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Sixteen reasons why we can’t help but love Loki

Even though he’s technically considered a villain in the Marvel universe, there’s just something that makes us constantly root for Loki. No matter what we do, we can’t help but love him.

As much as we feel like traitors saying it, we may go to the movie theater or pop in our DVDs to see Thor, but we stay for Loki. We feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy Loki in all of his glory in three separate movies. Well, we haven’t technically seen Thor: The Dark World yet at the time of publication, but we know that we’re going to enjoy watching Loki. Who wouldn’t? It’s Loki!

We’re not sure if it’s the way the character has been written, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal, or a combination of the two that makes Loki such an irresistible character. But, regardless of what makes us relate to and really care for Loki, we’re just happy to have him in our lives. We do know one thing though: We can’t wait to see what Thor: The Dark World brings for Loki and our love for him.

Even though there are numerous reasons why we love Loki, here are just a few of our favorites.

16 reasons why we can’t help but love Loki

Loki is sensitive.

Via likephilosophylikeart.tumblr.com

He’s a great listener.

He's is a great listener
Via the-boss-zefron-poster.tumblr.com

He comes up with some pretty good metaphors.

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Ant and Boot metaphor
Via the-doctor-and-me.tumblr.com

He values intelligence and cunning over brute strength…

Values Cunning
Via the-boss-zefron-poster.tumblr.com

…But he still has a pretty mean swing…

Mean swing
Via the-boss-zefron-poster.tumblr.com

…And some impressive punting skills.

Loki kicks Thor
Via margerithe.tumblr.com

Loki really has cat-like reflexes.

Cat-like reflexes
Via likephilosophylikeart.tumblr.com

He can’t be tamed.

Can't be tamed
Via http://lokismarvel.tumblr.com

He’s got a pretty good runway walk…

Good runway walk
Via tonystarksteverogerslove.tumblr.com

…And, oh goodness, that smile…

Via the-boss-zefron-poster.tumblr.com

…And that face… But we digress.

Beautiful face
Via confessionsofabadchemist.tumblr.com

Loki definitely has a way with the ladies.

He has a way with the ladies
Via cassieisnotapie.tumblr.com

He’s too cool to ride in cars.

Too cool to ride in cars
Via trust–my–rage.tumblr.com

He has a lot of confidence…

Lot of confidence
Via lokismarvel.tumblr.com

… But he’s a tortured soul.

Loki screaming
Via lokismarvel.tumblr.com

Most importantly, he has his bad days, just like the rest of us.

Loki Hulk Smash
Via howling-at-night.tumblr.com


For more trickster god love, check out Thor:The Dark World: Why fans love Loki more than Thor”, which was written by a Hypable user!

What do you love best about Loki?

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