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The 10 worst-reviewed horror movie sequels on Netflix

In honor of Sinister 2 opening this weekend, here’s the worst of the worst the popular streaming service has to offer.

Unlike its “Certified Fresh” predecessor starring Ethan Hawk, which skyrocketed director Scott Derrickson into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, critics have stuck the Sinister sequel with a series of seriously scathing reviews. Heh, nailed it.

At the time of writing this, the “wearisome” and “goofy” sequel is sitting precariously at 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the New York Daily News going so far as to criticize the film’s antagonist’s appearance as looking “like the lead singer in a Norwegian forest metal band.”

This weekend, save that hard-earned cash and spend it on something worthwhile — like this sweet grappling hook. Then, stay in and watch one (or all) of these 10 terrible horror movie sequels!

Disclaimer: Each film must have a “Tomatometer” score to be ranked on this list.

10. ‘Mimic 2’ (2001) – 8%


“Trapped inside a school, Remy Panos and two of her students must find a way out of the building before giant cockroaches snuff them out.”

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It’s hard to believe Mimic 2 is the sequel to a Guillermo del Toro film, but thankfully, the writer/director was not involved in this poor franchise attempt. In fact, the sequel is so lazy, upon release, they didn’t even bother to make a new poster, opting instead to add a green Instagram-like filter over the original. If the reviews for Mimic 2 weren’t bad enough, the studio decided to give it one more try. Unfortunately for this list, Mimic: Sentinel (2003) holds a surprising 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the film for being “tolerable.”

9. ‘Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers’ (1995) – 6%


“Crazed serial killer Michael Myers returns from the dead, and his niece must save her newborn from her knife-wielding uncle.”

Paul Rudd stars in, and presumably regrets, this (sixth!) sequel to the popular Halloween series. Intended to be the final installment, The Curse of Michael Myers uses some mystical Druid cult-like baloney to attempt to explain the killer’s immortality, though this explanation was later scrapped when the studio decided they wanted to make some more money off the franchise, releasing four more films in the proceeding years. Behind the scenes, the movie suffered from production issues, such as re-shoots and trouble in the editing room, leaving a question in everyone’s mind — could a worse version of this movie exist? Fortunately, we’ll never know.

8. ‘Troll 2’ (1990) – 6%


“While vacationing in a strange isolated town, a young boy must save his family from an unsavory end at the hands of sinister goblins.”

GOBLINS. That’s right. This movie has absolutely nothing to do with trolls. In fact, this movie isn’t technically a sequel at all. Prior to its release, distributors were, for some reason, concerned about the film’s marketability, opting to rename it after a completely unrelated 1986 film. If that isn’t ridiculous enough, Troll 2’s story surrounds a family who is hunted by a pack of vegetarian goblins who seek to transform them into plants so they can eat them. I’ll give that a moment to sink in.

Bonus: If one good thing came out of Troll 2, it’s the critically acclaimed documentary film, and the only “Certified Fresh” movie on this list at 95%, Best Worst Movie (2009). The film chronicles the making of Troll 2 and its meteoric rise from worst film of all time to cult classic, and is directed by none other than the star of the original film, the now-adult Michael Stephenson. Check out the trailer for Best Worst Movie below!

7. ‘Dracula II: Ascension’ (2003) – 0%


“After finding the body of the infamous Count Dracula, a group of medical students meets a mysterious figure who wants to harvest the vampire’s blood.”

Really, my biggest question has nothing to do with the fact that the characters in this film are dissecting the Dracula so they can find out how to stay young and pretty forever, but how did someone just happen to stumble upon the “corpse” of a Transylvanian legend inside a New Orleans morgue? It’s ridiculous! John J. Puccio from Movie Metropolis wrote, “The ending leaves open the way to yet another sequel… Now, that’s scary.” Unluckily for John, this attempt did spawn yet another sequel, which to everyone’s surprise, fared better critically. It’s still bad, but better.

6. ‘Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return’ (1999) – 0%


“Returning to her hometown to find her birth mother, a young woman inadvertently reawakens Isaac, the evil leader of the children of the corn.”

