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‘Wonder Woman 2’: What we know, what we want to know (Update: First look at Kristen Wiig)

Wonder Woman 2 is now in production! Here’s what we know, what we’d like to know — plus a few things we’re hoping for.

Editor’s note (June 27, 2018): This article has been updated with a first look at Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva / Cheetah! The photo was released by Patty Jenkins on Twitter Wednesday morning.

What we know about ‘Wonder Woman 2’s’ cast, plot, setting

Wonder Woman 84

It will be set in ’80s

Perhaps 1984 specifically, if the recently updated Twitter headers of director Patty Jenkins and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns are anything to go by. This puts Wonder Woman right in the midst of the Cold War, with tensions high and the fear of all out nuclear war very present on both sides.

Here’s a photo that Gal Gadot released on her Twitter on Tuesday, June 13:

Kristen Wiig has been cast as the villain Cheetah

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot confirmed this back in March. It’s still unknown which of the many comic book iterations of Barbara Ann Minerva we’ll see on-screen — but no matter what, we know that Cheetah has been one of Wonder Woman’s main adversaries since her introduction in comics canon and we’ll no doubt see that come into play in this movie.

Update (June 27): Below is a first look at Kristen Wiig as Cheetah aka Barbara Minerva. Jenkins unveiled the photo on Twitter!

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Wonder Woman 2: Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva

It will be set in the U.S.

Even before Wonder Woman 2 was officially announced, Patty Jenkins already knew that she wanted the movie to be set in America, saying that Wonder Woman has “got to come to America. It’s time.”

Steve Trevor will make an appearance

Update: Confirmed! Steve is back! Patty Jenkins revealed a photo of the character in a mall on Wednesday, June 13. “Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor!” Jenkins tweeted.

Wonder Woman 2: Steve Trevor

Prior to this there had been rumors (and by rumors, I literally mean: a very fuzzy, now deleted, Instagram video shot from very far away which supposedly shows someone who might look like Chris Pine walking on set, maybe) that Chris Pine was spotted on the Wonder Woman 2 set. Looks like it was true!

We’ll get to see Wonder Woman at full power

The first Wonder Woman movie was all about Diana’s journey into becoming a fully powered god killer, with powers that we don’t necessarily see at full blast until the very end. We get to see snippets of it in both Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, but only in bits and pieces. For the sequel, Patty Jenkins has talked about the most exciting thing for her being that we will have the chance to see “a grand and now full-blown Wonder Woman…loose in the world now living those classic stories.”

Pedro Pascal has been cast in a ‘key role’

Nothing else has been revealed about what that even means, but plenty of fan theories have been put forward (which I’ll go into more detail about in the final section).

It will be released November 1, 2019

Which honestly can’t come soon enough.

What we want to know

How big will Diana’s hair be?

It’s the ’80s, y’all.

How much neon will she rock?

Again, it’s the ’80s. How far will the movie lean into the era’s fashions? Will we see Diana in shoulder pads? Rocking sequins? A sequined neon bodysuit with shoulder pads??? (I want it and I also don’t.)

How will this movie connect with other DCEU properties?

The first Wonder Woman featured only the most tenuous of connections, with only the photo found by Bruce Wayne in Batman vs. Superman and a Wayne Enterprises car to connect the film to the larger DC universe. And while I don’t want nor need obnoxious Easter eggs or useless fan service cameos, I wouldn’t mind a few more hints to the wider universe.

What we’re hoping for

Something more than a cameo from Steve Trevor

Look, I know they can’t just bring Steve Trevor back through whatever comic book magic usually brings people back (in DC: time travel, the Lazarus pit, some actual god powers) because: (1) Steve Trevor’s death is an important catalyst for Diana’s character development and to bring him back with cheapen both his death and her arc; and (2) Both Batman vs. Superman and Justice League definitely point to the fact that he is indeed dead in the current timeline.

So there’s no hope that he’s going to be resurrected from the dead. But, I certainly would love it if instead of just a quick flashback or a dream sequence (which, let’s be honest, is probably what we’re going to get), we got an extended, emotional scene with the two interacting. Two of my favorite fan theories are that Diana goes to Hades and interacts with Steve there, or that Dr. Fate — who can briefly resurrect the dead — brings him back for a pivotal moment.

We’re never going to get the happily ever after for these two, but I sure would love to see them at least get a little bit more time.

Pedro Pascal as Dr. Fate

Speaking of Dr. Fate, I’d be pretty stoked if Pedro Pascal’s ‘key role’ was this famed sorcerer. And, judging by the fan art that’s recently come out, it looks like I’m not the only one.

Dr. Fate is an incredibly powerful sorcerer in the DC Universe and would open up avenues to introduce a little bit of magic and supernatural into the DCEU before the movie Shazam — which is basically all about the supernatural and magic — comes out. And because he’s pretty damn powerful, Dr. Fate often gets called in when there’s a particularly powerful supernatural foe — which would be a perfect way to mention Black Adam or make mention of any of the members of the Justice League Dark movie I am forever hopeful for.

Wonder Woman as a spy

I mean, I don’t want Wonder Woman to renounce her Amazonian heritage and be stripped of her powers the way she was in Denny O’Neil and Mike Sekowsky 1970s run of the character. I want the bracelets and the super strength and lifetime spent on an island away from men. Those things are all iconic and necessary for the character. But I also think it’d be pretty cool to have Diana take on one of the cooler things from that notoriously decried run — Diana as a superspy.

It would actually make a lot of sense given the time period and the current DCEU timeline and mythos. Both Batman vs. Superman and Justice League make mention of the fact that while Diana wasn’t actively on the front lines in the 100 years following World War I — which is why no one knows who she is — she was fighting for justice and helping out whenever and wherever she was needed.

It then makes sense that she would be working in some sort of undercover capacity at the height of the Cold War, where — if I’ve learned anything from The Americans — spies were pretty much everywhere. Diana kicking ass as a Cold War operative? Sign me the fuck up.

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