The book and film community has recently been abuzz over the news that Fifty Shades of Grey (a Twilight fan-fic turned self-published story) is getting turned into a movie.

Now another book, available on the Kindle eBook store for 99 cents with hundreds of 5-star reviews, has struck a deal with not just a major publisher but also a movie studio.

Deadline shares a press release on the acquisition of Wool, now owned by Random House (book publishing) and 20th Century Fox (movie studio):

In the spirit of The Hunger Games, Wool is a high-concept novel set in a stark future; the air outside is no longer breathable, so the last community on Earth lives underground in an enormous silo. Survival is everything, and some will do anything to ensure it. The upcoming Shift Trilogy is a prequel to the story of Wool.

Hugh Howey says ‘I couldn’t be more thrilled and honoured to find a home with Century and Random House. And I hope I spelled honoured right.’

Jack Fogg says, ‘Wool drew me in from the first page. It’s such an intricately realised world – both incredibly visceral and visual – but for me, and for the many fans here at Random House, what really captivated was the book’s compassion and care for its characters. Wool is many things, but at its core it is a novel about relationships and therein lays its brilliance.’

Kristin Nelson says, ‘We did have conversations with US publishers and although we received several six-figure offers, we decided that the partnership didn’t make sense yet given the current electronic royalty rate being offered. We certainly have not closed the door to interested US parties.’

Have you read Wool? And if so, is it worthy of a film? It currently has a 5-star rating with over 700 reviews on Amazon. You can check it out and purchase it here on Amazon.

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