Will and Grace saw nearly 200 guest stars in its eight season run. In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the finale, we ranked them.

10 years ago on May 18, 2006 Will & Grace took its final bow on NBC. After 194 episodes, two of which were performed live for both coasts, Will & Grace more than earned its place in the NBC Thursday night comedy block of the late ’90s and early ’00s legacy. The ensemble, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes brought Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack to living rooms all over the nation every night in both primetime and syndication, but there was something special beyond the the core four.

Over 150 guest stars made their way across Stage 17 in the eight seasons of the sitcom’s run. Some guests came and went in one episode, others stuck around to become series regulars. Characters ranging from family members to maids to friends and flings made the show just as memorable as Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen.

This ranking takes into consideration the impact the character left on the series, on the characters, and on the individual episodes in which they were featured. When you think of “Strangers with Candice” are you going to Tom Everett Scott or Candice Bergen, Karen’s best-friend-slash-archenemy? When you think of an iconic episode such “Fanilow,” sure Barry Manilow comes to mind, but Debbie Reynolds and Sara Gilbert are arguably more important.

From season 1 through season 8 we present the definitive ranking of Will & Grace guest stars. (** denotes more than one appearance in the series)

  1. Debbie Reynolds as Bobbi Adler**
  2. Shelley Morrison as Rosario Inés Consuelo Yolanda Salazar**
  3. Harry Connick Jr as Leo Markus**
  4. Molly Shannon as Val**
  5. Leslie Jordan as Beverley Leslie**
  6. Will and Grace Debbie Reynolds

  7. Bobby Cannavale as Vince D’Angelo**
  8. Blythe Danner as Marilyn Truman**
  9. John Cleese as Lyle Finster**
  10. Woody Harrelson as Nathan**
  11. Sydney Pollack as George Truman**
  12. Alec Baldwin as Malcolm**
  13. Tim Bagley as Larry**
  14. Jeff Goldblum as Scott Woolley**
  15. Gregory Hines as Ben Doucette**
  16. Gary Grubbs as Harlin Polk**
  17. Will and Grace Goldblum

  18. Minnie Driver as Lorraine Finster**
  19. Tom Gallop as Rob**
  20. Kevin Bacon as Himself**
  21. Leigh-Allyn Baker as Ellen**
  22. Laura Kightlinger as Nurse Sheila**
  23. Eileen Brennan as Zandra**
  24. Jennifer Elise Cox as Nurse Trainee Pittman
  25. Sandra Bernhard as Herself**
  26. Neil Vipond as Julius**
  27. Gene Wilder as Mr. Stein**

  28. Source

  29. Sara Gilbert as Copacafana82
  30. Madonna as Liz (Karen’s roommate)
  31. Lesley Ann Warren as Tina**
  32. Michael Angarano as Elliot**
  33. James Earl Jones as Himself
  34. Dan Futterman as Barry**
  35. Kari Lizer as Connie**
  36. Britney Spears as Amber-Louise
  37. Matt Damon as Owen
  38. Parker Posey as Dorleen**
  39. Will and Grace Smitty

  40. Matthew Botuchis as Dave aka Elizabeth (Jack’s straight assistant)**
  41. Jerry Levine as Joe**
  42. Veronica Cartwright as Judith McFarland
  43. Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as Smitty**
  44. Glenn Close as Fannie Lieber
  45. Marshall Manesh as Mr. Zamir**
  46. John Slattery as Sam Truman** (later recast)
  47. Emily Rutherfurd as Joanne (acting student)**
  48. John Fleming as Russell (acting student)**
  49. Patrick Dempsey as Matt**
  50. Will and Grace Peters

  51. Dylan McDermott as Tom
  52. Cher as Herself**
  53. Bernadette Peters as Gin
  54. Corey Parker as Josh**
  55. Michael Douglas as Officer Gavin Hatch
  56. Edie Falco as Deirde
  57. Chloe Sevigny as Monet
  58. Candice Bergen as Herself (Karen’s “archenemy-slash-best-friend”)
  59. Sharon Stone as Dr. Georgia Keller
  60. Jennifer Lopez as Herself**
  61. Will and Grace Sharon Stone

  62. Kristin Davis as Nadine
  63. Will Arnett as Artemus Johnson
  64. Dave Foley as Stuart Lamarck**
  65. Taye Diggs as James Hanson**
  66. Joan Collins as Helena Barnes
  67. Brian Setzer as Benji**
  68. Suzanne Pieshette as Lois Whitley (Karen’s mother)**
  69. Adam Goldberg as Kevin Wolchek
  70. Lainie Kazan as Aunt Honey
  71. Sara Rue as Joyce Adler

