5:30 pm EST, January 31, 2016

Come for this, stay for that: A television show analysis

Example: 'Quantico' offers more than pretty people training to become FBI agents!

By Kristina Lintz | Edited by Karen Rought

We know there are a million reasons to watch television shows. We’re breaking down why we come to watch some shows, and why we stay.

Be it a certain actor, particular topic, or interesting plot, television shows are constantly pulling us into their orbits and making us stay there, but our reasons for hanging around evolve over time.

‘Limitless,’ CBS


Come for the: Serialized detective show that’s based in New York City. Just like all the others.

Stay for the: FBI agent, Rebecca Harris. Brian’s handler/friend/confidante, Rebecca has her own reasons for researching the brilliance drug, NZT, and has quickly evolved into a captivating and entertaining lead character. The show definitely has a lighter tone than other cop/detective/government agency shows out there, and they’re trying to make that one of the many defining factors that has helped Limitless stand on its on in its first season.

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ The CW

crazy ex girlfriend watch

Come for the: Charming and very watchable cast. The show’s sunny disposition (it is based in California) is a pleasing palette cleanser after watching the rest of the CW lineup (see: DC Comic’s slate of shows).

Stay for the: Sharp-tongued dialogue and hilariously real observations made about and by main character’s Rebecca (co-creator/star Rachel Bloom knocks it out of the park) personality and subsequent obsession with Josh Chan. If you’ve ever been the strange girl who maybe is doesn’t exactly fit in, watch this show.

‘Quantico,’ ABC

quantico tv watch

Come for the: Pretty people running around FBI’s headquarters at Quantico, training to become agents.

Stay for the: Well-choreographed fight scenes, and the verbal spars between main character Alex Parish and virtually anyone else on the show. And, of course, her relationship with Agent Ryan Booth. This show isn’t afraid to put it all on the table. In 13 episodes, they burned through enough story for two full seasons. For a broadcast drama, they are not interested in teasing storylines out for longer than necessary, which is refreshing.

‘Elementary,’ CBS

elementary cbs watch

Come for the: Modern-day Sherlock, set in New York City, with perhaps the best reinvention of John (Joan) Watson we’ve seen in the past decade or so.

Stay for the: Occasional appearance by Clyde. He is one temperamental character.

The introduction of a pet turtle might seem unusual, but Elementary isn’t one to play by conventional rules. With three and a half seasons under its belt, there is enough drama, intrigue, humor and British accents to keep you occupied for a month or two.

‘The Royals,’ E!

the royals watch

Come for the: Documentation of the trials and tribulations of the (fictitious) British Monarchy; the very good-looking cast.

Stay for the: Top-notch fashion and music choices (the show has a well-curated Spotify playlist); the very good-looking cast.

‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,’ Comedy Central

daily show trevor noah watch

Come for the: Hot-takes on politics and pop culture. With it being an election year in the United States, Trevor Noah evidently isn’t looking to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes, but rather claim this era as his own.

Stay for the: Dimples.

‘UnReal,’ Lifetime

unreal lifetime watch

Come for the: Behind-the-scenes drama of a fictitious reality show that turns out to be even juicer than the stuff that ends up airing.

Stay for the: Freakishly on-point spoofing of the show it’s based on, The Bachelor. Season 1 was an explosive summer hit last year, and with details about the second season coming out, such as the announcement that the ‘bachelor’ on season 2 will be portrayed by a black actor, we are eagerly looking forward to how they’ll top themselves.

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