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The ultimate ‘Will and Grace’ binge guide

Will and Grace is available on Hulu! Which episodes should you check out the week before the premiere? We have a few suggestions.

David Kohan and Max Mutchnick may have their idea about which episodes make their series great. But who should you trust? The creators or a superfan? If you trust the latter, read on for the ultimate Will and Grace choose your own adventure binge guide.

First, which path do you want to take?

There are three options: The Fearsome Foursome, Love is in the Air, or Walk of Fame.

Whether you have an hour, a day, or a weekend to watch, there is something here for you! As an added bonus, the episodes highlighted in pink are essential viewing for ALL!

**indicates essential viewing before the premiere!

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The Fearsome Foursome — 21 episodes

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But this show has some seriously hard working parts. Let’s take a look at two sets of dynamic duos. Next take a glimpse at the magic that happens when all four are on their A-game.

Will & Grace — seven episodes
**Season 1, episode 1, “The Pilot”
Meet Will and Grace!

**Season 3, episode 8, “Lows in the Mid-Eighties”
How Will and Grace became Will and Grace.

Season 4, episode 24, “A Buncha White Chicks Sittin’ Around Talkin’”
Will and Grace talk to a wall about their relationship.

**Season 5, episode 3, “The Kid Stays Out of the Picture” and Season 5, episode 4, “Humongous Growth”
The hardest and best, two episodes of the series.

Season 6, episode 8, “Swimming from Cambodia”
Grace returns from New York from Cambodia to find her best friend willing and waiting to help her.

Season 7, episode 9, “Saving Grace, Again (Part 2)”
Will tries to take Grace’s mind off of her impending anniversary.

Season 7, episode 21, “From Queer to Eternity”
Grace finds out what’s in Will’s will.

Jack & Karen — four episodes

Season 1, episode 2, “A New Lease on Life”
Jack and Karen meet for the first time.

Season 4, episode 13, “Grace in the Hole”
Rosario bets Jack and Karen can’t survive a night “in prison.”

Season 6, episode 5, “A-Story, Bee-Story”
Karen helps Jack prep for a gay spelling bee.

Season 8, episode 12, “Forbidden Fruit”
Jack discovers “the forbidden room.”

Will, Grace, Jack & Karen — 10 episodes

will and grace binge guide

**Season 1, episode 11, “Will on Ice”
Will, Grace, Jack and Karen attend Champions on Ice for Will’s birthday. It’s the first time the gang all hang out together.

Season 2, episode 10, “Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy”
Antiques Roadshow and Olivia Newton John.

**Season 3, episode 15, “Coffee & Commitment”
Will and Grace’s relationship hits a speed bump when Joe and Larry tie the knot. Jack and Karen are tested by their other loves (coffee and alcohol) as they attempt to keep each other clean for the day.

**Season 4, episode 7, “Bed, Bath and Beyond”
This is perhaps the best episode for the foursome.

**Season 4, episode 9, “Moveable Feast”
The best Thanksgiving episode of the series.

Season 5, episode 11, “All About Christmas Eve”
Nutcracker, the Plaza, selfies for the homeless. Happy holidays!

**Season 6, episode 5, “Last Ex to Brooklyn”
The only woman Will has ever slept with has an interesting connection to Grace. And maybe later, Karen.

Season 7, episode 10, “Queens for a Day”
The D’Angelo’s host Thanksgiving.

Season 8, episode 1, AND episode 11, “Alive and Schticking” and “Bathroom Humor”
The two live episodes of the series.

Love is in the Air — 21 episodes

Will and Grace is a romantic comedy. And while the friendship is the heartbeat that keeps the show on rhythm, there is plenty of lovin’ to go around for the foursome. Here are the essential get-togethers, breakups, makeups, and grand gestures of the show! With the series ignoring the events of the finale (and by extension some major chunks of season 8), I left off Grace and Will’s final plunge back into romance with their significant others.

Grace and Leo – seven episodes
Season 5, episode 1, “…And the Horse He Rode In On”
Season 5, episode 8, “Marry Me a Little” and episode 9, “Marry Me a Little More”
**Season 5, episode 23, “23” and episode 24, “24”
Season 6, episode 8, “Swimming from Cambodia”
Season 6, episode 23, “I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in’t”
Season 6, episode 6, “Love is in the Airplane”

Will and Vince — five episodes
Season 6, episode 18, “Courting Disaster”
Season 6, episode 20, “Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken”
Season 7, episode 5, “Key Party”
Season 7, episode 13, “Partners”
Season 8, episode 13, “Cop To It”

Will and Grace Leo returns

Karen and Stan/Lyle — six episodes
Season 4, episode 4, “Prison Blues”
Season 4, episode 24, “A Buncha White Chicks Sittin’ Around Talkin’”
Season 5, episode 5, “It’s the Gay Pumpkin Charlie Brown”
Season 6, episode 11, “The Accidental Tsuris”
Season 6, episode 23, “I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in’t”
Season 8, episode 2, “I Second That Emotion”

Jack and… well anyone… — four episodes
Season 3, episode 2, “Fear and Clothing”
Season 6, episode 13, “Ice Cream Balls”
Season 6, episode 14, “Looking for Mr. Good Enough”
Season 6, episode 18, “Courting Disaster”

Walk of Fame — 27 episodes

Guest stars are one of the hallmarks of Will and Grace’s original run. They appear in almost as many episodes as the main cast. Some of the more famous faces — Elton John, Candice Bergen, Cher — play themselves. While others — Madonna, Matt Damon, Glenn Close — come to play.

Here are the essential star-studded episodes to check out. Major recurring characters have been excluded.

*Indicates that the character recurs at least one more time.

Season 1
Episode 14, “Big Brother is Coming (Part 1)” — John Slattery*
Episode 18, “Grace Replaced” — Molly Shannon*

Season 2
**Episode 6, “Whose Mom Is It, Anyway?” — Debbie Reynolds*

Season 3
Episode 7, “Gypsies, Tramps, and Weed” — Cher*
Episode 11, “Swimming Pools…Movie Stars” — Sandra Bernhard*
Episode 12, “Crazy in Love” — Patrick Dempsey*
Episode 14, “My Uncle the Car” — Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen on Will and Grace episode

Season 4
Episode 9, “Moveable Feast” — Blythe Danner*, Nick Offerman
Episode 14, “Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard” — Rosie O’Donnell
**Episode 15, “A Chorus Lie” — Matt Damon
Episode 22, “Fagel Attraction” — Michael Douglas
Episode 23, “Hocus Focus” — Glenn Close

Season 5
**Episode 2, “Bacon and Eggs” — Kevin Bacon*
Episode 6, “Boardroom and Parked Place” — Gene Wilder*
Episode 10, “The Honeymoon’s Over” — Elton John
Episode 21, “Dolls and Dolls” — Madonna

Season 6
Episode 4, “Me and Mr. Jones” — James Earl Jones
Episode 9, “Strangers with Candice” — Candice Bergen
Episode 10, “Fanilow” — Barry Manilow

will and grace hulu

Season 7
Episode 2, “Back Up, Dancer” — Will Arnett, Janet Jackson
Episode 7, “Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine” — Kristin Davis
Episode 14, “Bully Woolley” — Patti LuPone, Jeff Goldblum*
Episode 19, “The Blonde Leading the Blind” — Sharon Stone

Season 8
Episode 5, “The Hole Truth” — Jason Biggs
Episode 6, “Cowboys and Iranians” — Shohreh Aghdashloo
Episode 22, “Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?” — Bernadette Peters

Will and Grace is now available to binge exclusively on Hulu and NBC’s website. Will and Grace returns to NBC Thursday, September 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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