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After watching ‘Wynonna Earp’ 03×07, Doc and Michelle can bite me

If there’s one thing Wynonna Earp 03×07, “I Fall To Pieces,” drove home, it’s that relationships are hard. Also, luck is a fickle bitch, Bolshar’s ring has a mind of its own and Nicole Haught really loves Coyote Ugly.

I have to admit to a slight problem with this week’s episode. I don’t know how I feel about it. If I were grading it as a regular hour of television, I would say it was enjoyable. There was drama, action, and even wacky hijinks. All in all, an enjoyable hour of television. Smartly written and really well acted. In other words, definitely fresh on whatever produce meter you want to use.

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But there’s a whole other level of things to consider on a show like Wynonna Earp, because nothing happens in a vacuum when it comes to life in this show. There are things like feelings. That’s where I’m getting myself caught up.

I’m mad at both Doc and Michelle, y’all. Like, really mad. I have been since I saw the episode and I still am, and I think I’m going to be for a while yet.

I’ve realized I really don’t like it when people make the Earp sisters cry.

I’m livid at both of them, and it’s hard to talk about the episode because I keep going back to what each of them did and getting mad all over again. So, I’ve decided to just write it out and maybe it’ll make sense.

Mama Michelle Gibson Earp

How hard is it to sit tight with your family for a couple months after being locked away for 20 years? You spent all that time there trying to save Waverly and then you get back home and you’re back out the door before the turkey’s cooled? Because you have to find the love of your life angel who didn’t even leave a note as to his whereabouts or, I don’t know, USE HIS ANGEL POWERS TO BREAK YOU OUT OF JAIL?

You didn’t even say you were going after Julian because you think he can help fight Bulshar and save your girls. Nope. You just took off because you want to find him for yourself. AND you let Bobo Del Rey out of the well. What are you thinking, woman?

You better come back with that angel wings a’blazin’ and save your daughters or we’re gonna have words.

Doc Johnny John Hank Henry Holliday

Dude. Seriously.

You’re so scared you’re going to die and so unable to talk to the woman you supposedly love about it that you go and get vampire bit in order to avoid going to Hell?

How did that sound like a viable plan?

I understood why he helped Michelle. Michelle has his number. He recognizes himself in her. Especially the part that wants to run when things get hard. But Doc knows better. Or he should. But damaged knows damaged and it’s very possible that Doc helped Michelle because he thinks it’s ultimately better for her not to be around to hurt the girls.

Which is why it frustrates me no end that he then goes and hurts the girls.

But it’s not all serious and it’s important to remember that. So I’m going to take a deep breath, accept that both Doc and Michelle are being Doc and Michelle and that there’s a plan here.

Now that I’m done bitching, let me pull on my big girl pants and talk about the rest of the episode.

Which was actually a lot of fun and had some wonderful bonding moments between Nicole and Wynonna. Not to mention, Canadian singing legend Jann Arden dropping by to play Bunny Loblaw. I know I shouldn’t be so amused about an entitled, raging bigot getting the crap scared out of her before being rescued (no matter how haphazardly) by Wynonna and Nicole, but her demanding to know what’s going on and ending up fainting at the truth was delicious.

Plus, who doesn’t love a drinking contest in a revenant bar complete with a plastered Nicole and quippy Wynonna? From the look of the behind the scenes video, everyone had a great time.

Ultimately, however, the episode came down to relationships. Which are hard, and messy, and ever-changing.

Sometimes they change for the better and you discover that the man who hired you to be deputy is the same man who saved your life when you were six and thinks of you as a daughter. Sometimes they disappoint you and leave you crying like Waverly Earp.

But I think “I Fall To Pieces” has an important part to play this season. Because you learn more about people when they’re broken and you learn more about yourself when you deal with them.

And, just like Waverly and Jeremy proved, it’s possible to pick up the pieces and put things back together again to save the day.

Someone, please get Doc some double sided tape?

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