  72. Source

  73. Rosie O’Donnell as Bonnie
  74. Wanda Sykes as Cricket
  75. Earl Schuman as Driver**
  76. Alan Arkin as Martin Adler
  77. Seth Green as Randall
  78. Rosanna Arquette as Julie (Grace’s neighbor)**
  79. Megan Cavanagh and Henriette Mantel as couple Terry and Annie
  80. Tom Everett Scott as Alex
  81. Neil Patrick Harris as “Welcome Home” leader Bill
  82. Andy Richter as Dale (Grace’s Blind Date who lives on Staten Island)
  83. Will and Grace Lily Tomlin

  84. Reed Alexander as Jordan Truman**
  85. Macaulay Culkin as Jason “JT” Towne (Karen’s divorce lawyer)
  86. Natasha Lyonne as Grace’s Intern Gilian
  87. Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Ro
  88. Lily Tomlin as Margot**
  89. Tim Curry as Marion Finster
  90. Victor Garber as Peter Bovington
  91. Camryn Manheim as Psychic Sue
  92. Geena Davis as Janet Adler
  93. Chris Potter as Michael
  94. Will and Grace Ellen

  95. Kathleen Archer as Molly (the UPS delivery woman)**
  96. Mira Sorvino as Diane (Leo’s ex and the only woman Will slept with)
  97. Andy Garcia as Milo
  98. Ellen DeGeneres as Sister Louise
  99. Edward Burns as Nick**
  100. Bebe Neuwirth as Herself
  101. Daryl Hall and John Oates as Themselves
  102. Tom Verica as Danny**
  103. Demi Moore as Sissy
  104. Wendie Jo Sperber as April

  105. Source

  106. Beau Bridges as Daniel McFarland
  107. Stephen Tobolowsky as Ned Weathers
  108. Dan Bucatinsky as Neil
  109. Jason Marsden as Kim “The Pocket Gay”
  110. Hallee Hirsh as Olivia Walker
  111. Patti LuPone as Herself
  112. Jim Rash as Brent
  113. Lea DeLaria as Nurse Carver
  114. Clark Gregg as Cam
  115. Judith Ivey as Eleanor Markus**
  116. Tom Skerritt as Jay Markus**
  117. Will and Grace Tobolowsky

  118. Ever Carradine as Pam
  119. Kali Rocha as Stephanie
  120. Jack Black as Dr. Isaac Hershberg
  121. Chita Rivera as Lenore
  122. Chris Penn as Rudy
  123. Nick Offerman as The Plumber
  124. Elton John as Himself
  125. Jason Biggs as Baby Glenn
  126. Ellen Albertini Dow as Sylvia Walker
  127. Shohreh Aghdashloo as Pam

  128. Source

  129. John Ducey as Jamie**
  130. Stuart Townsend as Pastry Chef
  131. Scott Patterson as Donald Dorio
  132. Derek Basco as Mipanko
  133. Jamie Kaler as Gary
  134. George Takei as Himself
  135. Hal Linden as Alan Mills
  136. Jo Marie Payton as Mrs. Freeman
  137. Tom Poston as Norman
  138. Tracy Nelson as Allison
  139. Will and Grace Baker

  140. Orson Bean as Professor Dudley
  141. Piper Laurie as Sharon Timmers
  142. Sharon Osborne as bartender Nonny
  143. Stacy Keach as Wendell Schacter
  144. Lee Majors as Burt Wolfe
  145. Rip Torn as Lionel Banks**
  146. Katie Couric as Herself
  147. Eric Stoltz as Tom Cassidy**
  148. Rudy Galindo as Himself
  149. Tamlyn Tomita as Naomi
  150. Will and Grace Pam

  151. Steve Valentine as Kai
  152. Tracey Ullman as Ann
  153. Miguel Ferrer as Nathan Barry
  154. Martina Navratilova as Herself
  155. Matt Lauer as Himself
  156. David Sutcliffe as Campbell
  157. Janet Jackson as Herself
  158. Peter Jacobson as Paul
  159. Rip Taylor as Himself
  160. Mary Pat Gleason as Sally (the crazy homeless woman)**
  161. Will and Grace Janet Jackson

  162. Ken Marino as Mark
  163. Al Roker as Himself
  164. Alice Kapp Horner as Alice Robinson
  165. Terry Kiser as Carl
  166. Bruno Campos as Anton
  167. Maggie Wheeler as Polly
  168. Patrick Kerr as Choral Director
  169. Nicollette Sheridan as Dr. Danielle Morty
  170. Todd Stashwick as Gabe Robinson
  171. Matthew Glave as Kirk
  172. Will and Grace jermey piven

  173. Jon Teney as Paul Truman
  174. Helen Slater as Peggy Truman
  175. Debra Mooney as Sister Roberta
  176. Daryl Sabara as Broccoli Boy
  177. Jeremy Piven as Nicholas
  178. Maria Pitillo as Paula
  179. Barry Manilow as Himself
  180. Jennette McCurdy as Young Girl at The Sound of Music
  181. Richard Chamberlain as Clyde
  182. Josh Lucas as Himself

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