. He wants Steve to know that he’s not alone. When Steve repeats the line in the climax of the film, we’re not only reminded of Bucky’s sentiment, but also made to realize the full extent to which Steve is willing to stick by his friend (and, retroactively, Bucky by Steve). This is, by far, our favorite Steve/Bucky moment (so far).

‘You know, he remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky.’

Your Bucky
Via comic-bucky.tumblr.com

We haven’t even seen the Civil War trailer yet, but already know that this line is going to go down in history as one of the best. The kicker? It’s not even said by Steve or Bucky! But Steve’s reaction to it… That’s what makes it memorable.

Which Steve and Bucky moment speaks to you the most?

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