It’s a solid fact that if you become an Avengers fan at some point, you’re automatically going to be a fan for life.

We’re a very special breed. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, shoes, belts, skin, and wherever else we can think to display our Avengers pride. It’s just so hard not to love all of these flawed and charming superheroes. One day, we’re just casually picking up fun Captain America socks and the next we’re buying a ton of frames to house all of the Avengers art we’ve purchased at conventions. (True story.)

Just in case you (for some strange reason) have a hard time pin-pointing fellow Avengers fanatics or are curious about how much of a obsessed you actually are, below are a few tell-tale signs of Avengers fans.

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1. You always have something Avengers-related on your person at all times.

Coulson's Captain America Cards Coulson's Captain America Cards

2. You measure time and events in terms of Avengers movies and Marvel phases.

Marvel Logo

3. When someone tells you to do something you disagree with, you tell them that it’s a ‘stupid-ass decision’ and that you’ve decided to ignore it.

Stupid Ass Decision

4. At the end of a night out or a hard day’s work, you have an intense craving for schawarma.


5. You see blueberries as treats.


6. No matter what some people say, you know that low levels of gamma radiation can be harmful.

Gamma Radiation

7. One of your biggest goals in life is to learn how to fight and move like Black Widow.

Black Widow

8. Thursday is your favorite day of the week because you can run around wishing people ‘Happy Thorsday’ and send Thorsday gifs.

Happy Thorsday!

9. Any mention of flying monkeys prompts you to say ‘I understood that reference.’

I Understood That Reference

10. You doodle the Avengers’ symbols when you’re bored.


11. You have a itch to find out what’s so special about Budapest.


12. You always expect to see Stark Tower on maps of New York as well as on the news.

Stark Tower

13. You don’t understand how some people have never seen ‘The Avengers.’

Natasha Sass

14. The majority of your wardrobe consists of the Avengers’ uniform colors and combinations.

Thought We Didn't Notice

15. You tear up every time you watch Coulson’s death scene (even though you know that he eventually recovers).


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