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‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×10 raised the stakes and a few supernatural creatures, but will it help?

This season has certainly been leading up to something, and Wynonna Earp 3×10 started to drop some of the pieces we’ve been gathering into place. We may not have the full picture yet, but things are definitely taking shape.

First off, I told you it wasn’t a demon ring. I admit I didn’t think it was an angel ring, but it makes sense. Add in that it’s Julian’s ring and boom: Waverly’s the Champion.

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Wynonna Earp may be the heir, but Waverly Earp is the champion.

There are days I just want to punch Wyatt Earp in the face for whatever he did to bring all this on his family. Not that we know exactly what that is or quite how the Earp curse came to be — but I suspect we’re going to find out.

In the genre vein of “this has all happened before and it will all happen again,” we’ve reached 119 years and 364 days since the last blood eclipse. We also know that all of this started during that eclipse, and it sure looks like Bulshar’s planning to open up the Garden during this one.

As best as I can figure it, the last eclipse is where all of this went sideways. We don’t know what the original plan was, but we know what the results were: Wyatt Earp being cursed, a trapped (and supposedly dead) Bulshar, and Constance Clootie making Doc Holliday immortal. We know two angels (Juan Carlo and Julian, aka Waverly’s dad) were involved along with Robert “Bobo Del Rey” Svane and a young witch named Maeve Purley.

Now we know something else: at the time of the last eclipse, Peacekeeper was a blade. I don’t know if that’s relevant or if the blade was melted down to make the gun, but if it wasn’t, is it a possible weapon against Bulshar?

Since, y’know, Kevin’s (How great was it to see Anna Silk?) whole story about Bulshar’s arm being a weapon was just a test for Waverly and the ring. I mean, it can’t hurt to have a weapon, right?

Oh yeah, and Bulshar is the Serpent. Like, THE SERPENT.

Like I said, lots of pieces dropping into place. Some of them found a home in the larger puzzle. Others are still floating around, and those are the ones I’m super curious about.

For example, Bulshar making trees and then using those trees to find the Garden, which, as Jeremy and Waverly so helpfully reminded us, contains the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

In the flashback, Juan Carlo mentioned something about them being wrong. About what?

Robin was coughing up dirt before Bulshar took him, but he seems to think he’s over whatever that was. So what gives? Is he cured?

Fire witch Maeve jumped into Jeremy and then back out because Jeremy wasn’t “purely human.” Did I miss a memo?

Is Kevin legit? I think she is. It makes sense that a group called the Worldsavers would want to save the world. But does she have to be such a dick about it? I did, however, love the Mariska Hargitay comment.

Robin and Bobo and the jazz conversation. Robin asks Bobo if he’s a good guy or a bad guy? I’m pretty sure all of us want to know the answer to that. These days, Bobo feels pretty chaotic neutral.

Maeve’s comment on Doc being Wyatt Earp’s boyfriend… has that particular line come up before?

Speaking of Doc, a lot happened in this episode with Doc and Nicole and I found it really interesting. First off, the whole conversation at Shorty’s. Nicole Haught is a sheriff. She’s tasked with enforcing the law. How is she supposed to deal with Doc? Whether or not she and Doc are necessarily friends, she’s looking out for him but she also doesn’t trust him, as evidenced by the full clip of wooden bullets. And Doc’s totally understanding of that.

Interestingly, it also puts Doc back in a relationship with a law officer.

Then we have the whole thing at Maeve’s. Possessed Nicole is awesome. Nicole the Teenage Witch was a definite highlight of the episode for me.

But more than that, Doc ends up biting Charlie (RIP Charlie) because he’s overwhelmed by the fire Maeve started and he’s still dealing with the literal temptation Maeve laid out during her pitch for Nicole’s body.

As heartbreaking as it all is to watch, it’s understandable, and Nicole’s reaction says it all. The lawful side of her knows she has a monster on her hands. She knows she was responsible for him and this technically happened on her watch. Even Doc knew she had every reason to shoot her. He stood there ready for it.

But she didn’t do it. Not this time. She gave him a chance to walk away. Which is great and all, but that smile on his face when he turned around…

Is it possible that Maeve jumped into Doc and she’s technically the one that bit Charlie?

Yeah, I know, I’m looking for an out, but work with me here, people!

I feel for Charlie. He was a good guy. But Charlie wasn’t really cut out for all of this. I think Wynonna cared for him and I think he meant well, but he was just a bit too pure for this world.

Of course, the two biggest questions I have going into next week are these:

What’s with the light, and who took Mercedes?

I guess we’ll find out on Friday.

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