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‘Wu Assassins’ season 2 release date, trailer, cast, and plot wishlist

Wu Assassins season 2 is completely up in the air, but it’s still important to stay up to date on all the latest news and predictions!

Wu Assassins was highly-anticipated by those who enjoy this genre, and especially for those who felt a sense of loss following the Into the Badlands cancellation.

The first season of the Netflix Original was rich in history and mythology, and it showcased the talents of many Asian actors who hail both from the States and from abroad. The show was full of incredible martial arts and death-defying stunts, on top of incorporating some truly awe-inspiring fantastical elements.

While season 1 was fairly open and shut, the final moments of the finale gave us hope for a renewal and Wu Assassins season 2. Here’s everything we know so far, with the promise that we’ll update this article as more information is released.

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‘Wu Assassins’ season 2 release date

Wu Assassins season 2 has not been officially announced, but there’s definitely hope on the horizon. The cast and crew have been incredible in hyping up the show on Twitter, and fans seem to have received the series fairly well. Though this doesn’t indicate that the show will definitely get renewed, it also means it’s not totally out of the running just yet.

Season 1 premiered on Netflix on August 8, 2019, which means we’ll probably have to wait until at least August 2020 for season 2. There’s no indication of when an official announcement will be made, and even then, Netflix usually keeps production details, including the release date, under wraps until a month or so before their shows air.

‘Wu Assassins’ season 2 trailer

We don’t yet have a season 2 trailer, but in the meantime, you can rewatch some of the most brutal fight scenes of the series:

‘Wu Assassins’ season 2 plot wishlist

There’s really no telling where Wu Assassins season 2 will go next, and that might just be a good thing. The final moments of the finale saw Ying Ying show up in the flesh(!) and tell Kai he was still needed. Does that mean there are more warlords to face, or will we get a whole new set of bad guys to fight off?

I hope it’s the latter, as Wu Assassins has proven it can build a rich and entrancing world. I’d love to see more magic and mythical creatures enter the fray in season 2 now that we’ve got the basics down.

Surprisingly just as interesting are the interpersonal relationships between all the main characters. There’s still so much to explore in terms of Jenny and Tommy’s sibling relationships, C.G. and Lu Xin’s budding romance, and Zan’s newfound position at the top of the food chain. And all of this isn’t to mention Kai and how he fits into everyone else’s story.

At its core, this show is about family and identity, and though we explored that quite extensively in season 1, there is still plenty of room to grow. I want to know more about Jenny and Kai’s past relationship, and I want to see how both Tommy and Lu Xin change now that they’ve decided to go down a different path. Plus, part of me hopes Uncle Six isn’t quite out of the picture.

Bring on bigger fights, badder villains, and broader mythology. If the creators can manage that, I don’t see why Wu Assassins season 2 wouldn’t be a resounding success.

‘Wu Assassins’ season 2 cast

Though we haven’t gotten any official confirmation of the Wu Assassins season 2 cast, there are a few familiar faces who are bound to return:

  • Iko Uwais as Kai Jin
  • Li Jun Li as Jenny Wah
  • Celia Au as Ying Ying
  • Lewis Tan as Lu Xin Lee
  • Lawrence Kao as Tommy Wah
  • Katheryn Winnick as Christine “CG” Gavin
  • Tzi Ma as Mr. Young
  • JuJu Chan as Zan

If any other actors join the cast, we’ll be sure to add the announcements here!

What are you most looking forward to in ‘Wu Assassins’ season 2?

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