Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins responds to fan concerns about lack of diversity following an all-white first look at the Amazon warriors on Themyscira.

On Thursday, we saw our first look at Hippolyta, Antiope, and Menalippe, the women warriors who raised Wonder Woman on their island and influenced her perspective on life.

Following the release of the image, there was immediate concern regarding the lack of diverse characters. After all, the comics have many women of color in prominent positions on the island, and to completely disregard that would be a disservice to the source material.

Jenkins was quick to hop on Twitter and offer assurances that we’ll be seeing a diverse cast once we branch outside of Diana’s direct family.

She also promises that we’ll be getting more soon, which hopefully means another look at some of the Amazons on the island. It’s probably too soon for a trailer, but a teaser of the teaser trailer for a full-length trailer might not be out of the question. We kind of got that already, too.

Two of the warriors we may be seeing in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie could be Philippus and Nubia. Philippus was at first a Captain of the Guard, and later became a General to Hippolyta’s armed forces. She was devoted whole-heartedly to her queen, coming to love her as more than just a friend or mentor. When Diana was given to Hippolyta by the gods, Philippus did everything in her power to protect the princess from those on the island who wanted to kill her.

Nubia is first introduced when she battles Wonder Woman in single combat, knocking the sword from Diana’s hand, but sparing her life. Nubia calls herself the one true Wonder Woman, and it is indeed true that she was formed from clay in the same way Diana was, though she is a leader of men on another island and was, for a time, mind controlled by the god Mars.

Either, both, or other women of color could be featured in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, such as Dessa, who is featured in the New 52 run of the comic.

What do you think about the director’s comments regarding diversity in the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie?

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