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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ team says film isn’t a sequel

Wonder Woman 1984 may be the second film in Warner Bros. Wonder Woman franchise, but don’t you dare call it a sequel.

We’re all excited to see Wonder Woman 1984, the second adventure with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. However, if you’re tempted to call this movie a sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, don’t.

Bafflingly, the producers — and even Patty Jenkins herself — are trying to get people to stop calling Wonder Woman 1984 a sequel. As People reports, producer Charles Roven explained, “this movie should be the next iteration of Wonder Woman but not a sequel.” Roven continued by saying the movie is a completely different time frame from the first movie, set in 1984 rather than the 1910s, but we will get a sense of what Diana has been doing since WWI.

So what is the big deal with calling Wonder Woman 1984 a sequel? Basically, the team wants you to know that while this movie has familiar faces and the emotional heart of the movie might be similar, it is a totally new story.

Director Patty Jenkins said at San Diego Comic Con back in 2018 that she didn’t want to make more Wonder Woman films for the wrong reason, and that she wanted to make 1984 something “completely new” and as unique as the 2017 film. So, in essence, the Wonder Woman team is shying away from the term “sequel” because they want to set audience expectations well before they go into the theater.

Wonder Woman 1984 may be the second Wonder Woman movie, but it won’t be a recycled version of the 2017 film. It will be a new chapter, a new era (literally and figuratively), and a new challenge for Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.

So is it a sequel? Let’s be honest: it totally is. It’s the follow up to 2017’s Wonder Woman which is, by definition, a sequel. However, it is understandable (especially given the growing pains Warner has had with expanding the DCEU) that they would shy away from the term and all the baggage it brings to the table.

Still, Patty Jenkins and the entire Wonder Woman team created an amazing film in 2017, and regardless of calling it a sequel or not, we know Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be an amazing chapter in Diana’s story. The semantics of how you refer to the movie just get in the way of what’s important, and that’s Diana’s story.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens in theaters in June of 2020.

Source: People

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