11:00 am EDT, April 16, 2013

Why is Klaine considered better than other ‘Glee’ couples? (spoilers)

A recent spoiler has been leaked that made me react in the following way: “This is a bad idea.”

And yet, there are numerous people that feel excited about this idea. Klaine are reportedly getting engaged. Even the most casual Glee viewers know that people love Klaine unconditionally. I liked them a lot at one point myself, and there is something thrilling about seeing two gay teens in love on a network television show that’s widely watched.

However, I think the excitement of seeing this gay couple on television has blinded some people to the reality of Klaine. They have so many issues that we have yet to see them talk about. There’s been a betrayal of trust. There’s been lack of communication. You could argue so much more. But I feel like people overlook this simply because it’s a gay couple portrayed by two popular actors.

Now, think back to when Finn proposed to Rachel. Think about how the majority of fans said, “They’re in high school,” or “They’re too young for marriage,” And yes, there are plenty of people who are saying the same things about Klaine. But there are more people who are saying they’re excited to see Kurt say yes, even after all the struggle Kurt has been through with Blaine after their break-up. So, what makes Finchel so different than Klaine? It’s that they’re not gay.

There are other differences you could argue, as every relationship is unique. However, we’re going through a revolutionary time in history. Only in the past 10-20 years has gay marriage been legal anywhere. Only very recently are people really standing up and saying that gays deserve the right to be married, adopt children, be out in the military, and be treated like everyone else.

However, in the case of Klaine, I think we’ve tipped past the belief that they’re gay, so they should be thought of as equal, and into the belief that they’re gay, so they must be better. This is not true.

Speaking as a member of the LGBT community myself, I can honestly say that there are plenty of negative examples of gay couples out there. Gay couples argue, break up, and experience abusive relationships. They can also have great, supportive moments, stay together for a long time, raise children, and be happy together. They’re actually… just like straight couples. Not exactly like straight couples. We do have our unique challenges, but we’re really not that different. We all, as humans, want the same type of things from a relationship: Love, respect, support, etc. Of course, everyone has their specific requirements, but the basic ingredients are the same.

At least as of late, I see no reason for Kurt and Blaine to even date again. They’ve been apart, and we haven’t seen them acknowledge the problems in their relationship (beyond the cheating), to themselves or others. We haven’t seen them make any changes. Although we’ve seen Blaine regret cheating, there were several factors that led up to him deciding to cheat. Even if he never cheats again, what’s to stop him from suffering the awful feelings that were in their relationship?

So really, why should Kurt simply agree to marry Blaine right now (with what we know of the show, at least. Of course, there are still many details we don’t know yet)?

Of course, as a lesbian, I’d love to see marriage equality. I’d love to see a wonderful gay wedding on a popular show. But it has to be under the right circumstances, and Kurt and Blaine are far away from the right circumstance at the moment. Maybe the writers’ intention is just to support marriage equality. And that’s exactly what I want with Glee. Equality. If it’s stupid for Finn and Rachel to get married right after high school, then it’s equally stupid for Kurt and Blaine to get married or engaged right after high school. All of them have a lot of growing up to do. Sometimes people can grow together, but sometimes they grow apart. Maybe Klaine can grow together, but I don’t want them to get married just because they’re gay and cute. Just like I don’t want Finchel to get married because they sometimes have cute moments. I don’t even want any of them to get married because they love each other. I need to see them be good for each other, understand each other, and be in a healthy relationship together. Until that happens, I see no reason for a Klaine wedding.

What do you think?

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