6:41 pm EDT, August 8, 2018

‘Will and Grace’ adds David Schwimmer for romantic arc

"The one with the questionable casting idea"

Will and Grace decides to pivot Grace’s story arc this season by adding David Schwimmer for a recurring role next season.

Will and Grace is adding another friend to the mix. David Schwimmer is reportedly cast in a recurring role according to Deadline.

This announcement follows the already released episode titles for the first seven of season 10. While the writing staff is still typing away on the new scripts featuring Geller, I mean, Schwimmer, the choice to announce this early that Grace may or may not be getting a new, and potentially long-term, love interest doesn’t strike me as a great idea.

For starters, Grace and Will are at a crossroads heading into the start of season 10. Their respective living parents are engaged. Everyone in their lives is actively trying to avoid becoming them. And their platonic, albeit grossly codependent relationship is once again detracting from their lives. Or is it?

A potential love interest for Grace, even if he is introduced after the initial seven or so episodes, leaves a small window for these problems to be worked through with enough attention.

Then again… maybe Schwimmer is the key to flipping the script.

ross geller will and graceSource: tenor.com

Yes, I am aware that this is a sitcom. But that doesn’t mean the stakes are any lower here than they are on Mom a few stations over. What actions will these characters take to discover who they are and what they deserve at this stage in their lives?

For the state of things, it’s not what they needed or wanted in their early 30s. Nor is it what got them through their mostly-offscreen 40s.

Hopefully, Schwimmer will not be a flash in the pan scenario and will give Grace someone to really play off and grow from in the same way that Leo and Nathan and even Ben and Josh did.

Other announced guest stars this season include Chelsea Handler, who will play the girlfriend of Grace’s sister Joyce (Mary McCormack).

Will and Grace season 10 premieres Thursday, October 4 on NBC.

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