6:30 pm EDT, July 22, 2018

We asked fans why they love SDCC and their answers will warm your heart

Every year, San Diego Comic-Con hosts tons of super-fans and gives them the fandom experience of a lifetime. But what do fans love most about SDCC?

It’s hard to even think straight through all the excitement of SDCC, but when we took to the show floor this year, fans still managed to come up with some awesome answers to the question: why do you love SDCC?

Not surprisingly, the most popular answer was, by far, the idea of meeting fellow fans and participating in a worldwide fandom community and experience. Fan conventions are at their best when they connect people from all over the world, with similar interests, and create lifelong friendships.

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Between all the waiting in lines, finding stray seats at your favorite panels, taking photos with unbelievable cosplayers, and interacting on the show floor, SDCC pulls this off beautifully. Many people who we spoke to were actually walking through the con with someone who they’d met that weekend, who they made a long lasting connection with.

Here are all the incredible answers we got when we asked fans, “why do you love SDCC?”

All the nerd love!!

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It’s tradition

Cosplays + merch + everything!

I’m so happy I’m part of somebody’s childhood

The community. (The fellow fans, creators, the creativity, making friends – SO MUCH FUN)

There is no war in Ba Sing Se

Seeing so many people come together to celebrate the things they love!

The chance to celebrate our fandoms with a world-wide community.

Meeting other amazing cosplayers!

Swimming in the crowd sea

I love supporting fantasy artists

It’s Halloween in July

We love San Diego

Meeting other cosplayers! #Idontfeelsogood

Building friendships that last a lifetime

I get to meet great people and make new friends!

@Tokka said, “the networking and security.”


The ultimate fandom + tacos

The party atmosphere

Getting to connect with the community and creators of things I love.

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