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‘Will and Grace’ season 10 predictions: Honey, what’s this? What’s happening?

Will and Grace season 10 premieres this October on NBC! Here are the first seven episode titles and our predictions for the plot lines to come!

The cast and crew of Will and Grace season 10 are ramping up production for the second season of their comeback to primetime. What we have in 2018 that we didn’t have in the early aughts is the various platforms by which the upcoming season can be spoiled.

I’m not pointing fingers since the entire cast of the series is active on social media, but *cough*Debra Messing*cough* tends to post quite a lot from the set before the episodes air.

‘Will and Grace’ season 10 predictions

To keep predictions pure and unsupported by Instagram videos and the like, here are our predictions for the first seven episodes of Will and Grace season 10 based on the titles alone.

To preface this, here is a recap of the season 9 finale:

Will and Grace’s parents hit it off after the pair invite them (unwisely) to crash at their place. The over-crowding in apartment 9C leads to a division of parents versus children, the former of which bond over their lack of grandchildren and son-in-laws. Their bonding goes too well and the widowed parents decide to give marriage another go with each other.

Meanwhile, Jack finds a lover in Ibiza, and refusing to also end up sad, alone, and in a dependent relationship, he proposes to his latest fling, Estefan. Karen also cites Will and Grace’s relationship as the silent motivator to break things off with her lover Malcolm and commit to a life with just Stan.

‘Will and Grace’ season 10 episode guide

“Where in the world is Karen Walker?”

Following the events of the season finale, Karen Walker embarks on a journey with Stanley to remind herself that she has a pretty good thing going. Meanwhile, Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) takes over the wedding planning of Jack and Estefan at first as an attempt to help him stay close to Karen (who he is not quite ready to say goodbye to).

Will and Grace are handling the fallout from their parents’ engagement as we would expect — poorly. Struggling to keep things from imploding while also sabotaging their parents’ happiness, the duo inadvertently push the pair to elope.

“Anchor Away”

Is this the end of Estefan? While rooting for Jack’s happiness is never a bad thing, you have to admit that Estefan is just a flash in the pan. Karen’s triumphant return arrives just in time to get Jack out of his engagement and into a job as a local news anchor! Trapped on a boat with their parents who are attempting to elope, Will and Grace find the time to talk through what’s really holding them back in life and if that’s necessarily a bad thing.

“Family, Trip”

Deciding to intern at Grace Adler designs on Thanksgiving break, Trip becomes entirely dependent on Will and Grace after his dorm is closed for bed bug removal. Crashing with his bosses, Trip begins to adopt the pair as surrogate parents, explaining that his own upbringing never truly let him be himself. But what was first endearing turns into a leech-type situation and Jack and Karen are brought in to help return Trip home for the holidays.

“The West Side Curmudgeon”

This is likely going to be a stand alone classic Will and Grace episode in the style of season 7’s “Company” and season 4’s “Went to a Garden Potty.” Honestly, Will and Grace and Jack are probably the root of many of their building feuds and it’s finally Grace’s turn to be called out on her subtle grumpiness that’s turning the grocers, food delivery people, and residents against her.

“Dead Man Texting”

Technology is hard. Especially when your trainer’s name is Greg and your best friend’s name is Grace. After sending a text to his trainer that was a draft of how to ask out someone online for Grace, Will finds himself in a bit of a bind. Meanwhile Jack and Karen place a bet on who can get the most RTs for a free year of facials.

“Who’s Sorry Now”

Karen and Jack perform a “prank” on the staff of the manz and everyone suddenly quits. As they realize Karen is blacklisted by the maid service and no reinforcements are coming, Jack and Karen must beg the staff to return. Will and Grace contemplate branching out into cookware –Rachael Ray guest stars.

“Grace’s Secret”

Please don’t be sleeping with Leo, please don’t be sleeping with Leo. Please! If it’s not an attempt to bring Leo back into the picture, Grace deals with a poor business decision that puts both her and Will’s livelihood at risk. Karen, as her only confidante, attempts to help, while Will and Jack explore putting up some of Grace Adler Designs as collateral for a new business venture.

How far off are we? Only time, or someone’s Instagram, will tell!

Will and Grace season 10, episode 1 returns to NBC Thursday, October 6.

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