8:33 pm EDT, June 22, 2011

Writer Tom MacRae speaks out about ‘unusual’ ‘Doctor Who’ episode

In an interview with The Telegraph up-and-coming writer Tom MacRae has spoken out about his episode of Doctor Who.

“I’ve written episode 10 which I think is my most accomplished piece of plotting ever,” the young writer revealed. “There’s a break in the series, so it will be coming out later.”

MacRae adds that very little information regarding his episode has made its way into the public domain saying, “What’s interesting is that the requirements of the script meant that for various reasons nothing has gone out about it at all. We didn’t do much location filming, and the way the guest characters work is unusual, so no one knows anything about my episode. There’s speculation about it which is wrong – some bright spark has put the title of the episode on IMDB as The Green Anchor – it has never been called that! I’m amazed we’ve kept it this secret because there’s a really big surprise in it. All I will say is that it’s an unusual episode and it’s really great.”

The writer also talks about recent reports that Doctor Who has gotten too scary under Steven Moffat’s leadership. “I don’t think it’s scarier than it’s ever been. I think it has always been scary,” Macrae explained. “It’s in HD now. Maybe that makes a difference. Maybe you’re able to show things you couldn’t before. But the scariest things were always shadows, taps on the window – the show has always done that.”

You can read the full interview here. What do you think about this mysterious episode?

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