We’ll be honest with you, more than one movie in the Children of the Corn series could have been included on this list. We decided on the sixth installment, because, just look at that name. The creativity! Scott Weinberg of eFilmCrtic.com said of the film, “No, it only feels like there’s been 665 previous entries.” We’re right there with you, Scott. In this abysmal direct-to-video sequel, we finally discover the identity of the infamous “He-Who-Walks-Behind-The-Rows.” Unfortunately, no one really cared. Not even Stephen King could have imagined the longevity of this franchise, based on a 15-page short story first published in a 1977 issue of Penthouse.

5. ‘Hellraiser: Hellseeker’ (2002) – 0%


“After he crashes their car in a river, Trevor’s wife’s body is never found and he becomes a suspect; meanwhile, he suffers from scary hallucinations.”

Allstate’s Mr. Mayhem himself stars in this sixth installment in the mostly long-forgotten Hellraiser franchise, many of which don’t even merit a rating on Rotten Tomatoes. To be honest, the funniest part about this movie is its log-line, and how it leaves out the hellish “hallucinations” until the very end. Trevor crashes his car, his wife goes missing, he becomes a suspect, and, oh! There are Hell demons torturing people! Maybe if Trevor had car insurance, none of this would have ever happened.

4. ‘The Crow: Wicked Prayer’ (2005) – 0%


“Ex-con Cuervo and his girlfriend are murdered by a Satanic biker gang but Cuervo rises from the dead with the power of the Crow to exact revenge.”

You’d think after the tragedy that befell the original Crow, the studio would let this franchise be, but no. Not even a terrible tragedy will stop them from cashing in on a terrible sequel. Or three. T2’s John Connor himself stars in this fourth, and thankfully, final installment of the critically condemned Crow series. With supporting roles filled by Tara Reid and Buffy’s David Boreanaz in which they play members of a “Satanic biker gang,” it’s a surprise this movie didn’t fare better. Alas, the critics all agree, The Crow: Wicked Prayer is just awful.

3. ‘The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2’ (1985) – 0%


“Years after a massacre that pitted a suburban family against a band of cave dwellers, traumatized survivors return to the wild on an expedition.”

Personally, if a band of cannibal mutants ever tried to eat me, it’s safe to say I would never be returning to the place in which that ordeal occurred, but I guess that’s just me. Following a surprisingly successful original, it seems as though, with Part 2, Wes Craven lost his knack for the man-eating mutant genre. Critics were not pleased by what the sequel had to offer, with Ken Hanke of Mountain Xpress saying, “The original was a minor classic. This is just minor.” But hey, I think we can safely say this is the only film in which a character is crushed to death by way of a “bearhug.”

2. ‘Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland’ (1989) – 0%


“Angela joins camp New Horizon after she kills a lookalike and takes her place. And it doesn’t take long before history begins to repeat itself.”

Man, studios love their direct-to-video sequels. Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland, also known as Nightmare Vacation III, also known as The Cause of your Brain Tumor, is a movie that is so unnecessary and stupid, I actually think the world would be a better place if it never existed. The film really just serves as an excuse for the writer and director to depict a young, attractive woman committing terrible serial murders, which, I promise, is all this film is. If you do decide to watch this movie, which I strongly encourage you not to do, I might suggest shutting it off around the time our lovely killer runs over a character’s head with a lawn mower — #ProTip.

1. ‘Leprechaun 4: In Space’ (1997) – 0%


“In this installment of the Leprechaun series, our hero travels into space and kidnaps an alien princess to marry so that he can share her royal title.”

Four movies in, and I had no idea the Leprechaun was supposed to be the hero of this film series. Unimportant. It’s a true mark of a franchise’s dwindling creativity when they have to set their latest sequel in space, re: Jason X. Warwick Davis, most famous for his roles in the Star Wars saga, Willow, and the Harry Potter series, stars in this absolutely terrible sequel to a terrible sequel, and so on.

Originally, we had three Leprechaun movies included on this list, all at 0%, but for fairness’ sake, decided we should make some room for the other atrocious horror movie sequels. I’m not sure anyone will ever understand why a great actor such as Davis would continue to agree to star in these travesties. I mean, at least Jennifer Aniston had the good sense to leave after the original. That’s right, the A-list actress cut her teeth on this horror franchise when she landed her first ever movie-role back in 1993. The critic’s consensus is that this horror sequel is one of the worst, but I guess there’s always a silver lining. The very optimistic Stefan Birgir Stefansson had this to say about the film:

The best movie about a leprechaun in space I have seen in years…

Special thanks to New York Daily News writer Katherine Pushkar for introducing us to this terrifying genre of “music.”

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