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Why Four is the best fictional boyfriend

In the world of YA fictional boyfriends, Divergent’s Four, aka Tobias Eaton is a man among the boys.

If you want a boy who’s going to tease you and pull your hair when he likes you, then sure, go cozy up with a guy from another YA fandom. If you want a man who’s going to protect you without thinking you’re weak, let you in on all of his secrets and have your back through anything, look no further than 2+2=Tobias Eaton. Here are way more than four reasons why we’re ready to transfer into Dauntless for Four.

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Warning: This post contains spoilers from Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy.

1. He only has four fears.


None of which are killing spiders, catching mice or whatever might go bump in the night. Feel free to put away that baseball bat beside your bed. Four will beat away your nightmares with his bare hands.

2. He’s a natural born leader.

four, divergent

We know from a certain wise wizard that “those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it.” Four was like a god to the Dauntless and an early candidate for leadership, but he saw how corrupt the whole group was becoming and walked away. He shows his leadership skills through teaching the initiates instead.

3. Do you want some cake, Four?

four, divergent

He loves Dauntless cake more than you do! Four isn’t going to be the guy that suggests you just get a slice of pie on your birthday, or give out little cake pops at your wedding (seriously who can eat just one of those?). He’s all in for every tier of whatever cake you want! Chocolate, please.

4. His name offers endless pun possibilities.

four, divergent

How long will you love Four? FOURever!!

5. This.

four, tattoos, divergent

6. He’s brave,

four, dauntless, divergent

The man is afraid of heights and he chose to live in a place where you literally have to climb walls to get anywhere. He’s no stranger to facing his fears, so whether it’s climbing to the top of a ferris wheel or taking on a tyrant, don’t expect him to back down.

7. and selfless,

four, divergent

He grew up in abnegation and that’s where he believes he truly belongs. If he didn’t have to leave for his own safety, he might still be there helping the factionless. His selfless core means you will get a lot of breakfasts in bed and back rubs, and you will always get to pick the restaurant on date night.

8. and smart,

four, divergent

Beyond that pretty face is a brain that’s always thinking about the different options and calculating his next move. He was smart enough to get out of his house when it wasn’t safe, smart enough to trust Tris’ judgement over his mother’s orders, and smart enough to not join corrupt leadership. He’s thought long and hard about the world and his place in it, so if you like intelligent and thoughtful discussions, Four has you covered.

9. and honest,

four, tris, divergent

Potentially to a fault. I mean, he did force Tris to dive into his deepest darkest fears with him on their first “date.” Aside from that, always trust Four because although he may occasionally run off in the middle of the night with a girl to form a diabolical plan, he will always tell you about it because he only has eyes for you.

10. and…working on being kind.

four, christina, divergent

He may find it difficult to be nice to people that he doesn’t particularly enjoy (*cough* Candor *cough*), but that’s okay because other people just get in between you and his abs anyway.

11. Also, this.

four, divergent

12. He has big guns.

four, divergent

NO! Not that kind.

four, divergent

That’s more like it! All the better to hold you with, my dear.

13. He still practices the abandoned art of note writing.

four, divergent

Okay so they don’t have cellphones in Chicago but I just can’t see Four being a texting kind of guy. Instead of dealing with meaningless, mundane messages, you will wake up to a note penned on his stationary of choice, or even a page torn from the journal where he chronicles all of his brooding thoughts. You might miss emojis, but it’s a fair trade.

14. He has his own apartment.

four's apartment, divergent

Perfect for all your Netflix and chill needs.

15. He can even be funny sometimes!

four, divergent

Tris: Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing.

Four: I would only go if there was cake.

Potentially poorly timed but hilarious nonetheless. Even in your darkest moments, Four will turn that frown upside down.

16. Woah, don’t forget about this!

four, tris, divergent

17. He’s good with computers.

four, divergent

Technology isn’t a big focus in most of the Chicago factions, but it’s always handy to have someone who knows his way around the control room and the surveillance equipment just in case you want to do some late night sneaking around.

18. He has cool tattoos.

four, divergent, tattoos

Oh wow, just look at that amazing…artwork.

19. He’s not afraid of a powerful woman.


Even though most of Tris’ initiate class saw her as a weak link, Four recognized her strength and bravery almost immediately. He fell in love with that quality in her and has never looked back. He looks to her for support and advice as he trusts her judgement more than anyone’s. He is never intimidated by her power and empowers her to reach her full potential. Know that Four is a man who will let you be every bit as awesome as you are without getting any inferiority complex.

What else makes Four unFOURgettable?

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