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‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×08 proves immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

The Garden of Eden is hidden in the Ghost River Triangle. Talk about a selling point for the tourist pamphlets. Wynonna Earp 03×08 definitely took things up a notch.

Suddenly, the town of Purgatory takes on a new meaning. Not to mention all the revenant and demon activity, and the fact that an angel showed up in town to get Michelle Gibson pregnant. If the Garden of Eden is nestled away in the GRT, it explains a whole host of supernatural activity, right?

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Of course, while the whole Paradise in the Earp’s backyard is cool and all, there was a lot of other stuff that happened this episode that needs a little unpacking.

First and foremost, we FINALLY got potato lickage! Talk about making people wait with bated (or is that dirted) breath? And Robin was coughing up dirt before Bulshar took him, so is that why he could hear the trees, or was that whatever Bulshar did in the abattoir? Also, maybe you already got this, but was Bulshar feeding people seeds and then giving them some sort of fertilizer? Is that how we get moving trees? We need to dig deeper into this.

But the big theme of this week’s Wynonna Earp, as evidenced by the title “Waiting Forever For You,” is all about the things people will do in the name of love. Kate was willing to get turned into a vampire to be with Doc and Doc got himself turned to be there for Wynonna and Alice. Even Constance Clootie was bound by love to do Bulshar’s bidding and ended up a literal meatpuppet. Nothing’s really worked out the way anyone wanted thus far.

Whether it’s the first man and woman or Doc and Wynonna, love sure does make people do things they regret.

But Wynnona and Doc aren’t the only ones who seem to be wrapped up in this mystery. Nicole is a survivor of one of Bulshar’s massacres, and his ring kept returning to her like some sort of perverse Mjolnir until it wound up on Waverly’s finger. Kinda permanently. Side note: I love the way Jeremy played off the ring as an engagement ring when Waverly thought that’s what it was. He just wants everyone to be happy.

But I’m pretty sure it’s bad luck to propose with a cursed ring so let’s all be glad it didn’t happen that way (not that we would mind it happening without a cursed ring. Let’s be honest.).

Also, what is Charlie’s deal, really? Maybe I’m just a skeptic and maybe Charlie is the real deal, but Buttercup is messing with my OTP. He seems like a great dude. But there’s also something about a guy who just rolls with the punches like that. Is he a member of The Fraternal Order following in Ewan Allenbach’s footsteps? Just a nice regular dude? Something else? I feel like there’s a shoe waiting to drop.

I will say, Jeremy being the instigator of the shenanigans at the pool table was delightful. Varun Saranga has been such a wonderful addition to this cast.

In the middle of all of this, we had a Kate and Wynonna team-up that went from a life or death situation to a mutual understanding. Wynonna may think Kate’s a royal pain in her ass, but it says a lot that Wynonna’s not going to shoot Kate once she realizes it won’t save Doc. I get the feeling that they’d have been good friends under different circumstances.

Wynonna, Kate, and Constance Clootie are all tied together by the men they love — especially when you consider that the Earp curse and Bulshar’s future are connected. But there’s something in their meeting and Constance’s final choice to have Wynonna end her completely that makes Kate realize she’s like the Stone Witch; hanging around and waiting for a man who’s moved on to love her. On the flip side, it makes Wynonna realize that she can’t do this without him.

Personally, I hope Kate finds herself a life in which she can do what she wants to do and be with someone who can truly make her happy. When she smiles, it can light up a room.

It’s good to know that Doc and Wynonna have found a way back to one another emotionally and that Wynonna has forgiven him, because Bulshar showing up at the last minute in the episode doesn’t bode well for anyone involved.

Whatever Bulshar has planned, we have two more episodes to discover it and beat him before he can execute said plan. Personally, I think Wynonna Earp can tackle pretty much anything, but Bulshar’s a formidable enemy and everyone in this fight has been playing catch up.

Will they all make it out alive? Will Michelle find Julian? Will Waverly find her wings? And is Nicole more vulnerable to Bulshar because of past events?

Waiting is hard. But we have to. So enjoy this little behind-the-scenes video and we’ll get together next week, okay?

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