Reader Opinion: Why Darren Criss should leave ‘Glee’

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6:10 pm EDT, January 25, 2013

Are you still watching Glee? Could you give me a concise summary of what’s been going on this season? Name all the new characters’ names, I dare you.

Between copying Jonathan Coulton’s cover to adding a ton of new characters who seem to be simply reincarnations of our favorite season 1 cast, Glee is unraveling, rapidly.

I have stopped watching Glee, and I could not be more ambivalent about Glee‘s imminent downfall, except in regard to Darren Criss. Darren, who has the singing and acting chops to go far, is wasting his talent on Glee. If he continues on the show, Darren will lose credibility as a talented performer. Darren Criss should leave Glee.

Why? Well, examine the mockery that Glee has made of his character. First, Blaine was the super-confident older mentor to Kurt. Then, he moved to McKinley High, simply because Kurt was attending (not a smart move for such a poised character). Then, Blaine thought he was bisexual… spoiler, he wasn’t. Blaine then became a junior, younger than Kurt, so that Glee could keep him at McKinley for another year. Glee has given Darren a character with no authenticity, and therefore, given Darren no opportunity to use his acting ability. The wide array of personalities that Glee wants Blaine to fulfill does not create a character that an actor can inhabit successfully, but a tool to keep its waning audience members watching.

Currently, Darren is a rising star. He performed at the Inaugural Ball. He has a movie with Kristen Wiig coming out soon. But, if Darren remains with Glee for the foreseeable future, he risks going down with the sinking ship. Darren Criss has the talent, the charisma, and the fanbase to be a star long after Glee is finally put to rest. However, by staying with a rapidly deteriorating television program, Darren Criss risks both his integrity as an actor and his career.

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