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You know you’re an ‘Avengers’ fan when…

16. You have full-on blow-out arguments with people who are supposed to be your friends about whether or not Ant-Man falls into Phase 2. (It clearly does. Anyone who says otherwise is WRONG.)

Science Bros
Via coldcallmemaybe.tumblr.com

17. Science Bros is your OTP.

Science Bros
Via playboy-stark-archive.tumblr.com

18. You suggest ‘cognitive recalibration’ as a solution to almost everything.

Cognitive Recalibration
Via imagine-avengerss.tumblr.com

19. You’re immediately seek out anything and everything ‘Avengers’ in every store you enter.

Steve and Fury
Via steverogersfacts.tumblr.com

20. No matter the movie, you always sit through the credits. Just in case.

Post Credits Scene
Via screencrush.tumblr.com

21. You practically write Marvel movies in your head based on the trailers, and then are inevitably confused (but no less impressed) when the movie is nothing like the movie in your head.

I Don't See How That's a Party
Via alminagic.tumblr.com

22. You use the phrase ‘puny god’ every chance you get.

Puny God

23. When you buy the specially marked bag of Doritos even though you know it’s a marketing ploy just because it has Iron Man or Captain America on it.

Via mishasminions.tumblr.com

24. The first thing you do on the 4th of July is wish Steve Rogers a happy birthday.

Steve Rogers birthday
Via geekygirlexperience.tumblr.com

25. You always get to the movie theater early in hopes of seeing an ‘Avengers’ or Marvel movie trailer on the big screen rather than just your computer.

Avengers trailer
Via moviegifsthatrock.tumblr.com

26. You actually feel a little bit guilty rooting for Loki.

Via verily-thor.tumblr.com

27. The ‘Avengers’ soundtrack is one of your most-played albums in your music library.

Thumbs Up
Via chrisevans-sexualfrustrations.tumblr.com

28. When you want to hang out with your friends, you simply group message them the word ‘Assemble.’

Via all-thoseavengers.tumblr.com

29. You have the Marvel Studios fanfare as a ringtone on your phone (in full, not just a section).

Marvel Studios fanfare
Via theavengersheadcanons.tumblr.com

30. You can rattle off what S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for without batting an eye.

Via moriarty.tumblr.com

31. Watching ‘The Avengers’ can make even the most terrible (or fantastic) day better.

Captain America smiling
Via copperbadge.tumblr.com

What do you think makes for a tried-and-true ‘Avengers’ fan?

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